Vegetarian BBQ July 30th at Sinclair’s pub! This will be the last show Schmuck plays for a while. Here’s the line up so far:

Warfear (LI grindcore)
Faceless Hatred (NJ Black Metal/Crust) 
M.A.D. (Brooklyn/LI warcrust) 
No More Victims (LI crust/grind) 
Skelptarsis (NYC hardcore/metal) 
Exshistence (Pa. Crust) 
Mother Brain (LI Metal/ Grind) 
Shmuck (LI Grindcore/powerviolence)

There will be a few others. $10 at the door, and free food. So come out and support you’re scene!


shit was soooo much fun that day! gotta love Punk Island day!