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Hello Everyone!

Here’s the WIP of my latest commission - Thousand Son Marine aka “The Flame of Tzeentch”.

Soon some painted pics as well as the beginning of the Warhound Titan project for which i will create separate folder so that You can see the whole process in one spot.



“Who is the chosen one”
sculpted & painted by Alfonso Giraldes Banshee.
The project was made with Diego Esteban and a collaboration with Fausto G. for the World Expo 2011 in switzerland.
Size 75 mm
Source Putty and paint.

I can’t find words to desrcibe it. Really. I wil just stare at these pictures and meditate a few minutes…


Starting a new project, a blacksmith for Merryinn. You can see, I don’t really plan or sketch stuff out first, I mostly just start with an idea. In this case, an “L” shaped blacksmith forge, with a second story entry.

I started this project by carving out a forge, and a set of stairs. Everything else will have to fall into place around that.