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Day 5: Pacific Rim AU

(well, this isn’t short at ALL, I’m sorry)

The LA Shatterdome is pretty new - it’s only been there for about a year, but so far it has two Jaegers (Sigma Hyperion and Corsair Atlas) and there’s talk of adding a third soon. It’s not Kara’s first choice of assignment, but apparently they need a physical trainer with Marines-level experience to work with the Rangers. So she takes the job and shows up at the Shatterdome on her first day, ready to go.

One of the LOCCENT controllers, Bobbi Morse, greets her. “Sergeant Palamas, good to see you,” she says, offering her hand. “I hope the trip here was satisfactory.”

“Fine,” says Kara. “Where to first?”

“This way. We’ll take you through the Shatterdome proper and show you the training room.” Morse leads her through the giant warehouse-style part of the building that houses the enormous Jaegers. They’re so big that Kara has to crane her neck and she still can’t see their heads. “That’s Sigma,” says Morse, pointing at a matte black Jaeger with a sleek design and an eagle-shaped decal on it, “and that’s Corsair.” Corsair is a deep shade of purple and looks like a linebacker.

Kara blinks up at them. “They’re…impressive,” she says. It’s an understatement, but anything would be.

Morse grins at her. “Would you believe me if I said you get used to it? Or at least, I do. We’ve only had a few missions so far, but it’s way better watching them in action. ‘Course, you’ll be working more closely with their pilots.” She gestures for Kara to follow her into the hallway at the other end of the room.

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KEtTLE (part 1) - DP

Dedicated to @haikujitsu’s awesome writing skillz. Because I wonder… why are the scientists always bad guys?

PoT… meet KEtTLE. :) Shamelessly inspired by the fabulous fic, Phantom of Truth and it’s continuing saga of a sequel, Shadow of a Doubt. 

Several parts queued to post in the next few days. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

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Maddie pulled to a stop in the parking lot of a hulking, gray building.  She sat there a long moment, holding on to the steering wheel, trying to center her thoughts.  It was hard to believe the chain of events that had led to this.  To her working for them.

She closed her eyes as her fingers tightened around the steering wheel, making the leather creak and squeak and groan.  Then she let out a long breath, released the steering wheel, and switched off the car.  She’d agreed to this.  She’d thought about it long and hard.  There was no need to chicken out now.

Before she grabbed her bag, she paused to touch a picture hanging near the radio.  Then she pulled herself out of the car, slammed the door, and dragged two weeks worth of clothes towards the door.

It was just a job, she told herself.  And, honestly, she needed the distraction.  There wasn’t anything she could do sitting around at home other than worry a hole in the floor.

The building was nondescript.  Small, darkened windows peppered the concrete walls.  Only a small logo on the door showed that it belonged to Axion Labs, and nothing to explain what wonders might lay behind that door.  She’d seen abandoned warehouses with more style.  Holding her bag close, Maddie pushed through the single glass door and walked into the lobby of the building. 

“Can I help you?”

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