warehouse style

City living 101: Read a book. 

Deciding to move back to Brisbane for a few months was a brilliant idea. New apartment. Friends. Live music every night. But most importantly, the food in the valley! But this is day one of being back, so I’ll cool ranch dressing it with the live music, food, and friends for now and kick it with my girl Alice, in Wonderland.

I sat down with Hairhouse Warehouse Australia to have a quick chat about grooming and how I keep my style in check.

1: Tell us about a usual day for Nathan? Whats fun in your world?

Generally it’s a combination of my favorite things: I go to the gym once or twice, I shoot fashion pieces for the blog, or meet with clients/brands, and generally try and go for a swim.

2: What’s your biggest hair woe? AKA, what doesn’t work for you?

I’m not big on “wet look” products. I generally stick to something with a matte finish, that keeps my hair looking natural, but still gives it volume.

3: What’s your usual hair routine? Got any questions for the professionals? We’re always full of tips.

I keep my routine pretty simple. Minimal product, minimal effort haha. I actually cut my own hair so I know how it’s going to sit naturally. It’s also about experimenting for me. My hair sits different every day, which I kinda like.

4: What do you love about American Crew? Did you feel the difference since using the range?

Yeah it’s got a great amount of texture, but doesn’t feel too greasy. Keep the volume I like, without looking too heavy. Would definitely recommend it!