wargames miniatures


“Who is the chosen one”
sculpted & painted by Alfonso Giraldes Banshee.
The project was made with Diego Esteban and a collaboration with Fausto G. for the World Expo 2011 in switzerland.
Size 75 mm
Source Putty and paint.

I can’t find words to desrcibe it. Really. I wil just stare at these pictures and meditate a few minutes…


I’m back, with a new laptop and the ability to do Tumblrs again!

So here’s the other members of my Guild Ball Morticians - Obulus, Cosset and Graves, as well as the team goal that I scratch-built! I’m very pleased with these fellows so far - I’m about 50/50 on wins v losses so far, which is way better than my usual odds haha!

Hope you like them!


WIP : Providence Seaport

After 8 months without publishing anything, i’m back with the first third of the city of Providence : the seaport.

More minis will complete this scenary (nearly 40-50) and 3 boats.

The second third has already started.

I’ll be back soon to show you how I built the seaport (with details included water).

Have fun and take care !

Had a meeting with my pal Cory Casoni at Toonhound today and got the production specs on the GANGS OF OLD NEW YORK gaming figure set that I’ve been fiddling with for a year or so, so now I can get rolling into engineering/designing the terrain pieces.  Trying to make it period-specific for rough-and-tumble mid-19th century brawler slums while still making it usable for old west, Victorian, Dickensian gaming, too.  It’s gonna be neat!