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Q&A for Wrath & Glory, the new 40k RPG

  • “broad and inclusive core rulebook” is basically their catchphrase
  • they want the core rulebook to make as much as possible playable on at least a basic level
  • Eldar & Orks mentioned as playable, no comment on Squats
  • Space Marines able to choose Chapter, Unnumbered Sons mentioned
  • vehicles and voidships “are important” to them
  • there will be one unified game, not independent lines/games like FFG
  • around the core book will be independent campaign book series/trilogies
  • first campaign will be set in Imperium Nihilus beyond the Rift
  • “Doom of the Eldar” campaign with expanded options for Craftworlds, Harlequins, Dark Eldar
  • possibly visiting the Black Library and fighting in the arenas of Commoragh!?
  • “it would be really badass to fight Mortarion, take from that what you will” !!!

Just kinda wanna touch on my Favorite sword here, The Fangblade!

Fangblade - Level 7 - 5,430 Credits - 1d12 S DMG - Crit Bleed 1d8 - 1 - Analog


Cheaper and  less elegant than  a  ripper dueling  sword, a fangblade is closer to an industrial chainsaw, with a toothed, motor-driven chain wrapped around its blade.

Meanwhile the Ripper Dueling Sword - Level 15 - 109,250 Credits - 7d6 S DMG - L - Powered

Now you can be a Space Marine in Powered armor with a god damn CHAINSAW SWORD!!!!


Only few details left :)
I made new mushrooms and a little suprise for the dwarf :)

I wanted to give the mini and the whole scene a oldschoold touch, a feeling as playing dungeons and dragons or warhammer rpg :) Thats’s why I choose for the giant spider. Giant spiders are everywhere. You have to kill at least 10 of them in your life :)

That’s also the first so small mini I’ve ever painted. Also the oldest one. It was made between 1992 -1996 by Harlequin Miniatures, but the design looks older. It has about 24 mm. I was a little bit afraid, that it will look ugly. The sculpture is not very detailed, but I like the end effect.

Something about the colours. One week ago I wanted to make a nice green diorama, but it rains since 2 days. Autumn is coming and it was my inspiration for the colour scheme :)

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(ask-fabius-bile) "So if you don't want my box of Sanguinius-incapacitating drugs, what would be a fair exchange for a bag of Sanguinius feathers?"

Art by @crysdrawsthings

She contemplates. “Allow me to think about that Fabius,” she muses. “Unless you have some way of giving my Astartes wings? Or produce me a clone of my former Primarch? What do you think?”



After what feels like an eternity, I finally have some painting progress to show!
Painting time has been very limited for me over the past few months, thanks to summer being my busiest time of year at work, combined with a much-needed holiday in Malta which I returned from last week.
But I’m back! Work is beginning to quieten down thankfully, which means I’m not totally exhausted at night, and I’ve been back at the painting table this week.
Last night I finished off the beautiful Arcane bases from Micro Art Studios for my Aenur, Sword of Twilight, and the Chaos Sorcerer.
I love how they turned out, and am really pleased with the glowing effect from the recessed areas of the bases.

I’m not sure what to paint next, I have some half-finished Genestealer Hybrids who are crying out to be completed.

Happy Hobbying!


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“God knows that I tried…”

See How My Muse Reacts

“The question is which God you are talking about lass.” The Goddess hands the mortal some pamphlets. “Here’s one for the Tzeentch the Chicken of Change…he will likely say Just as Planned, Nurgle your lovable but smelly, snotty, Grandpa…whether you tried or not he will be fine with that. As long as you let him hug you” She eyes one, throws it away and hands her some more. “As for Khorne, that bloody bastard is like Yoda…do or do not, there is no try. Plus he wants to know where his skulls are.” She sighs as she gives the mortal one for Slaanesh. “That one doesn’t do well with trying either. He/she/it will make it pleasurable and perfect and is so over with I tried my best. No, no you have not. It has to be perfect.” 


Compiled some concept stuff of Eden for a portfolio.

For those who haven’t seen her yet, this is Eden, my albino, void-born psyker for Dark Heresy. 

Throughout all of developing her, I knew I wanted to make her outfits look like they could be from the 40k universe, but I also knew  I wanted to leave any DISTINCTLY 40k iconography out of her design. I think it worked out.

Problem: You need a custom look for your RP character’s weapon, because it is kind of an important detail.
Step 1: Pick a type of sword relevant to your interests. In this case a sabre. Make sure nobody at the table minds actual, normally proportioned sabres.
Step 2: Draw a highly decorated item of this type with some seemingly minor, yet actually plot-relevant details.
Step 3: I’d normally stop here, but this is an important one in the current context. Add a couple of tiny metal wires.

Congratulations, this now counts as a Best Craftsmanship Power Sword. Enjoy the 1d10+6 Energy damage.