Hey Lotro People! Let's be monster buds.

Yo, my name is Sey, and I like Lotro. I’m not sure if Monster Play went Free to Play or if purchasing Isengard put me into favors with the Turbine gods, but suddenly I can enjoy Monster Play. When I say enjoy, I mostly me try to get my bearings and attack bears 3 times my size. 

I’m here to ask you, that’s right, you if you A) Play on the Dwarrowdelf server and B) Are playing a monster in Monster Play. I just started a Stalker/Wargen/Worgen named Rimai/Rimia (forgive me, he’s super new and I cannot remember the exact spelling of his name) and want to get some Monster pals so we can crush stand against those meddlesome Free People’s.

It’s become evident after getting killed by 1 hit from what was another player/NPC of level 78 that friendship is magic and to survive as a monster I need a pack of droogs who’ll kick ass and take names. Anyone is welcome to join in the band of merriment. It’d be cool to get some more Wargs too! I’m not sure exactly how a fellowship/band/part works in Monster Play (if we need to be the same class, what is it called, etc), but we can always spam the chat frame and reign terror upon everyone who stands in our way.

My attempt at the wargeneral, Firstly, i think this turned into a massive mess on my half, both from my lack of experience with zbrush and my original idea of keeping it simple and changing it mid-way though. Firstly on the left is the texture with the zbrush normal map baked on, secondly the right image is what came out of Zbrush, as you can see, they are vastly different ideas, i am either going to scrap the texture or the Zbrush model, however i am unaware of when this piece needs to be in for, the answer to this question is what will dictate what (if anything) gets scrapped.