Another video of how we got down when I played at Avalon this last Sunday. “DE LA HEART” #avalon #rehab #hollywood #dj #delaheart #warfam

Hanging at the @weareroyalty store earlier tonight with a couple of incredible DJ’s I have admired since day 1 and my buddy @iammrwar behind the lens. Cc: @mikiwar @djdainjazone #WARfam


How we Pre-Party before Escape Wonderland… . @_svtxl187 with the sick video #weekend #turnup #Escapewonderland #shots #warfam #insomniac #Rave

Had a great time spinning at the grand opening of the @weareroyalty store. I’m beyond proud of these 2 guys, they’ve come a long way. @mikiwar @iammrwar I wish you guys the best! #WARfam


Kaskade Saturday Killed #Lazer #fireworks #Kaskade #SoCalRavers #WARfam

Shouts to my brotha @djsplyce for dropping into @weareroyalty today and copping our new “Just Spin It” Tee, and a adding @mstrwatches to his time piece collection #warfam #weareroyalty (at We Are Royalty)


Today’s warfame

1. Ki’Teer got a new friend. Thx Inkary! <3 <3 <3

2. HUD was gone at raid. it was a real nightmare mod.

3. Do nothing except taking photo with clan mates during 2 hours.

few days ago, I heard the news that new noggle statue will entered the store,  thought it will be oberon and valkyr noggle. So collect platinum to buy them, but there’s only two excal noggle at store…too sad to need more time to meet oberon…

Looking for new mixes to play inside @weareroyalty on soundcloud. Not too many good mixes out there these days, any recommendations? My recent fav’s are from @djdainjazone @djstylesdavis @djscene #djmixes #weareroyalty #warfam (at We Are Royalty)

. @weareroyalty new releases! You can pre-order online now. Or comment below with colorway and size you want. (XS-2XL available) Women’s tee’s available as well. #weareroyalty #WARfam (at Reload Los Angeles)