wario brothers



I’m on such a Nintendo kick, it isn’t even funny XD
But hey I’ve been slowly crawling out of my seemingly-endless art block pit.
I really enjoy drawing these guys. It’s a completely different style than what I usually do. And I like it a lot <3

As for Wario, the only thing he probably doesn’t hate is money =w=

I ask you to dance with me, so the world can see!

So i did a shovel knight poster, why not make one for the other hyped indie character? I did recently manage to buy pirate’s curse after all and i love it.

Soundtrack so good.

I also invite people to make newcomer posters rather than renders, while nothing wrong with renders, i personally find it more fun to see posters imitating the artstyles.

This might not have gotten as close as shovel knight did, but i had a lot of fun with it.

What your Mario Kart/Mario Party Character says about you
  • Mario: Basic
  • Luigi: Old time nintendo fan who acknowledges Mario is basic.
  • Metal Mario: Wanted Mario but didn't want to be called basic
  • Peach: Girl gamer who is so used to having Peach as the only female character that liking her is ingrained
  • Daisy: Originally liked Peach but felt that was too basic or dislikes blondes on principle
  • Pink Gold Peach: Peach equivalent of Metal Mario
  • Toad: The one who lies about being good at the game and then wrecks everyone
  • Wario: Brother angry that their sibling got Mario
  • Waluigi: That one weird cousin/Ironic teenage girl
  • Bowser: Teenage boy who picks him because he's huge and then gets mad that he doesn't know how to use him
  • Donkey Kong: Short af and lying to themself about it
  • Toadette: Short af but knows it and accepts this about themselves. Rocks it to be cuter.
  • Yoshi: Socially awkward
  • Dry Bones: Yoshi but slightly more punk
  • Koopa Trooper: Nerd. Actually cannot be mean to anyone on the track they feel awful about it
  • Rosalina: Someone who appreciates aesthetic but is too lazy to upgrade their own looks
  • Shy Guy: Wants to be cooler than they are
  • Lakitu: Wears glasses and identifies with the character
  • Boo: Vengeful af
  • Any of the Babies: Either has played the game maybe twice or grew up on it and absolutely wrecks everyone. No in between.
  • Any of the Bowser Children: Honestly trolls
  • Mii: Boring af. Probably their first time playing the game.
I just had a groundbreaking realization

Captain Syrup is Wario’s Princess Peach. It all adds up. Wario is the opposite of Mario in almost all regards, so of course he’d be fighting a woman at the end of his game instead of trying to save her. And what more fitting parallel to a Princess than a Pirate? Nintendo, you’ve got a lot of games missing her to make up for. I’m talking Golf, Tennis, Kart, and Parties! #bringbackSyrup2016

So apparently a dude that goes by the name of lordblockus went and found out something or other about a coloring book having outlines of a Wario and Waluigi icon in the style of 3D world?

I-I-I don’t get it.

But anyway, i thought that these icons needed coloring, and so i colored them.

And then added some extras based on other renders and artworks of the mario characters for mayor accuracy.


“wario… we aren’t brothers.. but we came from the same background.. a background of pain, always compared to someone stronger than you…but together… we can destroy mario..let’sa go…”


This monstrous beast is finally done!

A tribute piece to Richalvarez and I suppose also for the 10 Year Anniversary of the channel. A boss rush, consisting of the major villains from the 5 seasons in their original youtube series Stupid Mario Brothers.

Thank you to everyone who attended the streams for this piece. It was a lot of work but still a ton of fun spending time with you.

What I say: I’m fine

What I actually mean: Waluigi is fundamentally lonely and miserable, thus he is constantly rooting for himself and trying to convince himself he is worth something, this makes people around him believe he is conceded, thus making them further themselves from him even more, Waluigi is in an endless loop of self distruction that he’s too deep in to escape, making him paranoid and depressed. Waluigi’s only friend is his brother Wario, who’s questionably abusive, selfish, and treat’s Waluigi like shit, but Waluigi is stuck in this relationship because he has nobody else, so he is constantly trying to prove himself only to get shot down again, making Waluigi in the brother equivilent of an abusive relationship. Now, with all that in mind, let’s look at him, Waluigi has deep set trauma’s that expose themselves in childish and desperate ways, yet he’s hardworking, loyal, and even shows a flicker of kindness (Proving that despite all the shit he’s gone though he is fundamentally a good person), Waluigi’s jealousy towards the Mario brothers comes from a reasonable place considering he’s never appreciated or accepted by others, hell, everything he does is justified if you analize his character, nobody has ever been there for him, everything he does is a cry for help that falls of deaf ears. Waluigi is the only villian in Mario who is not evil and he’s the only character in Mario who has an actual, deep set personality, Waluigi has potential to be good but he needs someone to help him. Waluigi is a tragic, beautifully thought out character that needs a hell of a lot more love than he gets