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Compiled some concept stuff of Eden for a portfolio.

For those who haven’t seen her yet, this is Eden, my albino, void-born psyker for Dark Heresy. 

Throughout all of developing her, I knew I wanted to make her outfits look like they could be from the 40k universe, but I also knew  I wanted to leave any DISTINCTLY 40k iconography out of her design. I think it worked out.

Today I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the death of Alan Bligh. For those who don’t know, Alan was the Lead Writer and Game Designer for Forge World and was heavily involved in Fantasy Flight’s Dark Heresy series of Warhammer 40,000 RPGs. Those titles, however, do not do credit to Alan’s standing at Games Workshop. His presence for over a decade hugely enriched the company, and the quality of both his writing and design is something we’ve all been fortunate enough to take for granted. He had a huge role in the development of the Horus Heresy as a Games Workshop staple, and was one of the great fonts of knowledge when it came to all things 40k. The fact that news of his passing comes on the day of what promises to be the hugely successful “Warhammerfest” event is deeply poignant. 

On a personal note, Alan was the man who created the Carcharodon Astra as we know them today, as part of his excellent Badab War Imperial Armour books. I never met him, but I desperately wanted to sit down one day and discuss it all with him, where they came from (design-wise that is) and what he thought about what I was trying to do with them. As it stands, all I have now are the two pages of his wonderfully evocative design notes. I can only hope that my future Carcharodon stories are works he would approve of, and that they continue to go from strength to strength. 

They are his legacy more so than they will ever be mine, and I only wish I could have thanked him for that in person. 

Khikhanyar of the Shrine of Scorched Bone

The Hierarch of the Shrine of Scorched Bone is said to have been one of the Dark Father’s original students, an Exarch of the Striking Scorpions before the Fall. The shrine has inherited its master’s obsessive rivalry with the warriors of the False Phoenix, Karandras, and where the final trial of most shrines requires initiates to defeat an aspect warrior in single combat, to become an Incubus of the Shrine of Scorched Bone only defeating a Striking Scorpion will suffice.

Khikhanyar [nearest High Gothic approximation] was part of a raiding party that was ambushed by a necron tomb ship some three and a half centuries ago. Captured by the crypteks for reasons unknown, the Incubus was placed in a stasis-coffin. The stasis field would fail an estimated century later after the tomb ship crashed into a space hulk.

Fifteen years ago, the Rogue Trader Kandor Veritasse boarded the space hulk Endless Night, recovering numerous xenos artefacts including a stasis-coffin. His young heir, Kallen (@danzhuge​), opened the coffin and found Khikhanyar on the brink of death. Kallen struck a bargain with the Incubus (to Kandor’s obvious and entirely reasonable concern), who became bodyguard, champion, and executioner to the scions of the Veritasse dynasty to secure a life long enough to return to Commorragh.

After Kandor was murdered by the rival Holt dynasty five years ago, Kallen inherited a Warrant of Trade, the dauntless-class light cruiser The Morrigan, and a burning desire for vengeance. In those five years, Kallen has assembled a loyal crew with their own vendettas against the Holt dynasty - and then there’s Khikhanyar, who doesn’t much care who is being killed or why.