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Now that it’s given, I can show off my seekrit project over the last month, my first go at a 3D print of a model I made myself. It’s a forma from Warframe (for non-players, a rarish widget you use to modify stats on your armor and weapons). Printed using Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail, in two halves, filled for weight, then assembled and painted. The glowy bits are done in glow in the dark paint.

A wedding gift for @swaps55 and @n7zachammer, so they can shape their lives into whatever thy want. ;)

After enduring arduous attacks and ample attempts, Sekhmet got the auditory signal through. Alas, it was not audible to Cephalon Suda!

“Amplify the signal!” announced Ordis. “Augmenting the aureate Tower’s broadcast to attain the power needed!”

“Alright then,” Sybil affirmed. And proceeded to attach instruments to the Hydraulus.

Before Ordis could argue, an aggressive shockwave accelerated all of the Sentients out of the Tower.

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anonymous asked:

hey! how do you draw volts? (from warframe) i really want to draw mine but i cant get my head passed the whole. alien whatever parts. help?

Hi! whoops i don’t know if i can help you about drawing a certain character. ’-’“
I think that what is enough is a basic knowledge of human anatomy and being able to simplify some stuff. Tenno are humanoids with some exaggerated and added parts. Getting good refs of details is a good start! ‘u'  I’m sorry for this post being long because of pictures!!! :((

gonna compare a screenshot and a simple doodle

most of the shapes on his body are pointing downward (kinda made of these skewed v shapes?). He also has bigger thighs (i imagine it was supposed to imitate these.. puffy pants..?) and an another layer of extra padding there in form of a coat/skirt..thing.

With organic designs it’s also easier to get away with changing/leaving out things to fit your drawing/pose better imo.

Without the crest and horn, his head is this awkward shape. I like making his eyes bigger, just because it fits my drawing and i find it more expressive.

prime arm coils. they’re really neat ‘u’/

that’s about it i guess : s sorry for a big trash pile of doodles. hope that maybe something helps.

Return to the Kuva Fortress - Closed

For @queensofkuva

Why had he returned here? The place haunted him… No, it angered him. Ever since the Queens had disrupted his somatic link he didn’t feel as in tune with his Warframe. This was unacceptable. Unforgivable. 

As he floated out and clipped into his Archwing he would then blitz his way into the fortress, taking the direct approach the increasingly enraged tenno would land and storm his way into the fortress. Glaive-Throwing and Slash-Dashing himself a river of Grineer blood. He’d halved the Twin Queens. Now, he wanted to finish the job.

Switching out of his Warframe, he’d power up and blast the door down. Twin Amps clicking back into their Off Mode. Malevolent eyes being made at the centre of the room as he transferred back into his Warframe. Excalibur’s Exalted Galatine flaring up into life as he made ready to attack. If anger could be tangible, uh… wait what analogy were we going for with that again?

because I have a problem, I guess, have another dumb fanframe.

Panacea, or Pan, is a tenno with priorities. Priorities that aren’t war or the battlefield – no, no, Pan is a tenno of science. She – or was it he? – controversially studies the link between warframes and the infested/technocyte virus – fascinated with uncovering how the tenno themselves are so intricately linked to one of their biggest foes.

But, to learn by experimenting on other tenno and their warframes? That would be simply inhumane, and stupid to boot! How to better learn than from personal experience, anyways? Pan built and designed their warframe out of technocyte as an experiment, to watch and see how a primitive warframe might’ve developed. It’s a bit more polished now, looking like a sleek, modern frame – but there’s still some nasty bits that stick out every once in a while. Pan doesn’t mind. Keeps people out of their business.

They’re constantly changing and altering their frame to learn what they can, all the while attempting to maintain the dangerous balance between virus and machine. As some people have learned, sometimes playing with that balance has… consequences.

Drawing from the raw technocyte used to construct their warframe, Pan’s powers tend to focus on poison, manipulation, and control. On the off chance they engage in real combat, they like swords and shotguns.

Kinda predictably, they’re Arbiters of Hexis. Although the Arbiters themselves may beg to differ.


A free-to-play online game about alien ninjas with guns… mostly men. There’s only 1 female alien option to choose, the other three options are obviously men. The game is also about getting to a strange planet and destroy their bases with long-range weapons like guns or just beat the hell out of the other aliens, while if you choose the female alien you can only follow the male aliens to revive them or give health and mana. This is a clear view on how aggressive and destructive men can be, and creates the idea that women are weak creatures only to help men out in their destructive behaviour. The story remains unclear as to why this aliens want to destroy other’s planets. Misogyny is universal and need to be stopped.