warhammer motivation

I am making some Warhammer Motivations right now and came across this quote. Too long for a poster but it was too excellent not to share. Think about how this applies to every day situations, not just wars.

“You ask me how, for example, I would deal with a fortress. What can I say? Blast it? Burn it? Gas it? The list is endless. But the military man should never raise such questions. From the moment he enters the Chapter he is taught to deal with practicalities. What is the objective - capture or destroy? What troops do I have - Space Marines or native planet regulars? How are they equipped? What is known of the defenders? And so on.
A military man avoids open questions, and resists himself to facts. This is a crucial difference; a question requires an answer, a set of facts has only a result. An answer raises further questions, but a result is indisputable.”

-Imperial Commander Ryland Kline

The Emperor protects.