warehouse windows


‘This better be worth it, James’ I grumbled as dismounted my motorcycle and glanced up at the dilapidated warehouse. Most of the windows were shattered and the walls were just barely standing. It must have been there for fifty years, at least. I pressed my ear up against the front door and heard the unfamiliar voices of two men. Where was Bucky? I reached into my left boot and pulled out a silver dagger. It was encrusted with amethyst gems on the handle forming an intricate “M” design.

I crept along the side of the building, peering in through the gaps in the wall. Still, I could not see Bucky. When I reached the back door, I pressed up against the wall and listened for any more chatter. Dead silence. The only sound was the crunching of my boots on the gravel. With a heavy sigh, I tucked the dagger into the sleeve of my jacket and shimmied through the slightly ajar door. It led into an empty floor-room.

At the far end of the floor-room was set of double doors; I approached them with caution. Every now and again, I would duck behind one of the pillars and survey the room for any threats. I got to the doors and stood on the balls of my feet to peer inside. There was a huge contraption in the middle of the room but that was not what caught my attention, it was the long-haired man crouching beside it. His left arm was trapped in the vice.


'What have you gotten yourself into this time?’ I mentally screamed at him, wishing he would hear my thoughts but he kept his gaze on the floor. When I peered in through the port on the door, I saw another man lying on the floor; probably, one of the men I had heard earlier. He appeared to be sound asleep with his head resting on a piece of tarp and his right foot was raised up against a wooden pillar. He was the only one in the room. I could easily take him plus, his view was obstructed by the metal pieces strewn around the room; It wouldn’t be hard to free Bucky and leave without a struggle.

I nudged the door open with my foot, keeping my eyes on the sleeping man. A shadow moved behind me before lunging forward. I spun around just in time to catch the dark-skinned man’s arm and twist it behind his back. He shrieked loudly, awakening Bucky and the other guy. I kept his hand pinned behind his back and the dagger pressed firmly against his throat. The sleeping man shot to his feet defensively, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Are you here for me? Let me tell you this is not going to work out for you.” He warned, stepping closer but I didn’t budge. I just dug the blade into the other guy’s throat. He was trying to break free of my hold but I just applied more pressure to his arm to keep him still.

“Steve, she’s here for me.” Bucky explained. He knew these people? Why was he being restrained? Steve looked between us for an explanation. I loosened my grip on the man I was holding and shoved him forward. He looked at me disdainfully. I smiled tenderly when I met Bucky’s eyes.

“James, when you called me to Berlin I thought it would be for something more exciting?” I grinned suggestively. He hung his head and smiled shyly. I returned the knife to the sheath inside my boot and straightened up. Steve didn’t take his eyes off me. He kept his jaw clenched as I walked over to where Bucky was crouching to free his arm. Bucky flexed his arm, clicking the mechanisms back into place. He rose to his feet slowly and towered over me. “I fly halfway across the world for you and I don’t even get a hug?” I asked before wrapping my arms around his waist.

“Buck, who is she?” Steve demanded, forcing Bucky and I to pull apart.

“This is Ashleigha Morgan. She is part of an organization that tried to recruit me after Hydra, they’re called 'Malleus Mortem’ they handle… rogue assassins.”

“Was part of an organization.” I corrected and Bucky gave me a silent look that said 'I want to hear all about this.’

“What are you doing here?” Steve was growing impatient. He stepped closer to us. I finally got a better look at him. He had bright blue eyes, blonde hair and an impressive physique that could’ve only come from countless hours in the gym.

“I called her.” Bucky let out a shaky breath. He was considering whether he had done the right thing getting me involved. I could see the thoughts of “what if…” racing through his mind. Did he really need more blood on his hands?“

"Nah man, he just gets to recruit people now? Cap, you okay with his psycho girlfriend joining us?”

“Sam, don’t…” Steve warned. “…if Buck trusts her, so do I.” The only thing I took away from his words was how much he cared for Bucky because even Sam knew not to press the matter further. “Do you have anything we could use? As you can see we are a little low on supplies here…” Steve gestured around the room. There wasn’t much of anything but random junk heaps.

“I could get you guys a car; nothing fancy of course, some food and I have clothes for Bucky.” Steve ran a hand through his hair and breathed deeply.

“Thank you.” He pulled Sam aside giving Bucky and I a few moments alone together. Bucky shoved his hands inside the pockets of his jeans and looked down at me.

“Really, thank you for this. I owe you one… or twenty.” I chuckled softly and placed an arm on his left bicep before kissing him on his cheek.

“Meet me at the ParkundSpar Parking Lot near the airport at 14:00. I will have everything you need.” I announced loudly before leaving the warehouse.

On schedule, the three men arrived in a blue Volkswagen at 14:00. I smiled as the they climbed out of the tiny car one by one. “I see you got my gift.” I teased which earned me a smile from Steve.

“Way to be inconspicuous.” Bucky smiled as leaned against the roof of the car with one hand on his hip mirroring the way I was leaning against my motorcycle. A white van pulled into the parking lot and a man and woman stepped out. While they were chatting to Steve, Bucky turned his attention to me. “So what happened with the organization?” He asked curiously, recalling how loyal I was to them when he met me for the first time.

“It’s a long story… for another time.” I smiled tightly. I couldn’t help but think this was the last time I was going to see Bucky.

“Perhaps the next time I am in Berlin I should call you for something a bit more … exciting.” He winked suggestively and I felt a blush creep up my neck.

“Perhaps you should,” I tucked my hair behind my ear and avoided eye contact. Next, he did what unnerve expected in a thousand years. He leaned in and pecked me lightly on the lips. It wasn’t a passionate kiss; just a sweet one. A low gasp escaped my lips when he pulled away and by that point, my face was unenviably red. Steve and the rest of his friends were watching Bucky and I were amused curiosity.

“We should get moving.” Bucky cleared his throat and turned away from me. I mounted my bike and smiled at Bucky one last time.

“Take care of yourself, James.” Bucky saluted me before I gunned the engine to life and took off, wondering when was the next time I would see him again…

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Kurt waited a little impatiently, fingering his earpiece as if he could encourage his team to hurry up by fiddling. As soon as everyone was in position surrounding the warehouse, they would break in and, hopefully, capture the miscreants inside without too much of a skirmish.

“I’m set,” came Spike’s voice. 

“Me too.” That was Jean.

“Alright, that’s everyone,” Scott said, his voice slightly distorted through the small speaker. “On my mark…”

Kurt tensed, the moments of silence that followed seemed to stretch on into eternity…


BAMF! He appeared inside the warehouse, startling those within. Windows smashed a moment later, heralding the arrival of everyone else. Kurt didn’t even have the time to glance around, as suddenly there was a spray of bullets far too close to where he was standing. He sprung to the side, porting mid-leap, and landed on the back of one of the men, knocking them both do the ground.

A loud bang sounded and Kurt yelped, reeling away from the deafening noise and clutching at his ears. For a moment, all other noise faded, then the silence was replaced by a loud ringing in his ears. When he opened his eyes, a thick smokescreen hung in the room. He could hear the others coughing and was soon to join them.

“Gah, they’ve run! There’s some kind of back door, I can see it from here!” came Scott’s yell from the headset, only just audible to Kurt through the persistent ringing in his ears. 

There was more shouting over the intercom, but Kurt couldn’t make it out, instead, he found the nearest wall and pressed his face against it, the small pocket he formed giving him momentary respite from the thick smog. 

A movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention and Kurt inched towards it, peering through a beginning-to-clear haze. His hand raised to his earpiece and he spoke into it, hoping the others would hear him. 

”You guys go after them, I’ll catch up! I think I’ve found something…”

Metamorphosis - Part 1

Word Count: 2364

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You stood at the warehouse window with Dean watching Sam. He had a man tied to a chair in the center of a devil’s trap while the brunette from the hotel in Illinois stood nearby. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but you could tell Sam was trying to get information from him. He just kept getting angrier and angrier until he lifted his hand and the man started to vomit demon smoke. You watched the smoke leave the man and burn through a hole in the floor, Sam and the girl smiling at each other.

Turning to Dean you could see his jaw clenching in rage. “You can do this too?” He questioned angrily.

“Probably.” You answered meekly. “I always just went straight for the kill…”

“You can kill demons? With your mind?” He snapped. “You didn’t think to tell me that?”

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Image Description: Background multiple small panes of worn warehouse type windows. Text Reads: “In contexts like teaching children or working with autistic people, the term “social skills” is used to mean “the skill of complying with dominant norms of social interaction.” But getting away with noncompliance is also a social skill. Improving your lot in the social realm by fighting for your right to be who you are is also a social skill.” - Nick Walker


Elven wasn’t always the brightest boy. Sure, he’s been alive for a few centuries, but that doesn’t mean he understood a thing. He was a vampire, but he had never expected to actually be hunted. He hadn’t had a real actual meal in a very long time. He was pretty much a vegatarian, with only a bag full of Chinese noodles to keep his hunger at bay. Which was something the vampire would never understand.

Elven did not look threatening. He looked like a short 19 year old boy. He had completly white hair, with only a single strip of black in it. He dressed rather nicely though. A button down shirt and jeans. He carried a backpack with him, and wore earbuds. He sang along to what sounded like a katy perry song.

it wasn’t long before he reached his destination. Which was an old warehouse with borded up windows. It looked like it hadn’t been used in forever. Regardless, he pulled out a set of keys, and opened the door. He called in “Violet! I’m home! And i got dinner for you.”

Okay… So… let’s talk about how this living room is literally in the middle of a warehouse, with holographic windows and a floating lamp and toy plane that hangs in empty space. Consider the manga scan from Weibo. 


Should we assume that Iwa-san actually cooks? Which means… That fridge is a real fridge and they have running water? The wall literally have signs that says “conserve water, conserve energy” on it. 

So… either Iwa-san is trolling with these signs, or they literally built plumbing in the middle of an empty warehouse. 

This is probably the weirdest and most delusionally endearing thing I’ve ever seen. 

Also… WHERE DO THEY LIVE? WHERE DO THEY SLEEP? IT’S JUST A LIVING ROOM but Yukari was in his slacks and doing yoga in front of the TV! That means it have to be a comfortable enough place for him to change nearby, right?

I’ve never been so confused my whole life.