Get Wario Money (WAHales)
Heard Whales yesterday and it made me think of Wario, so yeah. Tumblr Post:

Get Wario Money (WAHales), mashup of:

- Out of the Woods (Day), Wario Land 3, 2000, Game Boy Color, developed by Nintendo R&D1, published by Nintendo, composed by Kozue Ishikawa


-Whales, performed by Hail Mary Mallon, 2014, Rhymesayers Entertainment, Album: Bestiary, produced by Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic

Mashup by botanicsage   (botanic’s tumblr post)

Surprise Mashup Day!  I’m sure you all know about botanicsage’s highly amusing and very nicely edited mashup works.  Here’s one that has me and my friends cracking up pretty regularly.  We’re all big Wario fans, too, so that helps.