warehouse shots

Ethan’s Workout Buddy

One time I mentioned a workout bit & people wanted it & here it is.

The warehouse was quiet as she entered, except for the clinking of weights across the room. She balanced two Chipotle bags and drinks in the her arms and kicked the door closed with her foot.

Etttttthhhaaan” Izzy sang, trying to nudge the office door open with her elbow. “Oh sure fine, I’ll get it.” She mumbled, struggling to finally get the door to swing open. Right as it felt like everything was going to fall out of her arms she reached the table.

“Ethan!” She screamed, pulling food out of bags and setting it on the table. After another minute of ignoring she peaked out the door and noticed his headphones and a faint sound of music.

His eyes were closed as he sat on the lat machine and pulled down the weights, his back flexed as he did so. Izzy pushed her long hair from her face and walked towards him, she had just left Pilates and was in her own workout clothes.

Ethan paused, breathing deeply while still holding the lat bar down. Izzy admired his bare back for a few seconds, the tone muscles, the tan skin, the light glow of sweat beginning to form. She swung her leg around and straddled his lap, “Ten more.”

He flinched and let go of the lat bar letting the weights slam to the side of them, “Shit, Iz.” He laughed, wiping sweat from his forehead and tugging and ear bud from his ear. “I’ve already done enough.”

Ten more.” She said again, crossing her arms.

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Amelia’s Biscuits

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“Daddy?” Amelia asked, though everyone else at the table wasn’t sure it came from her. She struggled to get up in the chair, the voice seeming to come from no one until her head popped up moments later.

“Yes, my pet?” He asked, looking at her past the newspaper he had open.

“Where do you go?”

“What do you mean?” He asked confused, eyeing you as you took your seat opposite him.

“When you leave everyday to go to work, where do you go?”

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Warehouse 13 - Resurrecting  Steve 

Claudia: Nothing happening, its not working. 

Jane: Patience Claudia. Patience.

Claudia: Please, Please come back. Please [Steve, take deep breath] Steve!

[Claudia struggles for breath]

Jane: Put your hand back on the Metronome. Claudia look at me now, look at me! You can’t help him if you die too!.Claudia Look at me

Jane: Claudia don’t look away, that’s it that’s right. Try not to panic. Breath, No ,no I will not let this happen. Claudia talk to me what do you see?.

Claudia: White everywhere and Steve

Jane: Don’t go to him, he has to come to you, Stay focused on me and bring him with you. You wanted to save so save him, dammit breath

[both Steve’s and Claudia’s breathing returns to normal]

Jane: That’s it, That’s it yes. 

[Steve open his eyes]

Steve: Hey …. What happened? 

LaSalle’s Confession

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Title: LaSalle’s Confession

Characters: LaSalle x Reader, Loretta, Sebastian, and Pride

Word Count: 1,149

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3 (This was a separate request, but it made a great part two to Damn It, NO!)

This was requested by Anon: LaSalle x reader where you take a bullet for him and the reader almost doesn’t survive but when the reader wakes up after surgery LaSalle and you get like together as a couple and confess that they’re in love with each other

After you were in the ambulance, LaSalle bolted to his truck so he could follow the emergency vehicle.  He knew you were in better hands now, but he wasn’t sure if you were still going to make it or not.

As LaSalle was following the emergency vehicle, he dialed up Pride on his phone.  “Hey King,” LaSalle greeted in the calmest voice he could muster.  The sirens in front of him didn’t help his situation either.  

“LaSalle what’s goin’ on,” Pride asked urgently.  “Is everythin’ alright?”

“Not exactly,” LaSalle stated flatly.  “Those guys at the warehouse shot at us.  We took ‘em all out, but [Y/N] got shot in the shoulder.  I’m behind the ambulance that’s escortin’ her to the hospital.  I called to letcha know what happened and that there’s bodies for ya at the warehouse.  The fourth guy is still missin’.  He wasn’t even there.”

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A Happy Accident

Characters: Steve x Reader

Summary: After a chance meeting and the best night of your life you leave your future up to fate only to find that sometimes fate takes her sweet time getting her shit together.

Word Count: 2403 words

Prompt: Serendipity.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

“Hey Tony, want to come to a huge warehouse in the middle of nowhere and search through endless boxes for a piece of paper that may or may not help me find some girl that I met a lifetime ago who is probably now fat or married or both?  Yeah, sure buddy it’s not like I have an actual job to do or anything.” Tony was muttering to himself as he sifted through another large box that was very poorly labelled.

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Case Study {Part VI}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Written at around 1 AM, I still hope you enjoy part six!)

Detective! Bodhi x Reader

Plot Summary: John MacArthur was found dead in his home on March 3rd, 2017. His family, especially his wife and sister in law, are emotionally distressed. His neighbor is strangely nonchalant, a former prostitute has been demanding child support, and the weapon is nowhere to be found. New LAPD detective Bodhi Rook has been assigned to this murder, and has been paired up with you, one of the precinct’s finest. Try not to let your emotions hinder the case, detective.

You and Bodhi returned to the bullpen the next day after your case review at the coffeeshop, silent and comfortable, but lost in thought.

You were consumed with how the MacArthur case would pan out, considering Sarah and Sadie were scheduled for more formal questioning today.

Bodhi tugged at his cufflinks, heart pounding as he looked up from his file to you, quickly looking back down when you had made eye contact and sent him a tiny smile. His mind was swirling with thoughts of you, what it would be like if he could muster up the courage to ask you out to dinner someday.

“Y/N?” You heard, looking up and seeing Cassian rolling up his sleeves.

You closed your file, turning your full attention to him. “What’s up, Cassian?”

“I need your help.”

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Flying high: part 4

A/n: so this will most likely be the last one. Depending on how long it turns out there might be a little epilogue. Hope you guys like it!

You whimpered as the guards walked away. They had just brought you back from one of your “treatments” and had thrown you into your cage on top of your injured wings.

The newest treatments were making your head pound like crazy. You had heard one of the scientists say that they were experimenting with superhero DNA. Great, just great. Who knows how many serums they’re gonna pump in my system.

Apparently, they had started using the DNA of the heroes who had telepathic powers. Not fun for you. You could tell that the serums were working. You had just started picking up on the feelings of others. If you concentrated hard enough, you could hear one or two of their thought.

You heard the guards walking back towards where you were and you got as far away from the door as you could. Your heart was pounding faster than the flash and the relief you felt when they passed you was indescribable. You looked out between the bars in the door and saw another experiment.

It looked like ITEX had tried to experiment with fish DNA. You could plainly see the gills on the boy’s neck and scales were showing on his hands. They tossed him into the cage next to you and walked away. The boy was sobbing and you could feel the fear that he felt.

You crawled to the side of your cage that was closest to him. “Could you do me a favor and calm down? I know you’re scared, but between my headache and the hurricane of emotions I’m getting, my head feels like it’s gonna burst.” You whispered to him.

The fish boy looked over at you. “I’m s-sorry. They w-wouldn’t stop putting needles in me. I h-hate n-needles.” He cried. You made calming noises as another wave of terror went over you.

“I know. Needles scare everyone here. Would talking to me help calm you down?” You said. The boy nodded. “My name is y/n. What’s yours?”

“M-my name is John. They k-keep calling me Myxini-29, though.” He whispered. You nodded. “If they ever ask you what you’re true name is, you respond with what they call you. Otherwise, they might do something to you like they did with my wings.” You turned to show him and he gasped.

“Why? How could they do that to someone?” He asked in horror. You shrugged. “To them we’re nothing more than experiments, easily replaced. Just be careful not to piss off the whitecoats too much and you should be fine.”

The boy nodded. You felt him slowly start getting scared again. You sighed. “What’s something that calms you down?“ You asked.

“My mother’s singing. She had a really nice voice but then she got sick and these men came. Said that they could make her better as long as I went with them. I didn’t know that this would happen.” He said.

You smiled slightly at him. “I can sing a bit. I’ll try for you.” You closed your eyes and started to hum a song you heard awhile ago when you were on the run.

So take these broken wings and learn to fly again, learn to live so free. When we hear the voices sing, the book of love will open up and let us in. Take these broken wings.

You laughed to yourself about the irony in your song choice. You opened your eyes to look at John and saw that he had fallen asleep. You smiled but frowned when you heard footsteps.

Panic swept through the room where you and the other experiments were kept. The panic was soon reduced to only your cage, when the footsteps stopped in front of your cage.

A man opened the door and dragged you out. “Aves-01, time for your medicine.” He said. You struggled in his grip and he laughed.

“How’re you so rebellious even after what we’ve done to those wings of yours? Keep fighting, and we’ll cripple your legs in the same manner.” He threatened. You went limp from his words and let him drag you to the room.

The three men crept inside the building. Bruce took the top levels of ITEX, Jason took the lower levels, and Damian took the basement. After an hour of searching, they all turned up empty handed.

“Where could they be keeping her?! We’ve checked all the floors and have found nothing!” Damian said. He was pacing back and forth, trying to remember if there had been any possible secret entrances in the basement.

“Calm down a bit kid. We’ll find her.” Jason said. To be honest, he didn’t even believe himself. Bruce was hacking the computer, trying to find any evidence of where you were.

He hit the jackpot in less than two minutes. Unfortunately, he was a minute away from Tim’s record.

“Found her. Looks like ITEX owns a warehouse outside of Gotham. I’m betting that they took her there.” He said. Damian immediately ran outside and jumped into the batmobile.

“What’re we waiting for?! We need to save her!” He shouted at the others. “Tt. Slowpokes.” He muttered.

‘Jason was amazed to see the little demon brat be this concerned about you. It was nice to know that at least you had someone other than the outlaws looking out for you. But the big brother side of him was starting to think that Damian might like you a bit more than a friend.

“Aw hell no.” Jason muttered. The others heard him through the coms. “What’s wrong?” Bruce asked. There was silence for ten seconds.

“Nothing, just…. It was nothing. It’d never happen.” Jason said. Bruce shrugged at Damian and sped off to the warehouse.

Your eyes shot open. You had fallen asleep but something had woken you up again. You looked around trying to figure out what happened. You closed your eyes and tried to see if anyone else in the room was awake.

Everyone is asleep except for… Oh god! Please no!

“John! John, wake up! Answer me!” You said. You completely forgot about being quiet all you wanted was for your friend to wake up. But he couldn’t.

John had died at some point in the night.

Tears were rolling down your cheeks as you backed away from his side of the cage. You were sobbing and felt like your heart might burst.

When he died, so did his mind. I felt him die! That’s why I woke up.

You cried as hard as you could and the others in the room slowly woke up due to the noise you made. Your sadness pushed itself into their minds and they all became filled with grief.

You began to feel something strange soon. It was anger but it wasn’t yours. It wasn’t coming from anyone in the room either. You located the person who was so angry and dug into their mind.

You were in their mind and soon realized that it was Damian. He had come to save you after all! Jason and Bruce were with him and you felt joy.

Some of your feelings penetrated the other kid’s minds. One of the smarter ones made the connection between the random feelings and you.

“What’s got you so happy?” They whispered. You smiled a little bit. “Batman and Robin are here to save us. They brought the Red Hood with them too!” You whispered back.

You felt joy from most of the others in the room but you felt a stronger emotion too. Hope.

Damian eventually found his way to you. You stuck your arm out of the cage and waved at him. He ran to your cage and saw you. He gripped the bars and started pulling.

It’s no good. Otherwise, I would’ve broken out ages ago.“ You told him. He nodded and started picking the lock. When he finished, you shot out of the cage and hugged him. You buried your face in his shoulder and he held you tightly.

“Y/n? What…. What happened to your wings?” He whispered. He felt a few tears land on him. “My handlers destroyed them.” You whispered. He hugged you tighter and stood up.

“We need to go now. Before they realize that we’re here.” He said. You shook your head.

“No. We need to free the others.” You said. Damian looked around as if realizing for the first time that you two weren’t alone. He sighed and held out another lock pick to you.

“Work as quickly as possible. They have to be quiet.” He said. You nodded and you two got to work. Soon all the cages were open, except for one.

Damian was trying to pick the lock on John’s cage but you put a hand on his shoulder. “Not this one. It’s… It’s too late for him.” You said. Damian saw your tears and nodded.

He led you and the other escapees through the halls until you were at the entrance. Jason and Bruce were fighting off the guards but there were a lot. You felt the tremor of fear through the rest of the kids and turned to them.

“Listen up! If you’re strong enough to fight, here’s your chance to get a little payback. As soon as there is a chance that you can make it outside, you take it. If you can still walk but can’t fight, get as many of the others out as you can. I’ll do my best to protect you.” You said.

Damian looked at you with concern clearly written on his face. “Y/n, you don’t have your wings anymore. How’re you going to fight?”

“My wings might’ve been an advantage but they weren’t my only means of keeping myself safe. If you got a blade or a batarang, I’ll gladly take one.” You told him. He smiled and gave you a few.

“Be careful” He said. You nodded and started fighting. It took ten minutes for you and the other enhanced kids to finish taking out the ITEX guards.

Bruce worked with the authorities to figure out what to do with the kids. Turns out, that more kids had died because of ITEX and all the bodies were removed from the building.

When it was all done, Bruce and Jason came over to where Damian had been sitting with you. Jason kneeled down in front of you. You looked at each other for a moment before he enveloped you in a hug.

“Thank god, you’re safe. When I saw the video of you being taken, I almost lost it. Y/n don’t you ever do something like this again.” He said. Bruce looked at your wings.

You looked at them and back at Bruce. “I’m never gonna fly again, am I?” You asked in a quiet voice. You started crying again. Damian hugged you again.

“I’m sorry y/n. If I had gotten to you sooner, then you might still have your ability to fly.” He said. You shook your head. “It wasn’t you fault Dami. I refused to give them what they wanted and I payed the price.”

Jason cleared his throat. “While this is all touching, I might have a solution to our problem. Bruce, don’t you have friends that have magic? If they could heal y/n a bit and we let the rest heal naturally, she should be good. Right?”

Bruce looked a bit shocked. “That could work.”

A/n: there will be a little epilogue, just because I think this chapter is a but long. Hope you liked it!

All Hallows’ Eve Request #3!  Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader

This was requested by @blacksteel-art.  Enjoy!!


“Robin Hood is here!!” squealed one of the street kids, informing the rest of the bunch.

The children all smiled and ran for the door and waited for the secret knock they made you memorize. Knock-Knock.  Knock-Knock-Knock. Knock.  Dean, the eldest, twisted the locks and welcomed their caretaker, which would be you.

“I brought you some food, clothes, water and some new board games my Merry children!” you shouted while kicking the door shut.

They all cheered at the nickname as you passed out the items to all of the kids.  You had just stole a lot of money from some very interesting people.  You made it out of there with a few scratches and almost received a headshot from the Red Hood.  The bullets nicked your ear and side but you’ll live.  

“What happened to you?” asked Dean.

“Bullet,” was all you said.

Dean nodded and took the bag from you to store the food in the kitchen.  All of these kids were from the streets with no families and nowhere to go, but you took them in like a cat lady.  Their ages ranged from five to seventeen and you did everything in your power to make sure that they have more than enough to survive, get an education and have a family.  The youngests gave you the name ‘Robin Hood’ because they watched too many movies and of your actions.  Let’s just say you ‘take from the criminals and give to the very needy children.’  You even incorporated some of the Robin Hood aspects to your vigilante suit.  You had the bow and arrows and the humor, but that was it.  A very dark shade of green was incorporated to your outfit and the rest was black.  You had finally been able to add body armor and better boots to the combo.  You felt like the normal domino mask didn’t cover enough of your face, so you designed a mask that would cover everything except your hair and mouth.  

“Tell us what happened, (Y/N)!!” begged the children.

You laughed and nodded, you always told them what happened during your scavenging.  They all gathered around you with looks of anticipation.  

You smiled and started your story:  “I was running across the buildings, searching for the next bad guy to take from.  I found his secret hideout and took out all of his goons one by one and slowly made my way to where all the money was kept.  I packed everything in my bag and started to run back to home.  When I was running, the Red Hood came out of nowhere and started shooting guns blazing!!!”

Gasps could be heard all around the room.  You smiled and continued your story.

“Bullets whizzed past me and managed to scrape me on my ear and side.  I was running for my life, but I turned around and shot an arrow… which knocked one of his guns of of his hand.  After I launched that arrow, I loaded another one and launched a line so I could escape.  When he recovered from the arrow, I was swinging away.  I ran home to my merry children and lived happily ever after for another day!


You tucked the last kid in bed and silently walked out and closed the door.  You made your way to the kitchen and found Dean still stocking and recording the food.

“How long are you gonna keep this up?” he asked.

“When Gotham is safe and every kid has a family to go to,” you replied.

“That won’t be anytime soon.”

“Oh, come on.  Where’s that positive attitude that I know and love?”

“Retired.  Are you going out?” he asked.

“Yup.  You’re in charge while I’m gone and you know the rules whenever I’m late.”

“‘Assume that you’ve been killed, captured, or arrested.  Make sure to watch over the kids and use the backup money whenever we run out of food.’  Yeah, yeah I got it.”

You ruffled up his hair, “Smart ass.”


“That’s heroic dumbass to you!” you said while walking out of the backdoor.

“Be safe,” he whispered.


Another punch was thrown and hit your face, the assailant’s ring slicing your mask and cheek.

“My grandma punches harder than you assholes,” you spat with blood dripping out of your mouth, “and she’s dead.”

“Shut the hell up you crazy bitch!” the crook yelled and punched you once again.

You spit the blood out of your mouth, “Really?  You can’t come up with another insult other than that?  What about pompous ass, shit stain, asshatt-”

“I said shut the hell up!!”

A crowbar connected to your jaw and a crack echoed throughout the warehouse.

“Wow!! Shots were fired!! Shots were definitely fired!!” you shouted and hoped that your voice reached your gear on the other side of the room.

“She’s as crazy as the Joker,” said one of them.

“And if I wasn’t this wouldn’t have worked,” you said while releasing your hands from the ropes.

You kicked the crook with the crowbar in the throat and took the crowbar from his quivering form. All of the criminals ran towards you and attempted to dogpile you.  You swung the crowbar and knocked out mostly every opponent you had.  Once there were less than a dozen, you threw the crowbar at one of them and ran towards your weapons.  Gunshots echoed throughout the room and you fell on your face.  You groaned and felt something slippery on your abdomen.  Your shaky hand rose and was covered in blood.  You dropped the hand and applied pressure to the wound.  Who would take care of the kids?  You knew that only a few had jobs, but that wasn’t enough to support that many people.  Why did this have to happen?  Muted gunshots could be heard as you faded out of consciousness.  You saw shades of black and red blur across your vision and felt someone shake you.  You tried to force the darkness down, but it was too much.

You coughed out more blood and hoped that they would understand you, “Take care of them…”


Knock-Knock.  Knock-Knock-Knock. Knock.  Dean stopped what he was doing and ran towards the door and unbolted it.  His smile soon faded when he saw the Red Hood standing in your place.  

“Please don’t tell me she’s-”

“She’s holding on.  She told me where to find you guys and the secret knock when she was conscious for a few minutes.  Congrats, I’m your temporary Den Mother,” Jason said.

Dean let him in and bolted the door.  Jason looked around the place and noticed how different it was from his childhood.

“How long has she been doing this?” he asked.

“Ever since I was nine, which was about eight years ago.  I was a regular street rat and she took me in.  She took all of us in.  She said she wanted us to have a better opportunity than she did and have a chance at having a good life,” Dean replied.

“How many kids are in here?”


Jason inwardly laughed, she’s an adopting Bruce on steroids. The walls were decorated with children’s drawings.  He looked more closely and noticed that you were drawn as Robin Hood.

“So this is why she has the bow and arrow?” Jason asked while pointing his thumb at the drawings.

“Yup.  She’s our hero and the kids think she’s Robin Hood, probably from watching too much Disney.  They begged her to wear the tights, but she settled for the bow and arrows,” Dean laughed and wiped some tears off of his face.

“She’ll make it, kid,” Jason said and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I hope so.”

This Time Around : Never over you

The sport area was one of the most lucrative business in the United States. It was having no secret that athetle were winning astronomical amount of money , were having a certain kind of life. Even if most of the time they were in the front light , in covers of magazine or on items with their faces, their number , their name , a profesional athetle was well more than just the sportman. Behind , an all entire team who was handle from his fashion style , to the way he address to the press. From his contract to his appearrance. If it was having one person important for a athlete , it was definitely his agent.

When Ahsha chose this job , she hadn’t been interest into the salary. Even if the famous ten purcent were more than attractive. But she was such an obsessed of scheduling, handling everything and control , looking for the best interest , close deal that she didn’t know what else she can do. When she started, of course nobody took her in serious. Not only she was a female in a really male system but most for the fact that she was looking like a model , a dancer , a gold digger girlfriend and not an agent. She handled couple contract for young and began to show how valuable she was. There , her boss gave her a big client. Shawn Letwick , a impulsivess and big mess football player. With some controversy and trial on his back. Yet… being his agent, Ahsha gave him a complete other image , clean and approachable, humble and devoted to the sport. She done nothing to his sport performance , because Shawn always had been a talented player. The fact that most carear of the NLF last 5 years , lead Ahsha to move in Canada but when the end of his carear came, all she could do was to negotiate some egeria of brand , shoes contract , even a dating show , and come back to Los Angeles. She  done miracle with Letwick and when she came back to the headcarters of the agency , now people , men were respecting her.

Ahsha didn’t saw her office since three years but she hadn’t the time that the meeting was about to start. She grabbed a notebook and walked out. On her way , she saw her old friend , Jude Kincade

“ What’s up Jude ” she smiled to him. But the man was a little nervous. His last contract didn’t end up so well. His couldn’t contain his client and after being charged , he was now in prison. In some way , Jude was in fact one of the greatest agent of the agency. He just didn’t chose to use his last name , otherwise he will be on the top. “ Nervous ?”

“ Yeah a little bit” confessed Jude , even if he was just teasing her “ Not everybody received a recommendation from Shawn Letwick”

“ Haha… ” Ahsha laughed “ You still can call daddy and ask him to give you one of the gold contract”

If there was having one sport where the contract were stable , it was definitely in the NBA. Be an agent of a basketball player was a gold ticket. The meeting they were attending to was actually to asign them new client. From the big boss, Jeremy. He had been the only one to believe in Ahsha and right now he was really proud of her. He wasn’t the most talkative though. He entered in the conference room , the arms filled of files

“ Alright Alright guys , let’s go!” he announced. He started by the other side of the table and put file on the table, in front of each of his people. Ahsha was the last one. Jeremy put the file in front of her. In it, the name of her new client. When everyone looked it it , Ahsha done the same. There she saw it , written. DEREK ROMAN

She will be Derek’s agent. The news froze her blood. An agent and their client was having a particular relation , sometime more private than the usual and now Ahsha was force to have this kind of relation with her ex

When the agent knew who her next client will be, she needed some time to swalloww the pills. After their break up , an horrible gap and period of torture born between the ex two lovers. They weren’t together anymore , while they were the most famous couple on the campus so of course people talked about it for a while. But the worse was that they didn’t keep any contact with each other. They were in the same university , Ahsha was seeing him everywhere on the walls and commercials, during the game , Derek was sometime crossing her in a hallway or corridor but the ex couple never address each other a words since they broke up. It asked a long time but Ahsha deleted all post of her and Derek , about Derek from her social media. She needed this to move on. And at this time , even if Derek was being seen with someone else , it hurted the player because him , didn’t delete anything. Years passed and the situation didn’t involve in anything. On her last year , Ahsha got a job opportunity in Seatle where she could continue her studies. It signed the death of anything who can happen between Derek and Ahsha

But now , six years after, they paths were crossing again. Both changed though , grew up , became another adult. It was difficult to ignore who is Derek Roman. The raising star , newest MVP and champion. From college , his ascent was incredible and now he was at the top. He was an gold contract because the best wanted to collaborate with him. All he needed was a new agent. And Ahsha was already on it. Without they even really see again , or have on the phone, Derek publicist already announced Ahsha Hayes as his new agent and her phone completely blow up. Appearances, photoshot, interview. But she got him the cream one. A commercial with Adiddas. Basketball player were making the best model to wear sport clothes. The commercials was being shot downtown Los Angeles. Ahsha spent an half hour in her car before parked in front of the studio shot warehouse. She got out of her car and walked in. Since she knew she will face her ex again, she picture how this moment will be. And of course , it didn’t happen like in her head.

When she approached the set , the noise was loud. Most people were behind the monitor , looking at the magic happening. Right there , under the lights and spot , Derek. He was busy , making the ball pass between his leg , and touching the ground but all Ahsha saw was the athlete. Her ex boyfriend didn’t change for a bite , expect that he was looking a lot more mature. Physically speaking.  Not that Derek ever had been the skinny type of guy but he was having more masculinity. His bicep , arms pectoral , back was huge. In the really good sense of the term. In the sense like the man was looking like a Grecian God! Yet…he was focus on what he was doing. Ahsha didn’t know which kind of debrief he had but to the look in his eyes , it was facing the Roman Emperor, in the full action of a game. While he wasn’t. Derek was alone , in the middle of a set , away from an crowd stadium , another team, no buzzer. The man was in mission though. The visual was expectional. Ahsha never doubt about it but damn… He was sexy as hell.

The agent tried to make as less noise than possible and not disturb the session. Derek raise his head and saw his ex. Damn for him too! He was hit by Ahsha’s beauty. He didn’t forget it but he underated it. She was a grown ass woman, not the young lady from university. Even now that she was having a career. It was really weird because they were in front each other , while they hadn’t since years but there was still having a distance . Ahsha went to study the different kind of plan for the commercial , got interested into the visual and the spirit. She arrived since a hour now and they didn’t allow him a single break

“ Alright now , he is taking five ” Ahsha announced

But the director was having another opinion. He turned around to face Ahsha and there she understood that what she often do will happen again. Be a female in this world was asking to prove , everytime that you’re as legitimate than others. Make her voice heard!

“ I said if he is taking five ” the director said “ And who are you again ?”

He was probably taking her for one of Derek’s chick , or a groupie.

“ I’m his agent! I can take if off the deal right now ” Ahsha started “ He is taking a break, period”

With years of experienced, Ahsha know what she was doing. The more you exhausted them and the higher they gonna get frustrated , angry and lose patience. Most sportman was like this. And after the tone of voice she took, nobody contest Ahsha. The director gave the greenlight for the break . It was really surprising to feel for Derek. Rarely people were interest in his well being and his last agent clearly didn’t care to schedule too much interview in the same day. Maybe it was her feminine touch but Ahsha was know to make a good balance between dutie work, the need of her client and the responsability. Derek made her a sign while walking to his chair.

“ Ahsha” Derek said. Obviously he was happy to see her. Matter of fact he was really happy. He leaned and completely hugged Ahsha. Not like she was his ex girlfriend , not like she was his agent , but like she was an old friend. It was briefly but enjoyable enough for the player “ Super agent isn’t it ?!”

“ Sorry If I yell on my first day ” Ahsha said . Her joy mount a little slower than for Derek. Wasn’t it weird for him ? They didn’t see each other since years, they didn’t talk for the same  amount of time . They were ex, from a serious relationship and he seems excited , like he put everything they used to be behind. It sadden Ahsha but she was here for work “ You’re my first”

You are my first….her last words sound louder than anything else she said. Probably because of the meaning. When they use to see each other they were young and experienced a lot of first time such as saying I love you or even have sex together. With just one sentence , Ahsha broungh them years ago and they both thought about the first time of Ahsha. This beautiful and peaceful night , when they share something special. Derek and Ahsha gaze at each other , unable to look away and the man didn’t know what to say. According his reaction, he couldn’t deny he was thinking about the exactely same thing than her.

“ My first NBA player” she hurry to added, even if he always had been her first sexual partners “ I’m still searching for my mark in the NBA. NFL is so different, football player are as tight than a thong. But you guys… you seems to chill”

“ Why don’t you tell me all about it, around a dinner tonight ?” Derek proposed and Ahsha couldn’t refuse . Technically it could be purely profesionnal. Maybe he was having question and interrogation about the work they can do

If they wanted to avoid certain these kind of moment, they were assure of not. An agent was like a best friend , a staff menber, a secretary all at the same time. A good agent was getting interest in very personal and intimate level in his client and with the intimacy Derek and Ahsha already had , it was giving a really emotional collaboration.

When Derek was showering, after a very sweaty and effort filming of this commercial , he was kind of relax and a bite optimist. He was without Ahsha since the season started, two months ago because Jessie was just a mess and a vampire, ready to suck the hell out of Derek’s health as long he was having his 10% . From how Ahsha showed some teeth and claw for them to give him as much break that he needed, making serve a decent lunch, simply taking care of him , Derek was highly optimist about this collaboration. He was just not aware of the universe plans, or not paying attention to the sign. Because he took her in the very same restaurant than their first date and it maybe wasn’t having the same staff but they had been installed in the very same seat. A table for two, close to the windows. Incredible. Ahsha was a bite too tired to even think about it , but when she sit, right in front of Derek, the grown man couldn’t avoid the intense flash back. Years ago, she was standing at this very same seat , he took a photo of her and post it on his instagram, announcing they were a couple. Ahsha’s beauty didn’t change, or maybe in this sense….it grew into something even more beautiful , sensual and confident. The small light were lighten the thin line of her visage. The waister came to take their order and Ahsha took a burger with french fries while his choice went for the roast chicken/bacon pasta.

“ So…” Ahsha said “ The championship huh ?”

Derek ascension in the NBA was one of the most impressive this generation ever see. The Devils went to the finals twice and this time they won the championship. It wasn’t having a better title for a basketball team and of course, the biggest title for a player was the MVP. Both Derek was having it and he was definitely the most valuable player on the market. Being his agent was opening a lot of doors. But in a most intimate perspective, when they were younger , Derek’s goal always had been this level of the competition, he wanted to be the best and won a ring, now that it was the case, it was Ahsha, and not the agent who was interesting about his feed back , how it feel to have his dream come true , and that above all the interview he gave that day

“ Yes, it was really great ” Derek spoke “ You kow it was my dream and I work really hard for this. Last years , when we lose, I swear Ahs’ it was terrible. We were almost touching this with the finger and it brutally had been snatch from us. But we all sit, watch games, saw where we made mistake and we started this championship with a rage. And every win was so dope! The best isn’t even to win, it’s to win with your fellas. I’m very close to my teammate, we’re brother and there isn’t any better kind of feeling to know that your man have your back. We loss together and win together. Now , we’re just focus to the next . Winning and be champion quickly fall down when the season started. Now we have to proove more and even be better. People expect more”

While he was talking, he was literally having some stars in the eyes and Ahsha knew he was happy. Sometime stressed and under pression but he was satisfying of what he was doing. Derek always had been passionate , in everything he was doing and live of his passion was a big achivement. In high school reunion, most of the time you’re wondering how life had been , what happened since high school, you’re wondering where people stand at state of life and it was a happiness to know that Derek succeed. Same for him about Ahsha , he wasn’t surprised of her career.

“ What about you ?” he asked “ Agent huh ? How did you even think about management and all”

She expected the question but Ahsha took some deep breath before answer. If she was at a good state of her career it hadn’t always been easy, especially the year after the break up but she didn’t want to talk about this with him. It will just ruin the mood and their dinner.

“ Yes ” the agent started “ I read the work description one day and I thought it will fit me well. It’s a very interesting to do ”

“ You do love control , scheduling and always looking for the best interested for others” Derek replied. It was strict compliment, because it was the qualities necessary to be a good agent but for a second Ahsha was wondering if he was making reference to her past trust issue who destroyed their couple. Just for a second because he smiled to her, showing her that it wasn’t what he meant “ You was talking about how the NFL and the NBA is so different earlier , tell me more ”

“ Well, as you know , a football player career is usually four years and this is a threat above their head they constanly thinking about. At the end it just make very stressful person, anxious , tormented. Sometime they want to escape from the pressure with really bad habbit”

“ Like drugs, alcohol, women….” completed the player. Even if they were playing a different sport, they were in the same world , where temptation was everywhere. Derek wasn’t personally familiar with this kind of addiction, but he will be a liar if he was saying he hadn’t had a taste of it. He just didn’t chose that road. Some weren’t having this strength and were throwing their career in the toilet anytime they were on cover of gossip magazine, showing a bad image of themselves. Appearance, being judge , high and unreachable expectation was a part of the job. Derek couldn’t explain why but he wasn’t liking so much the idea of Ahsha being close to this kind of person. He remembered that once a female agent sue her ex client for rape , sexual harrasment and domestic violence when she got fired and the most terrifying , she won her case.

“ Does it happen often that you’re having such….client” Derek asked. The small tone of his voice was a proof of care right ? It made Ahsha’s heart smile . She took a sip of this magnificent red wine he ordered for them . Back at the time , she drunk a cherry coke , on their first date. Now they were all grown up and drinking wine.

“ Couple times” She confessed. Now it was sure , Derek wasn’t iking this at all. He was such in a protective mood “ But usually I just retire myself from the contract. I don’t do babysitting. I can undestand you guys athlete can have some deep issue but when I see the work that I do is just pointless, I quit and move on. It’s very frustrated when you negotiate the hell of a contract , with hard benefit and he blow it up by showing up late or drunk or high at the photoshoot , or tweeting some bullshit the day before. It rarely happen though. The hardest contract I had was due to caprices”

He was releaved and him too took some wine. Now , she just mentionned something really interesting

“ Now you have to spill the tea ” he teased her

“ Alright ” Ahsha laughed “ I had one client , and I won’t say his name but the two of you present an BET award together, before game he always wanted to eat this french cheese , who just smell horrible…. OMG this is just infected! The worse it’s that when he travel , there is a full baggage just of that cheese he dragging everywhere. Smell like shit!”

Derek completed exploded of laugh. He knew who he was talking about .

“ Letwick ” the woman continued “ wanted a certain selection of sex toy anytime he is staying at the hotel with his girl”

“ Certain kind of sex toy ” repeated the player. She wasn’t saying it all and he knew it. He wanted details.

“ Yup…didlo belt. And wait for it….she is having on”

“ Fuck!!” Derek exclaimed, shocked but amused at the same time. There is a lot of stuff people doesn’t want it in the press and lucky for them Ahsha wasn’t the kind of agent to sell them. Ahsha shared some less harcore but stil very amusing funny fact and all kind of stuff she saw in her career. It feed the all dinner, after what , Derek just drove her home. That too was a reminder because that night , after their first date, he drove her home too. Could it count like a first date , years after. Because two adult , eating in a restaurant, drinking some wine , speaking about each other and try to get to know each other , him paying the bills , in a very intimate environment can appears like a date.

Since she was back in Los Angeles , Ahsha moved in her old bedroom. It could appears like a big step back , to live in the room who welcome her as a kid, a teenager but in fact , before leave in Seattle , Ahsha never had been seperate from her mother since such a long period. Be back , felt like she never left. Of course she was looking for an place but she was hurry. Spend some time with her mother was always enjoyable. Sloane situation changed a lot since she divorced.

The very close time after had been difficult , because the mother needed to learn how to be single again, after years and two decade of marriage. The little everyday had been the worst to transition. Such as going to an empty bed , make errands for less , take take over instead of night at the restaurant but with the time , and of course Ahsha support , Sloane found a regular groove. Be single was also having big benefit such as have no one to text when you’re coming late , not specific effort to maitain the relationship. Ahsha was also single and highly traumatized by the break up with Derek at the timse , so the two women live an ’ Girl power’ attitude for a while. Even if her parents weren’t together anymore, Sloane never cease to be a mother and their bond grew tighter. Which hadn’t been the case for Pete. He tried couple time to work thing out with Ahsha but the daughter wasn’t ready to frogive yet. It’s only when Ahsha moved out for work , that she realizehow exhausted it was and allow some conversation to her father. Him too have big change since he live in Vegas now and not surprisely , he wasn’t with the woman he cheat her mother with. To what Ahsha know, she heard several different female voice in the background while they were on the phone. He insisted for they see each other and Ahsha promised him they will , when she will have some day off.

Daughter and mother just finished to have dinner when they decided to watch a marathon of their favorite show. It was funny how Sloane took Ahsha’s legs on her laps, while this last one was lay on the couch. It was like she was still her baby girl. Sloane never wanted more children and sometime Ahsha regretted to not have sibbling. But at least she had her mother for herself. They were already at episode 5 and it was close to midnight when Ahsha’s phone vibrate. A quick look to see and it was Derek. The woman in her hesitated to answer, last time they saw each other that late, it was at this restaurant and she was still wondering if it had been profesionally appropriate. Ahsha felt a tension between the two of them. Something electrifying the air. But the agent in her pick up the phone. She was his agent and was suppose to be available at anytime, ready to handle any crisis

“ Ahsha ?” He said “ I need you ”

It was the very first thing he said. Not even an Good evening or pretending he care about how she is , not even an sorry to call her that late. However, to the tone of his voice, Ahsha could heard how important it was. They stayed on the phone like maybe 3 minutes, what the problem was , it was too complicate to be handle over the phone. Sloane was patiently waiting that Ahsha gave her an explantion

“ I’m sorry mom but this is work. I have to go ” Ahsha said

“ That late ?” Sloane insisted. 24 years or not , Ahsha will always be her daughter and the mother wasn’t secure enough to see her go out this late “ It’s almost midnight. He exaggerate”

“ It’s really important. I got this don’t worry. And don’t wait me to sleep. I text you”

In the NFL , Ahsha had been in situation well worse that going out after midnight , such as go pick up her mess up of client at the clud filled of coke and prostitue before the cop arrive. Go to Derek’s mansion was nothing close to this. He texted her the address and if Ahsha wouldn’t have been a agent for athlete, she would have been impressed by the residence. Luxury. Class. Huge ceiling with a wonderful decoration. A very important security system. But she hadn’t the time. When Derek opened his door , she entered right the way. Unlike when he was at practice , having sport clothes, or when he was out , having a very cool and casual style, at home Derek was the most simple. A grey tee shirt , a grey pants and that it’s.

“ Here…” Derek lead her in his living room.. There was Terrence, one of his teammate , on the couch. He was sitting on the board of it , his two hands joined, the head down. He seems thoughtful and worried . His face was barely saying anything. On the coffee table just three glass and two bottle of wine. Far from vodka , seringue and ecstasy. To what Ahsha observed , there was having no girl in the house. Most of the time, when a client call his agent in emergency, in the middle of the night , it’s what Ahsha can expect. But it wasn’t

“ T…here my agent and a very close friend of mine, Ahsha Hayes ” introduced Derek. He placed a hand down Ahsha’s back and sightly pushed her to the other man , inviting her to introduce herself. Terrence stand up and shake Ahsha’s hand. From what she read in the press Terrence Wall and Derek were more than teammate. They had been trade at the same time and ever since they were good friend, brothers. During interview you can just see their chemistry and how good they were getting along and on social media it was having a lot of photo of them together , snapping together. They were that close. In another situation , Deek could have take a moment to feel like he just introduced two really important people of his life , joining two important period of his life. Ahsha and his past with her with Terrence and his present with him. But the situation was a big deal

“ Nice to meet you ” Ahsha said. She must say , she was a little shy in front of two championship champion. Terrence too would have been a gold contract. “ Where is the matter ”

“ Let’s sit ” Derek proposed. He opened a bottle and pour everybody some wine. They all needed to relax a little bit. Derek sit on the couch in front of Terrence while Ahsha sit next to the teammate. To what she understood, he was the one who needed help

“ I..I have been…let’s say frequent” he stammered . His situation was so delicate that he was a little embarassed by saying to Ahsha. If she could have been a guy , he would have been a lot more comfortable. Because of course , dude were judging a lot less some debaushery sexual behavior. Ahsha wasn’t a novice though and she knew what it was about. That an athlete slept with the wrong person wasn’t rare at all

“ You had sex with a girl” she interrupted , showing nothing like judgement “ What then ? A sex tape is out ? She want to go see the press and comment your sexual performance ? You sent her nude that she want to sell to TMZ ? She is glue to your house”

All this situation, all of her client already lived it and of course Ahsha handle the crisis. A woman , some sex could only be the reason of such a night phone call . Image was important. The league could be very strict about it since sportman were representing model for the young generation, goal for the young athelte. If a sex tape was coming out , it will affect Terrence’s image, kill some deal with sponsor , scare investor and even increase his time on the bench. But for once, it wasn’t this. We were in Los Angeles. Women and groupies were less interested into five minute of fame and more about a life style

“ He got her pregnant ” Derek announced. Clearly Terrence was still not realizing the mistake he made. It was a first to Ahsha , she won’t lie and the request still hadn’t been made

“ Ok… and I assume she want to keep the baby ?” the agent replied. In her head thought , it was already moving fast. Keep the baby was meaning a child support and with Terrence millions it can really high. Nigga just got himself into a trap queen , literally speaking

“ Yes ” Terrence started “ The thing is , we always keep our affair secret and I really don’t want it to change. Even if I don’t want to be with her.  I don’t mind she want to keep the baby and I don’t mind to pay but I don’t want this to go public. Neither her. She just want to be assure of certain thing thought”

Indeed it was delicate and complicate. Ahsha didn’t know why but she look at Derek. Wondering if he already had been in this situation and the answer was no. However , if he knock up the wrong one, him too would want it to keep it as secret. Men…they will never change . Ahsha leaned over Terrence and told him

“ All I can see is a prenatal contract . Work just like a prenup expect that it’s for birth. Before she give birth , make her sign a contract where they is a confidentional clause. She can’t reveal the identidy of the father and in exchange you will give her an certain amount of money every month. Ask your lawyer to figure out which kind of amount the judge would have pick and promise to give a it the double ,. Then she will have something to lose if she want you guys to go on court. Also , you can discuss about the custody. If you want to give up on the right , make it clear in the prenatal contract but know that you won’t ever be able to come back from it. The custody can be share or you can have a visit right ”

“ You think she will be agree if I have it on the week end ? ” Terrence asked , abrutly

“ Nigga you want to be a father or you want to keep it as secret ?!” Derek laughed. But his sarcasm reach a point. The only proposition possible was what Ahsha told him. And now that the proposition was on the table , it was having an horrible part in it

“ You might want to think about it before make her sign anything ” Ahsha added. Again , and not even with Derek , Ahsha was this sensible and careful advisor, taking in consideration more than the business and the image “ You know you can be a father without being with her. Of course that you got someone pregnant while the public didn’t even know you was with someone is going to make the big tittle for couple weeks but it will pass. Nobody is thinking about Chris Brown baby mama today”

Terrence did heard what Ahsha has to say and himself was surprise that it was coming from his agent. Jude would have just panicked. In fact most male would have panick because to all , their worse nightmare is to get trap like this. He maybe couldn’t realize it right now but Terrence had been lucky with his baby mama. He could have fall on someone a lot more vicious and not ready to hide that she has a baby with an NBA star. Whatever agreement , Terrence was on his way to be daddy. The trio discuss about his several option for more than two hours, the bottle of wine empty. When the player decided to go home, Ahsha was about to follow him from close

“ Where are you going ?” Derek questioned , raising an eyes brow. He was just so cute doing this

“ At my place”

“ Ahsha we both drunk more than three glass of wine. It’s not safe to drive. You should stay and sleep here ”

She looked at him like he was crazy or like he just got a stroke on the head. Her eyes were open in so big that it make Derek laughed

“ You can stay in one of the guest room” he precised

For cross boundaries and not be profesionally appropriate, Derek and Ahsha were making a step into this every time they were seeing each other. That night , the both of them slept in the opposite side of the corridor but Derek like Ahsha was thinking about the other one , being just at the other side of the corridor.

Be a player also involve have your entire life being speard in the gossip magazine , social media and press. When Derek Roman is seen with a tv reality star , the next day it’s on every mouth. People were already not seeing it working , and the bet were going to six months maximum. Felicity and Derek surprised more than once when they celebrate their first year , even more after their two years and when she post some tropical photo from their third years , people were expecting an engagement soon. A ring to her finger. Felicity the first one. She was already having everything of the WAGS. She was attending to games, was promoting everything he is into , was being faithful and devoted. But one day , waking him , Derek wanted to be honest with himself and the choice he made by being with Felicity. It had been easy and their relationship was fine. They were barely fighting and when they were, she was the one coming back to him. Was he in love with her ? Yes but it wasn’t to the level Derek would have expect from an union who is suppose to last for the rest of his life.

When the question of the proposal was being bring up , not only from the people but also from his friend and family himself ask to himself. Why wasn’t he making her a proposal ? And the respond was that he truly didn’t want to marry her , or even want to be with her for a longer period. It was rare that basketball player were having long terms relationship like three years and even more rare when they ere breaking this up. Especially that it doesn’t seems like one of them cheat or made a turn off mistake , that they were interest into different person. It happened 7 months ago and since Derek didn’t date anybody. Of course he was having friend with benefit but it was just for his benefit. Now Ahsha was back in his life and any other women next to her seems fade. Who can compete with such a talented and independant sensual woman like Ahsha ?!

He was expecting no one this afternoon. Just wanted to chill and maybe have some time to the jacuzzi later. Yet he heard some heels against his floor, noticing the presence of a woman. Some know by the staff since he hadn’t been inform. The player was lay on his couch , watching the tv when he raised his head. His ex. His closest ex

“ Felicity ?” he said , standing up. He didn’t saw her since last months, when she came to pick up her last belong.

“ Hey Derek ” she shyly smiled. Felicity was a very classy and sexy woman . Didn’t even have one single esthetic surgery. Her curves was generous and harmonized. She wasn’t a big mouth and vulgar but she surely know how to be possesive and impulsive. She was charming with a temper who was the success of her tv reality show. Derek was shocked and surprised, in his own house. He really didn’t anticipate her coming. He walked to her and politely hugged her. It was crazy that two of his exes were back in his life , two that he hadn’t see in a while and yet Derek felt more seeing Ahsha , with who he had been with a year and half and didn’t see for years , than for Felicity , with who he had been three years and didn’t see since a month. It was just revealing that his story with Felicity never reach the depth he had with Ahsha. No matter how long they had been together and since when they broke up.

“ I wanted to talk to you ” she whispered. Why her voice was so small ? Probably because she was stress and nervous the hell out. The woman stayed 30 minute in car before found the courage to get out and face her ex. Her ex that she was consider like the man of her life.

He was wondering what the hell Felicity wanted to talk about. What was asking her presence here. Couldn’t she text or call. Derek was a bit uncomfortable to even stay in contact with her after so much time not seeing each other. He was having the impression that he won’t like what she was about to tell him. He didn’t want to be rude but the player was prefering she leave before say a word. Instead, he invited her to sit next to him

“ Alright ” he said “ I’m listening to you”

It was easy , especially when her heart was about to be put in such a vulnerable place but Felicity realized one thing ; she didn’t want to live with the constant interrogation ’ what if ’ and mostly not regrets. She didn’t want to regret not having try anything in her power.

“ I’m still thinking about you ” Felicity confessed and it wasn’t a small confession. It left Derek speechless, even if he wasn’t one hundred surprise, something told him this is why she came. “ I have image of us. I can’t stop thinking that what we had was simply magical so…why stop here . I don’t necessary want a ring or the tittle, I just want to be with you. So why not be ? I miss you , more than I can’t explain. I love you…and you ? Do you ?”

Even if he had seen it coming, it shocked him. Of course he was touched and not emotional cold in front of Felicity but it put him in a very delicate situation. Because he wasn’t feeling the same thing for her. Like , not at all. The break up had been a transition to have like every break up and it wasn’t to be mean but it took to Derek two weeks. Before , if he put a stop to a promising relationship it was because the man wasn’t see himself with Felicity but now that Ahsha was back , it was a certainty. He was madly in love with someone else. He didn’t know how get this relationship but he knew he didn’t want of THIS relationship.

“ Felicity…” he started , but his voice was low and embarrassed “ I’m extremely touched by these word , really I’m. And I wish I was capable of give you what you want…but I can’t. I don’t think we’re meant to be together”

Derek never had been the kind of loving breaking some dreams and promises. Since one traumatized moment , when he broke up with Ahsha back in college, he was extremely anxious about break up. He was feeling remorseful for days. Right now was less intense but still. If he would have been selfish , he would have actually propose to Felicity. Who would have been the cutest and devoted fiance, a good spouse but she was deserving someone ready to fight against the world for her happiness. Genuine was one thing, love to death was another and Derek wasn’t feeling that way Felicity was feeling that way. And what she fear just happened

“ So you’re going to break my heart ?! Again ?”  she cried out , the tears rolling down her eyes well faster that she will want

“ I’m sorry "begged Derek ” If I was having the rule of love, I would have play better , believe me"

“ It’s about that girl isn’t it ? Your agent” spitted the woman. She was already out the phase ’ crying’ and was attacking the phase ’ angry’. The rumors was saying that Derek Roman was really close to his new agent after footage of them , dinning in a classy restaurant were on the press

“ Actually yes it’s about Ahsha” Derek confessed. He did admire something in Felicity approach. Him too didn’t want to have regrets. And just like her, Derek wanted to be sure he tried everything in his power

“ She is crazy!” yelled the ex “ Literally. She was in therapy during a year!”

Derek didn’t know how his ex girlfriend could ever know such an information but indeed it was changing everything. For what the hell Ahsha will see a psychologist and need a therapy ?! But Derek was invaded by something he didn’t occupy him before. He was worried. When Ahsha and him saw again, after years , all he met was a independant, joyful and confident woman. Which she already was in college , even if this side of her grew, just like the rest of her. She seems happy and blossomed. Come back and become his agent doesn’t seem have been a problem for her. Never , he would have think Ahsha been through anything who lead her into a psychologist office. Never, he imagined Ahsha not being ok. If he broke up with her , back at the day , it was for her own good. Their relationship had reached a level where none of them were happy. Where she was torturing herself.  Where she was holding into a dynamic who wasn’t working. What he thought ; Ahsha will be sad for couple days and just date someone else. Something that she didn’t know but Derek had his inner jealousy crisis and many time he needed to control himself toward those dude who were dreaming about his girl. The reality had been really different of what he pictured.

The player realize he was day dreaming since at least a good ten minute , after his crazy hysterical ex stormed out. He shouldn’t do that , he never been the kind of guy doing this but since they were there, since he never delete them , Derek scrolled down his instragram page and dive into a past period of his life, when he was with Ahsha. It was a strange feeling because it was like live his love story in a reverse way. From couple days of their break up to their beginining. He watched the different caption and photo . He recognize himself , be happy and just proud of his girl. Their smiles, or little carresses, small touch were testifying how good they were. Derek didn’t even remember the last time he had been that crazy of a woman because down there it was having enough single photo of Ahsha. He scrolled down until the very first image he posted. One of Ahsha of course, at table , during their first date. She was beautiful , in more than one way. The void crushed the man. He became so good at fill it, deny it , ignore it that Derek didn’t expect it come back that strong. He made a call thought , he swore himself he isn’t going back to that dark period and wasn’t intent to years after. She hang up really fast

“ Ahsha ” Derek spoke “ Can you come over ?”

“ Why” she teased, something in her mouth cracked, like a chip “ One of your buddy couldn’t keep it in his pants again ?”

The tone of her voice was so light and joyful. She was definitely eating some snack in front of the TV . Derek was in a very opposite statement

“ No , it’s personal”

“ That sound serious. I’ll be here in a few”

She couldn’t know what exactely it was about but Derek was worried and very anxious.


Be an agent was asking to be disponible. But since Derek said it was personal, Ahsha was wondering on what she will walk in. Usually her client was a bubble of good vibe, optimist and joy. He can get serious and profesional of course. In fact , he was one of the easier client Ahsha ever had and it was surprising  considering his power, his talent. What she didn’t know it’s that she didn’t knew Derek wasn’t that man three years ago . He changed , a lot. When she came in the Roman residence , she was more impressed than the first time. Terrence and his delicate situation had been her priority. Today… she was willing to enjoy the interior. It was at Derek’s image, not the one he was publicaly showing , but his private side. It was peaceful , cozy , comfortable and lovable. Derek.  

“ So….what’s going on ?” Ahsha said, coming in the living room . The player was sit on his couch , waiting for Ahsha. It was weird because in the last minute and hours , he was dive in their past , in their relationship and now he was back to the reality and the Ahsha he was having in front of him , wasn’t the one of their past. He wished she can be his future and not only his past

“ I will go straight to the point” he confessed. He didn’t know how to bring it up , he guessed the direct and clear way was the good approach.

“ Straight to the point is fine for me ” she replied. More he was making the suspens last and more Ahsha was getting nervous. She analyzed all the element of the situation and he called her, he asked her to come over which was indicate it’s important, it wasn’t on the business field.

“ Did you went to therapy”

Ahsha freeze. She for sure didn’t expect this question. Not coming from him. Not going out of nowhere and especially not about such a period of her life.

“ Wow ” Ahsha exclaimed shocked “  how do you know”

Derek took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Inside, he wished it wasn’t true and Felicity made it all. He was praying that Ahsha never had been in a mental distress to even need to have a therapy. But it wasn’t like that and indeed , Ahsha received some psychological help. The reason was why ? Did she witness something terrible ? Did someone hurt her ? Her facial expression wasn’t saying anything. The woman was just waiting to hear how he know it

“ Why didn’t you tell me ” the player fought . He was feeling guilty, like only him can do. In some way , and without even know the truth yet , Derek felt responsable . Ahsha was one of these person on earth that Derek will do anything for, will protect at any cost .  

“ Well that’s not something that I usually say to my client”

“ Is it all we’re ? ” Derek interrupted “ Clients ?”

Was she pretending that nothing ever happened between them or wasn’t she feeling anything for him anymore. The reason why she accepted this job, was it only because she wanted a job opportunity ? Was he just a dollars sign to her ? Without they wanted it, their look crossed and the intensity in his eyes confused Ahsha. The woman feel comfortable to open up, into a very personal level. It was right , even if it happened in high school and college, they used to share a very special bond, who was being revive , as they were speaking.

“ Derek…” she started “ you broke up with me, I didn’t know you will want to know”

But the break up was like an intense red flame. She remembered how this feeling of rejection will never really leave her.

“ Why wouldn’t I ? ” Derek replied , to him it was absurd that he wouldn’t care about Ahsha. Even after all happened , and all these years, if the player keep his distance it was because he wanted the best for her , if she needed certain type of dynamic into a relationship , she needed to just find this person. Some dude were loving that their girlfriend calculate the time for them to come back and weren’t approach by groupie “ Ahsha I will always care about you. I never stop”

It was a big confession, who warm her heart

“ You never stop…..” she repeated, in a whisper. Sometime , distance wasn’t reject “  Alright if you want to know. After our break up I tried to escape in my work and studies. But…I was trying too hard and I made a burn out. I was staying home all day , laying and crying in my bed. I couldn’t sleep , eat or even feel anything. I lost some weight and once I collapse. My mom took me to the hospital and there they told me I was depressed. I went to see a psychologist and after the first session I decided that it was what I needed. I came back once a month. I worked on myself, learn some stuff about me , my feeling , my mind. It made so much good to me. It last a year and my therapist told me I didn’t need therapy anymore. I wasn’t mad crazy. Just needed someone to listen , to hear. I immensely grew from it and I’m glad I went to therapy”

Unlike what people can think , have a psychologist and follow a therapy isn’t only for pathological person. Sometime you just need an outside view to help you understand more about yourself. Ahsha had been into a situation where no one in her circle had been capable to help her since they were too much involve into the different situation. Ahsha wasn’t having any shame for her therapy, it was neither that or stay depressed. Be in this statement really scared her. Derek carefully listened to her and in her speech he could see how much growth she just had from it.

“ What did it teach you about yourself ” he asked, wondering if she will honestly answer her. He was interested about how she lived this experience and what she got from it  

“ A lot.” Ahsha smiled , happy to openly talk about it with her ex. She mentionned Derek a lot and he was one the problem she needed to work on. It was fair to tell him the result “ About my reasoning, my expectation, my dreams , my self esteem. Mostly, that what happened with my father influenced my relation with men…with you. I was a crazy bitch , I don’t even know how you endure all this for so long”

It asked a psychologist for she understand how much she suffered of seeing her father cheat on her mother, lie to her, and using her as an excuse to cover his sexual behavior. After that ,the young woman just fell into a very common and yet not realistic pattern, all men are the same, they are all cheater , they all can’t keep it in their pants. When Pete and Sloane divorced, he completely escape from his responsability as a father and it was easy for Ahsha to compare Derek and Pete , since Derek had been the only male figure in her life during their first year in college. With some step back , and valuable feedback from her therapist , Ahsha understood something she never had before , how her expectation weren’t realistic for Derek , how it was to be in Derek shoes and even how she acted out of characters because of her fear to be cheated on. The player got even closer to her, in a distance who was having nothing of profesional. The two ex were definitely in a love atmosphere. He took her hands in his. They were smart and sweet , just like in his memory.

“ I should have been there” Derek spoke , filled of remorseful “ I should have be able to take care of your insecurities”

It was typical Derek , willing to give the world, do the biggest effort, protect the hell of the woman he was in love with. Does it mean he was…still in love with her. Because Derek searched for what he has with Ahsha and found it anywhere. He just stop his longest relationship , with Felicity and Ahsha wasn’t even back already. Their powerful chemistry couldn’t be copy by anybody. Ahsha looked at him , for a long moment. Him hadn’t change for a bit , he was still the greatest man ever.

“ You couldn’t” Ahsha said “ Don’t blame yourself. You had been very patient and understandable…until you couldn’t. Derek you can’t help me with something that I needed to do myself. Now, I’m stronger than the girl you knew in college. In the best way”

Even if he would have love to be the guy who is saving the day but in this case, it was about Ahsha and only her could move foward what she experienced.

“ The girl that I know always had been strong” he complimented. She never had been weak , just someone with a lot of issues “ It’s not easy to witness his parent been through what yours been  through”

For a long period, when they were in high school , Ahsha kept it for herself, until she couldn’t. Her boyfriend noticed that something was wrong and she told him a big secret ; his dad was cheating on her mother and she knew it , while Sloane wasn’t. The tension in the house was painful. From there , Derek had been there for her , all the way. From their argue on the grass to the divorce being pronounced. He couldn’t have been a better boyfriend and supportive.

“ Thank you”

Was the only thing Ahsha found to answer.

“ Don’t thank me Ahsha…just don’t” the player breathed. He was animated by the pain and remorse. For him , it was right now or never. Fight for love or die of loneliness “ I feel like I blew up my chance with you , and the worse it’s that you could have been everything to me. I blew it. I might never be with the woman of my life because I back away. I might never love someone else like I love you. Because I love you. I never stop”

It stayed in the air , floating over them. He put his heart on the table, right there, holding on her hands. One of his finger was right on her wrist and it catched her pulse. It was inflaming. Just like every emotions and feeling into Ahsha. She dreamed about him saying these words since the minute he broke up with her. He was literally telling her she was his soulmate.

“ You love me” Ahsha repeaed more to herself than for him . How many time Ahsha was wondering if Derek thought about their love story , if he was having any regrets. Herself were having many and she thought have no chance with the player anymore. But the fact their love didn’t die, during all these years apart was a proof of the kind of miracle it was. Only true love could resist to all Derek and Ahsha been through.

“ I do” confirmed Derek. It was strange to feel but his heart couldn’t beat for anybody else than Ahsha. He wanted to try to be with her again , simply because he didn’t want to be with anybody else. What they have , was deserving to give it another shot. In the same and unique gesture, Derek and Ahsha leaned to each other. Derek reached his goal before her though. He gently placed a hand half on her neck , half on her cheek. If this single touch left sweet for him , it was electriying for Ahsha. The man pulled closer her head and crushed his lips on her. Both of their lips travelled on each other, in a very slow motion until his tongue force the entrance of her mouth and taste her sweetness. The kiss grew in intensity and the best feeling flowed between their melt lips. He caressed her cheek, while kissing her , sending her far from all the pain she ever felt for not being with him. Her own hand became pressing and Ahsha backed his head closer against hers. She already wanted more. Now she could have him , she wanted all of him. But Derek broke the kiss, in the most gentleman and nice way

“ I need to show you something” he whispered between her lips he just part from. The distance, from what he needed to get whatever he wanted seems to be horrible for Ahsha. From all this time away and apart , letting him go , anywhere was heavy. She will need to get use to this . Now they were back together, Derek will never leave her anymore. He walked to one of the furniture in his hallway, pulled some drawer and the only thing Ahsha saw was apaper. Her now man , to her , came sit back right next to her on the couch. The player gave her the paper and she looked at it. It was filled of number. An account statement testifying of the available 5 984 200 dollars in there

“ You don’t need to show me how rich you are” Ahsha said , not understanding why Derek will show her something like that. In such of moment, when they just confessed their love for each other and decice to be a couple again “ I already know this. That’s not why I want to be with you ”

“ I know you don’t” Derek replied. Ahsha never been a groupy. Never in high school when all the girls were falling for the player, neither right now since she was having her own career. She didn’t need convince him of her intention “ And it’s a different bank account. One day, when I was coming late from practice ”

“ And I went crazy” Ahsha interrupted. She remembered every single thing she used to do and sometime she fell really low. Like jumping at his throat when he was coming late from practice after just 5 minutes.

“ It’s not about this” Derek smiled. He wasn’t here to blame her anything “  If I was late it’s because I stopped by the bank and open edthis account. I started a 500$ deposit each months. If I opened this bank account it’s to finance the ring and wedding that you deserve , buy us a home , to welcome our family. I never had the courage to stop the monthly transfer. One my bank conselor asked me if I wanted to increase the amount, I just say yes. Ahsha if I broke up with you it never had been because of a lack of love for you. And if you want me , if you want us, this is where I want us to be ”

He didn’t want any weird confusion. From the very first day , when she attended to his game and she became his lucky charm , the player knew that he wanted a future with her. Broke up with her had been one of the most painful experience in his entire life. And now that he was having her back , he was having no other purpose than make her happy, bring her the world , realize her dreams , be her husband. Ahsha wanted just one thing, needed just one thing and it was a lot more simple than almost 6 millions . She had some time to imagine than back in college , Derek planned to propose to her. Of course he knew they were meant to be since well before than Ahsha realized it. She put the paper on the coffe table explaining her gesture

“ We don’t need another house expect this one. I’m very touched and emotional about what you did but this money had been a way for you to hold on to the past. I don’t want us to think about the past anymore. I want us to think about our future, start from scratch. Maybe we should think about give this money to a cause or a charity. Our future, I want us to build it together”

What else needed to be said ? Absolutely nothing. Derek was charmed by her generosity and the purity of her heart. He never doubt she was the one. Ahsha dropped a small and yet very significant kiss on his lips. It was just them now .




It was no surprise that the media jump on the story ’ Derek Roman is dating his agent’. It never been in his intention to ever hide his relationship so when the first footage of them , going out from a restaurant, or simply holding hand in a store came out it went viral. The couple needed to adopt a strategy and fast. First , Ahsha wasn’t his agent anymore, she wanted her career to stay as much profesional than possible so now she was Terrence Wall agent. The player clarified the rumors during a press conference when he announced indeed he was with Ahsha Hayes

The article and gossip magazine covers just exploded when they saw the young lady with a rock to her finger, just couple months after Derek annoucement. The couple was engaged. It shocked more than one and a lot was considering that 6 months were simply not enough to take the road of the marriage. But Derek and Ahsha were more than a 6months relationship. They knew each other since high school and were together in college before. After years apart, they didn’t want to waste any more time. That ring, Ahsha was suppose to have it years ago, it was just a right correction. Plus, the couple didn’t give a damn about what people have to say. They were getting married for themselves and nobody else. Ahsha moved into the mansion just couple weeks ago , right before he proposed and some of her boxed were still in the baseman but the woman was fully installed. It was their home now. She was in the kitchen, cooking some tacos for her man but also busy checking some stuff on her tablet. Derek ran in the stairs , to join her. He was smelling like hot water and fresh scurb. Practice had been really hard and he well deserve this shower. Smelling the pepper, the meat on the fire just open his appetite. As always he was walking in the same room than her , the player went to search his little peck that Ahsha gave him

“ Babe” Ahsha said" I found a candidate “

” Show me “  

She stopped what she was doing and took her tablet. She scrolled down her mail and found the one she wanted

” This is Estelle" she presented, telling him who was in the picture “ She is engaged since 7 years but shortly after got engaged , she got pregnant. With twins, it completely took them by surprise. Her fiance lost his job when they welcome their babies and life became really difficult. One of their twins got really sick , she also got fired and they are drowing under debt. They dreamed about get marry since 7 years and they can even afford a flower bouquet. What do you think ?”

Announcing their engagement, the royal couple also announced that they were having some found they were willing to give to a couple who is getting married. It was the money Derek saved from college, for them. But Ahsha decided to give it away instead, finance their lives together, as a couple. She was preparing her own wedding but not with this money. So why not give it to a engaged couple who doesn’t have the money to actually get married. Derek was rich enough to finance one hundred of marriage himself. Ahsha , and her very own could pay two big wedding.So they really didn’t need the money they were about to give away to some more unfortunate. They launched a contest and then received some email. It was tought to decide but between the rich country girl who wanted to use the money to make come elephant and lions to her ceremony , jump from a plane right after say her vows and a family in the need , the choice was made. Derek and Ahsha had been looking for a couple who not only deserve a beautiful wedding but also a better life.

“ I think they are really good candidate indeed” Derek agreed. The story was terrible and if he could help them , it was gladly “ Almost 6 millions of dollars will definitely cover their wedding, the honeymoon and some of their debts. I want them to have this money. Should we make a giant check, like in the tv”

Ahsha laughed. That was so her man. A regular check and a hand writting letter should do it

“ You silly ”

Close to the kitchen counter , Derek noticed something else

“ Is it our invitation ?” he asked , looking at the brown , gold and silver paper he himself chose. Yes, their wedding was coming shortly

“ Yes, you like them ?”

The wedding planner needed an answer to see if he launch the printing

“ Love them” he complimented. He comtenplate the invitation between his hand, the delicate and gracious writing telling that Derek Roman and Ahsha Hayes are exchanging vows, then he comtenplated his fiance, behind the cooker, making him dinner and the grown man smiled at himself. His life was perfect. Derek could only think of one thing, his life was perfect….this time around




Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.

John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.

John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.

Both wives lost a child while living in the White House.

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.

Both Presidents were shot in the head.

Now it gets really weird.

Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy.

Kennedy’s Secretary was named Lincoln.

Both were assassinated by Southerners.

Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.

Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.

Both assassins were known by their three names.

Both names are composed of fifteen letters.

Now hang on to your seat.

Lincoln was shot at the theater named “Ford.”

Kennedy was shot in a car called “Lincoln” made by “Ford.”

Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

And here’s the “kicker”:

A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland.

A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.


Lincoln was shot in a theater and the assassin ran to a warehouse…

Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and the assassin ran to a theater.


John George Haigh was also known as the ‘Acid Bath Murderer’ and operated during the 1940s. He was convicted for the murders of 6 people, although he claimed to have killed 9. He was a professional conman, who lured wealthy people by charm and deceit, into to a warehouse where he shot them. Later he would dissolve their bodies in sulphuric acid then forge papers to sell their possessions and collect their life savings. He was sentenced to death and hanged in 1949.


            It’s been four years since Frank Ocean’s debut album channel orange was released, loved & critically acclaimed world wide in July 2012. On Saturday, August 20 Frank Ocean surprised millions with his follow up sophomore release Blonde. Less than twenty four hours later another version of the album is released alonside a 365 page Magazine titled Boys Don’t Cry.

            While anyone can purchase the album digitally via Apple music select fans can purchase the album physically with a copy of the Boys don’t cry zine. In the Magazine fans will find photography captured by Frank Ocean, horoscopes, interviews featuring Frank’s mother and bay area rapper Lil B, poems and raps by Frank Ocean and fellow artist & art phenomenon Kanye West and a physical copy of the newest album: Blonde. The Magazine as of now is only available for purchase through surprise pop-up shops located in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and London.

          When Frank Ocean first took to Tumblr to announce the album it was stated the release would be within the month of July 2015. As time passed and no music was released fans around the world were excited as ever. Following July 2015 Frank Ocean would stay silent creating while every digital outlet possible would release fabricated dates claiming them as official album release days. Dates  such as August 07, September 11, October 09, December 11, January 2016, March 25, June 03 and July 2016 were all supposedly “promising” dates from theses sites and outlets But again, all days would come and go with no new music from the highly praised Grammy award winning singer.

          Aside from guest appearances on albums such as Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z, Paradise Valley by John Mayer, BEYONCÉ by Beyoncé, The Life of Pablo by Kanye West and Wolf by longtime friend Tyler, The Creator the world had no new music to connect to; at least until the release of Endless. Friday August 19th Frank Ocean released a visual album titled Endless featuring 45 minutes of music (12 songs and interludes) over a black-and-white film of Frank himself building furniture in a warehouse. The Film shot by Francisco Soriano, (the same director behind the video of Frank Ocean’s Lost, a previous record from Channel Orange) would go on to be highly praised and loved by fans and newcomers alike.

          With The release of Endless fans flocked to social media to share the film and rejoice in new music. Within the next 48 hours Frank Ocean would again shock fans and digital outlets with the release of two more albums Blond & and the release of Boys Don’t cry Magazine. With his newest projects Frank embarks on a more stripped down, minimalistic soulful sound. The album feels completely stripped down, featuring little to no drums, waves of guitars, pianos, and slight glitches flourished with his voice in command at the forefront of every track. Though listed on Apple as a “pop” record, Blonde is truly a boundary pushing album showcasing diversity, lyricism, and a sound that’s possibly knocking on the door of a new genre all together. Lyrically Frank stays true to himself and doesn’t waste a breath; every song is as meaningful & poetic as it is melodic; touching on topics of love, racism, equality. Frank’s talent of providing vivid scenes of imagery is once again laced through every track, just as it was on Channel Orange.

        With the performance Frank provides on both Endless and Blonde with contributing artists such as Beyoncé, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, The Beatles, James Blake, Rick Rubin, and Tyler, the creator this album screams longevity in a generation of recyclable music playlists.