Andy Warhol Motion Test

I decided to do a motion test for my final in my tech 2 class. I’m doing a Mike Patterson inspired piece, better known for his Take On Me rotoscoping iconic style.
I hope you enjoy my Andy Warhol roto test! <3
Drella won’t be in the little 30 second video but hopefully I’ll get done and be able to post it! 9 seconds down! Time to detail!

Miss you all, can’t wait to get done with class and update more with my personal projects and tests! Plus my Warhol collection of stickers!


Jean-Michel Basquiat in his Great Jones Street studio, in front of a piss painting of himself by Andy Warhol. The canvas had been covered in the copper paint and urine was applied. The urine reacts with the copper paint to create oxidation, then Basquiat’s image was silk-screened onto the canvas.

Photos by Tseng Kwong Chi, 1987.