warehouse shots

Little Miss Psycho [Closed - Sam and Cas needed]


Harley ran through the abandoned warehouse, being shot at by a pissed off Joker, since she had made the choice to leave his abusive ass. Her body was bruised, and she was starting to get fatigue. She ran out of the warehouse, taking out the keys of Joker’s purple Lamborghini that she hid in her bra, and prepared to take it. Harley suddenly bumped into a tall man in a flannel shirt and jeans. He had a light tan skin tone, and shoulder-length brown hair. She looked at him, and heard the Joker coming. Harley decided to hide behind the man since he was so tall.

Little more progress.

Most of my drawing time today was doing I guess thumbnails? For my seasonal Spuffy piece. I’ve got two ideas sketched, I’d like at least a few more to pick from. Trying to get a nice actiony demon threat and fighty scene. I can for sure manage 2-3 more with the first reference set I’ve put together. Hippo as a skeleton base for the demon, and a NYC abandoned subway station for the setting. Mix of different fighty reference for Spike and Buffy.

I should probably try blocking out a canvas like a “real” book cover. Try and get space used sensibly.

Also want to try some versions using a fall pose taken from a classically styled statue. Very actiony, and it gives me an excuse for a damseling Dawn, Giles or Xander.

And I’ve got several setting reference shots that could be great fun. Falling apart warehouses, some LA subway shots that aren’t union station, some walk of fame bits… Sadly I don’t have any reference shots of any AtS locations based on the show addresses. Oh well. (Ones I’ve taken I mean, not street view shots)

Soooo tired. Brain melty.