The Battle of Derevnya

The most hard-fought game of Wargame I’ve ever played, it was surprisingly the most Infantry-Centric game I’ve ever played. I took center on Ragnarok, and was assigned to assault the enemy along with my partner. We took Michael surprisingly easily, which made me start to worry. As my Tovarisch started moving armor up to Elena, the NATO base, I tried to cautiously move mounted infantry, especially BTR-mounted Morskaya Pehota squads into a town. 

As my forces began to hunker in, we realize that the NATO dogs were advancing towards my position. I began to push my BTR’s back, as they lacked missile weapons, as I called in support in the form of two Mi-24V ground attack helicopters. My Marines began to open fire, destroying the French transports, forcing their troops out. Realizing I was facing the French Foreign Legion, I called in more Morskaya support, hoping to at least hold the village as my allies swung around.

The Mi-24V’s arrived, and were promptly shot down by enemy Stinger-equipped troops from a nearby forest. As the helos went down, they revealed that not only were there Stinger troops in the wood, but up to 40 Legion troops. I quickly redirected my incoming Morskaya support to attack the forest. My ally was having similar luck, his force being bogged down by hostile Challenger and Leopard tanks and the overlap from the Stingers bothering myself.

The Morskaya entered the forest, leaving their transports behind. Amazingly, they managed to use their RPG-7’s to blow up the enemy VAT transports and killing the Stinger troops immediately. Friendly artillery support took care of the rest shortly after. I pushed them and their transports up, holding the forest as my own IGLA forces pushed into both the wood and the town. The rest of the battle was holding the town against wave after wave of NATO scum. However, I tip my hat to my anonymous opponant, you fought valiantly.


1. Morskaya Pehota BTR’s hold their ground, hoping to catch and infantry advancing towards the town in a lethal crossfire.

2. A Legion transport blows up as their troops try to advance into the town, only to be fired upon by over 45 Morskaya troops.

3. More Pehotas move up to assault the forest. Note the advancing group of T-55’s in the background, my allies’ force to dislodge the enemy’s armor.

4. A French transport in the woods realizes exactly how fucked it is as the first RPG misses them by mere meters.


Never thought infantry would be something that survived too long in Wargame, but I have been proven wrong. These guys, the Morskaya Pehota units of the Elite Guards deck, have shown that they are the best of the best. Under constant artillery barrage, facing superior firepower and numbers, the Marines have stood strong and defeated every wave and attack the NATO dogs have thrown at them.

It began with sending two units of the Marines out to reinforce a position on a mountain which was being assaulted. The Marines arrived on the scene and were immediately under fire by NATO tanks and ATGM’s. The BTR-80’s didn’t survive, but the Marines were able to rush to the safety of the forest and regroup; one unit was severely damaged and had to combine into one. Slowly the PACT’s forces were being pushed back and the NATO imperialist dogs began sending more and more infantry into the mountain to flush out the infantry and my Marines. However, the elite troops of the 13th were able to holdout and eliminate every wave they threw at us. Artillery was fired in response, but the Marines were able to maneuver out of the way in time. Comrade Sapery units were also a great help in flaming some French troops sent in an attempt to flank the Marines as they held off more French troops on another flank on the mountain.

Eventually, the Sapery were cluster-bombed by the brutal NATO pilots, and the Marines slowly inched backwards as the number of enemy troops increased, and the unit’s numbers dwindled. A supply chopper was sent into the clearing on the PACT’s side of the mountain, and the Marine unit retreated under fire towards the chopper, losing about 2/3rd’s of its numbers. 4 more units of Marines were called in to reinforce the position and hold off enemy troops as the present Marine unit was resupplied. All enemy units were eliminated and the Marine unit recovered to full strength. However, constant artillery bombardment destroyed a couple supply choppers and the Marine units were spread out through the mountain, holding the mountain till the end of the match, never defeated.


Eugen please. Why do you do this to me? How can you do so many things so right, but get something like this so wrong?

The F-14 ingame carries AIM-54 Phoenix missiles. Those are supposed to be Phoenix missiles mounted on the ingame F-14 model. That is not how Phoenix missiles are mounted on the F-14. Those do not even look like Phoenix missiles. They look like some bastard child of an AMRAAM and a Phoenix.

(Yes I flipped the photo so that it would be easier to match with the screenshot.)

So yeah, Wargame Airland Battle is really good.

I haven’t had the time to play too many games but what I have played has been excellent. There’s still a lot of features disabled that are coming soon, but even without them I am having a blast.

If you’re playing, feel free to add me on Steam. My name in there is “Why485” just like on here. Send me a message that you’re from Tumblr.

Wargame Airland Battle Officially Available for Pre-order on Steam

The game only costs $40, and if you already own European Escalation, you get 25% off. That really caught me by surprise.

Pre-ordering also grants access to the beta, which will be continually updated as new features become available up until release day on May 22nd.

Click here to go to the Steam Store.

All right so I bought Wargame

But I also bought Cossacks: Back to War. You RTS guys should really look it up. It’s like Age of Empires but more complex with stuff like upkeep, (your ships will mutiny without gold payments), stamina, morale, formations, oh yeah and COSSACKS. 

But the coolest part

is that the unit cap is 8,000. 

Let that sink in. I think Age of Empires max allowed 200 per player including workers. 

The unit cap is 8,000.