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Do you guys ever accept quotes from the Warhammer RPGs? Took a look at the tags and rules and whatnot, so I'm guessing no, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

All RPGs are welcome here! We don’t have a dedicated Warhammer tag because we haven’t gotten enough submissions that are clearly Warhammer to make one, but as long as it’s a roleplaying game of some sort (and follows the rules), feel free to submit! :)

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The Calm

“Love-sick and star-eyed do not befit you, Farseer.”

“Nor metaphors for you, Exarch.”

Echoes of the past dealings with the Exarch of the Swooping Hawks reverberated within Talrion’s mind. Yes, Alvara was right that feelings for the Exodite Queen impaired his judgment, but there was more than the little foresight she saw. She did not see the importance that the Exodite had to offer, the roles they will play in the future, and what it would mean for their species.

He saw it, though. On Xuskara, beyond the rugged peaks and vapor forests, the exotic life fought against the Green Skinned savages that festered on the world and prayed on the Exodites. But while Alvara saw a few mindless savages on a backwater maiden world, Talrion saw a greater threat looming. He had to do this, if not for his own kind, then for Her.

A searing crag of interdimensional energy disrupted the forest. This was followed by another and then another. The arch intensified until the agitated space at the center of the webway portal and achieved actuality. Talrion gracefully stepped forward into the undergrowth as the arches of energy abruptly died around him, and the noise of the forest came back to life.

The morning mist of the planet had been dissipating upon his arrival, making the dense forest uncomfortably muggy. Four-armed primates studied him from the upper canopies, while odd tree hugging reptiles slowly mewled at his arrival.

The read out within his ghost-helm showed the closest Exodite village, the one belonging to Laryssa, the Queen of this world. Those who were familiar with the portals would have noticed the disruption. Several large winged creatures flew overhead. Scouts to tell their league what had happened. It mattered little, he was not trying to hide himself from his own kind.

The undergrowth swooshed as Talrion made his way through it. The sooner he was out in the cleared rolling plains the sooner he could meet with Laryssa. Just then the roar of some forest beast erupted in the distance. At first, it sounded like the Dragons that would be ridden into battle, then the chants began.

Orks. Three of them came bursting from the undergrowth, savage and screaming. In each hand, they carried a crude copy of an ax made of stone and bone and tied together with leather. Their horrid green faces with painted blue in splotches that indicated they were from the same tribe. Beast by nature but Talrion knew not to underestimate them. Though primitives they were able to track his movements and outflank him. Now he was cornered on three sides by large brutes.

Last Song was at his side, once serving as a simple walking stick but now to serve as it’s true intention. The silver spear and sparkling gems caught rays of lights that penetrated the canopy, fascinating the Orks enough for Talrion to attack.

The first Ork dropped as the tip of Last Song pierced through a rotten yellow eye. The second one realized that it was in danger too late as Talrion whirled and pierced the greenskin’s, heart. The last one roared a challenge and charged. Talrion withdrew his Shuriken pistol and released a flurry of razor sharp projectiles into the Ork’s flesh. The beast was reduced to a lump of flesh in very little time.

To an untrained aspect, this attack was done by three rogue animals, but Talrion knew better. Ork, no matter how feral, always traveled in larger packs. The beating of war drums reverberated throughout the forest underbrush. They were not going to use stealth this time.

Talrion ran. Speed and grace were on his side, and he could see the clearings edging closer. Sharp stones struck trees around him. He had to serve to miss netting, pitfalls, and other obvious traps. Spears made from wood and stone broke through tree trucks. And the smell permeated the most, causing Talrion to run faster.

He broke through, the light of mid-morning temporarily blinding him. The effect did little to hinder the Orks that were trailing him, however. Fifty had come tearing from the undergrowth and were now taking advantage of the Farseer’s blindness. 

A horn blared in the distance. Fast moving beast, their undulating cries louder than any Banshee, crashed into the Ork horde, killing the brutes by the score. The Raptor Riders blasted the Orks apart by the power of laser lances or by snapping off shots from long rifles. The battle only took seconds and by the end, most of the Orks were dead while others ran back to find safety in the forest once more.

One, wearing armor made from wraithbone and scales of great armored beasts, approached Talrion. He stared down at the Farseer, but did not look down at him.

“Farseer Talrion,” the Dragon Rider said. “Our Queen welcomes you back.”

So this is a little (ha!) story/rpg that I wanna try to do with some friends. If @cpujester and @fuukonomiko wanna chip in then I say go for it. It does not have to be this long.Just a paragraph or two will be fine. I just like to write.

Good Afternoon!

Result: 01
Percentage: 01%

Two great rolls in a row! Nice! In d100/d% systems one’s goal is typically to roll below a threshold established by your character’s attributes. An example being that if i had, say, 40 weapon skill I would be trying to roll 40 or less to pass a check using that attribute.

Apologies for the late upload today. I ran out of time this morning and have had class after class until now.

Side note: your humble moderator is particularly fond of d% systems. He would even go so far as to say they are his favorite.

In my the Fantasy Flight systems for Warhammer 40,000 rpgs, a natural 01-05 is a critical success and, provided Rule 0 doesnt kick in, automatically passes much like a natural 20 in D&D. Naturally, a 95-100 (all 0’s on the dice) is a critical failure and automatically fails much like a 1 on a d20.

Would there be any interest in perhaps monthly roleplay system spotlights? I own a good few rulebooks and have played a relatively broad array of them. Send me an ask or a reply or whatever and let me know, then I’ll dig into whatever specifics I need to gather.

Sorry for the long post today, and I hope you all have a criticaly lovely day!

Diary of Norelle Rhia, part XI

Dear Diary,

Pro tip: If you happen to find the secret nest of Chaos pirates, be sure that they won’t follow you into the Warp.

Also, don’t have a battle in the Warp with said pirates. And most definitely don’t let them board you. I think the troops of the Blood God were more than thrilled to fight us but I really wasn’t feeling the same kind of excitement. We also got to see Arzali in action: the man is a maniac with blades, which is just wonderful for us.

We managed to hold the pirates back and had a quick talk of what in the Warp (pun intended) we should do about it. First of all, the ship attached to us was 1,5 times our size. Second, they had over two times the manpower we had. We could have tried to fight our way to the bridge of the other ship, but Yi was clever in pointing out that many men would be killed during that attempt. Too many. I asked about the teleportarium they had on the ship but the captain said it would be too risky. Well, we were in the Warp, with another ship attached to us, gellar fields overlapping and in a moving ship. I get her point more than well.

By the way, it’s interesting how many new things I’ve learned of travelling in space. Look at me, casually talking of teleportation, Warp, gellar fields and stuff! I guess all the cousins in the Brakani Wars would be proud of me…if they knew that I did this for living that is. I know two void borns who would be proud of me too. Emperor, protect their journey.

We decided that it would be the best to detach ourselves from the ship and the battle all together, even though we knew we would get a broadside worth of heretics regards. What was weird was that I wasn’t scared. I was full of hope that we would make it. I remember praying for the Emperor in my head the whole time the ship shook and took damage but we got away. Emperor, thank you for blessing us yet again. Our team may have suffered and doesn’t look to all to be worthy of your blessings but every single man and woman on this ship definitely is.

Now we have jumped back into the Materium. We’re in a system on which there is one habitable planet. The ship has taken some heavy damage so we need to repair it on its orbit. I hope we can get it fixed and get on our way as fast as we can. People need to know about these pirates.

Regarding my previous writing…I don’t know. Maybe…maybe it would be better for the man if he never knew me. But I would have one less thing to fight for. To survive for.

I need to think about this. I wish I could see him.

- Norelle


Audio book of the All - Guardsmen party, one of the best and funniest game stories I’ve read. It’s a slow burn, but it’s worth it.

Dark Heresy Moments #15

We played a looong session yesterday and a lot happened, so I’m gonna paraphrase to the best of my abilities and right right into business.

We finished purging the Plague Father’s shrine in the quarantine zone and estimated, that there must be another, larger temple somewhere in the area. In fear of the cult spreading the xeno nanites any more, we devised an airborne countermeasure that we could ventilate everywhere on the station, before doing anything else. 

Before that, however, James the Pilot got his leathery mutant wings. Everyone with the exception of our Interrogator Yi and sailor boy basically lost their shit. We tried cutting them off surgically, but this being 40K, mutations are basically wild magic, and they grew back within an hour or so. Rhaban is mostly twitching and going full gollum both for seeing this, his own hallucinations and the mental trauma suffered during the earlier encounter. He got a little better for a moment, but then something else happens, something only James had noticed earlier. Norelle’s mirror reflection had come alive thanks to her spiritual taint. Now she too loses her grip and starts babbling wildly about not wanting to be a monster. Eventually, she goes to pray with Yi. The rest of the bunch gets some sleep, with the exception of Deynor, who decides to guard everyone else’s sleep. In Dark Heresy dreams aren’t always what they seem. Indeed, something quite interesting did happen to James and Rhaban during their sleep… but we’ll get to that if it ever comes back to bite them.

Well, a new day dawns, and we get reports about dead guards by a local mine where the nanite infection started. We go in to investigate and find a strange device that helps the nanites multiply. Our coghead Chiro manages to disable it. Someone had been tampering with it, presumably the cultists. We also had a brief indirect encounter with harlequins. They mostly taunted our efforts to stop the cult. If the necrons are the angry seniors of the 40K galaxy, then the eldar must be the groan-inducing baby boomers. Supposedly they wanted the station destroyed for their own ends, but couldn’t act directly, so they’d rather have the cult spread and attract the nearby Xanthians to it (a nomadic race of xenos who also despise the Ruinous Powers). 

But we all know the pointy-ears don’t know shit, so Chiro manages to find a countermeasure for the cult’s nanites, while Rhaban finds the cult’s main lair. We go in there with our new terrorist buddies and our own mercs. Deynor leads the main assault, while the rest of the team pushes into the temple. Rhaban has gone on ahead to scout the inner sanctum, and manages to ambush the cult leader in the middle of the ritual. Just as Rhaban kills the witch, the party barges in. And a Herald of Nurgle appears. Chiro and James chop and blow the hell out of the Herald, Norelle vomits, Deynor and Chrio are on autopilot directing efforts etc, the few remaining cultists are either running or doing tossing hallucinogenic grenades. Rhaban inhales said grenade gasses and does his best bird impression.

Once everything was said and done, we are reminded, that we summoned Mechanicus over to help. Realizing that they’ll likely want to kill or experiment on the station population because of our nanite solution, we give a call to sub-sector authorities and save the station by causing a bureaucratic incident that halts everything. 

Unfortunately, Rhaban’s going mental more than ever, and is at the point where any serious insanity gains could send him over to the dark side, so the GM asks if I want to retire him, and I do. 

Final score: 75 insanity, 53 corruption, eight mutations and two mental disorders.