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The muses look different with every decade, but on the inside, they stay the same. They are the girls whose eyes are like stars with artists in their orbit; whose beauty is eternally captivating, but impossible to capture completely, and so they are drawn and photographed and written about into eternity. They are unknown girls wearing pearl earrings and depressed souls who commit suicide between walls of tin foil and silver paint. They know that their lives begin and end with art, that they are created for and by inspiration. They are gasoline bodies waiting for the right artist to set them ablaze.

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These Are The Remarkable Outdoor Artworks That Transform Nature Into Canvas

“I think having land and not ruining it,“ Andy Warhol once mused, "is the most beautiful art anybody could ever want to own.” In light of more than a few recent instances of artists violating the natural world in pursuit of beauty – an artist’s vandalism at Joshua Tree and another’s food-dye experiment in an Icelandic geyser – Warhol’s words seem to ring ever true.

Candy Darling: Memoirs of an Andy Warhol Superstar

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  • Publisher: Open Road Media (February 17, 2015)
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A look into what moved Andy Warhol’s greatest muse

Located at 33 Union Square West in the heart of New York City’s pulsing downtown scene, Andy Warhol’s Factory was an artistic anomaly. Not simply a painter’s studio, it was the center of Warhol’s assembly-line production of films, books, art, and the groundbreaking Interview magazine. Although Warhol’s first Factory on East 47th Street was known for its space-age silver interior, the Union Square Factory became the heart, brain, eyes, and soul of all things Warhol—and was, famously, the site of the assassination attempt that nearly took his life. It also produced a subculture of Factory denizens known as superstars, a collection of talented and ambitious misfits, the most glamorous and provocative of whom was the transgender pioneer Candy Darling.
Born James Slattery in Queens in 1944 and raised on Long Island, the author began developing a female identity as a young child. Carefully imitating the sirens of Hollywood’s golden age, young Jimmy had, by his early twenties, transformed into Candy, embodying the essence of silver-screen femininity, and in the process became her true self.
Warhol, who found the whole dizzying package irresistible, cast Candy in his films Flesh and Women in Revolt and turned her into the superstar she was born to be. In her writing, Darling provides an illuminating look at what it was like to be transgender at a time when the gay rights movement was coming into its own. Blessed with a candor, wit, and style that inspired not only Warhol, but Tennessee Williams, Lou Reed, and Robert Mapplethorpe, Darling made an indelible mark on American culture during one of its most revolutionary eras. These memoirs depict a talented and tragic heroine who was taken away from us far too soon.


Nico, Cult Singer With Velvet Underground, Set for Biopic

Nico, the late German chanteuse who was among Andy Warhol’s muses and sang with the Velvet Underground, is getting the biopic treatment. The 1960s cult pop culture figure will be played by Denmark’s Trine Dyrholm, winner of this year’s Berlin Silver Bear for best actress. 

Italian director Susanna Nicchiarelli, known on the festival circuit for her standout debut “Cosmonauta,” will start shooting Nov. 7 in Italy on the film, which is about Nico’s later years, titled “Nico, 1988.”

El 24 de noviembre de 1944 nace James Lawrence Slattery, conocida después y hasta su muerte como Candy Darling, una ‘Warhol Superstar’, musa del susodicho artista, y actriz de algunas de sus películas, Flesh (1968), Women in Revolt (1971). Murió a sus 29 años, de leucemia, causada por las hormonas de feminización.

November 24th 1944, James Lawrence Slattery was born, later known as Candy darling, Warhol Superstar and muse of that artist and actress of some of his movies, Flesh (1968), Women in Revolt (1971). She died when she was 29 years old, of leukimia caused by the hormones she took to transition.

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“I nominate Candy Darling. Though often lumped in with the "Warhol superstars” of the sixties, Candy was a star in her own right — and one of the first transgender actresses I can recall to make a mark on the international scene. Her life and work feel like visible precedents for mine. As a trans woman, I don’t get to say that very often.”

- @harinef, activist and actress, #Transparent.