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Yokohama trip - BSD comparisons

@hyakuraii and I just came back from Tokyo, in which one of the days included a trip to Yokohama. Of course, being a hardcore BSD fan, I had to go to the Animate there (thanks @yeouya for the heads-up!!) and visit as many places as shown in the Bungou Stray Dogs anime as possible!

As part of @dazaiscans (you’re welcome for the constant Snapchat updates guys) of course I had to go ^-^


Fortunately for us, it seemed that Atsushi and Kyouka stuck around the same area so we kept coming across the landmarks shown in the anime one after the other.

Yokohama Chinatown

Yokohama’s Chinatown, or known as chuukagai while we were looking for it in the JR station, is one of the largest Chinatowns in Asia so I guess it was no surprise that Atsushi took Kyouka there. The shops around the gate shown in the anime aren’t exactly like the ones in real life, but the representation of the gate itself was pretty damn accurate.

Yokohama Customs Headquarters

We came across this building right as we left the Zou-no-Hana park (more on that later…) and I almost didn’t even recognise it because it was getting dark and cloudy already.

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Good job Atsushi, the one place you could recognise! Literally right across the Zou-no-Hana park and the Yokohama Customs Headquarters. It was pretty hard to miss.

Landmark Tower

This only appeared for a couple of seconds, the building on the very left of this scene, but we found it near the Cosmo Clock 21 ferris wheel, which incidentally is exactly where Kyouka and Atsushi go afterwards. This building was a bit further along the Minato Mirai.

Cosmo Clock 21

The ferris wheel! And the amusement park. I found it funny that Atsushi was worrying about the price of buying Kyouka a crepe earlier when the adult fee (aged 13 and above, so Kyouka counted as an adult too) for going on the ferris wheel was 800yen per person. Atsushi, my wallet hurt more than yours did @_@

We couldn’t get the exact views as shown in the anime because it was very cloudy and rainy (we chose a very bad day to go ;-;) but this is the closest we could get.

You can see the bridge in the distance and that long green stretch of land that’s the ship terminal.

Because of the rainy weather and our insistence on walking everywhere instead of taking the train, we weren’t able to visit all the places that Kyouka and Atsushi went to. The night view was a lot better though.

The ones we missed were the Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History, and the Yokohama Stadium. Also didn’t get any crepes next to the Red Brick Warehouses :(


Zou-no-Hana terrace

I nearly cried here.

Live A Life Without - fic

Characters: Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, Conner Kent
Summary: Jon and Damian are going to die, they think. But not if their older brothers can help it.
A/N: I just have a lot of Conner and Jon, and Tim and Damian feels. This file on my comp is literally titled garbage. I like the headcanon that Kon doesn’t like Jon at first, so that’s an ideal here, as you learn quick. I just want more bro-fics with these four dammit, and of Kon and Tim being ultra protective of the babes.


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alexie3008  asked:

Will you do a fic where Red is injured and Liz is very worried and concerned? She has to do the first aid since no one is around to help and Red tells her one of his stories to keep her calm

I might try my hand at it sometime! I’m so here for Red bleeding out in front of Liz à la Leonard Caul, gurgling up blood while his hands are searching frantically for Liz’s. And Liz being all panic-y as she tried to stop the bleeding, pressing down with her bare hands but it’s not working and there’s so much blood and her head is spinning because Red isn’t supposed to die like this - not with a whimper in an abandonded warehouse. 

And Red wouldn’t be able to bear the frown on her face, the downward tug of her lips, so he’d try to smile and reassure her that everything’d be alright, that Dembe is surely calling for help right now, and that in a few days they will all sit in one of his safehouses drinking scotch and laugh at this. 

(plot twist: Red slips into unconsciousness, his last words being ‘Lizzy, I do love-’ but when he wakes up two days later, he can’t remember ever having surrendered to the FBI.)


I Knew You Liked Me

You make your way down into the Batcave in order to present your leads on the Joker’s whereabouts to Batman. This will surely gain you more respect from him, he will see that you are capable of working alone and that you are hard working. It’s hard to stand out when there’s more than one partner. You have always had some pretty big shoes to fill when you stepped in as Robin but that didn’t stop you from being the best Robin you can be. 

To your surprise, you find that Batman is not alone in the cave. He is discussing some business with Red Robin and Red Hood. You make your way over, wanting to know what they are doing here, especially Red Hood. The two of you have a complicated relationship, one minute you act like best friends the next you can’t stand one another. Mostly because the two of you are too proud and your personalities sometimes clash. 

“Batman, I have some information regarding the Joker’s whereabouts, I did some digging of my own.” You hold out your hand, presenting him with a flash drive with all the information you have collected. 

“You’re too late, we bet you to it.” Jason stands there with his arms folded and no doubt a smug look on his face under that helmet of his. 

“You mean Tim beat me to it.” You glare at Jason. You have only been around him for a couple of seconds and he is already testing your patience. 

“Nice to see you too.” Jason continues to taunt you. 

“That’s enough.” Batman silences you both with just two words. It’s the sternness of his voice that does it. “I appreciate the effort, Robin. I don’t doubt your capabilities, it’s just Tim and Jason got here before you. Perhaps next time.” He puts his hand on your shoulder and you nod in understanding. 

“Does that mean I’m not on the mission?” You sound disheartened and for a minute Jason actually feels kind of bad for stealing your thunder. 

“There is always a mission for people like us.” Batman gives you a smile of encouragement. “You’re coming with me to search the warehouses near the docks. Red Robin and Red Hood will search the old Ace Chemicals building. Those are the locations we have so far unless you found somewhere else?” He quickly gives out the orders whilst asking if you have any more information that may be of use. 

“I got a lead in Bludhaven. I already notified Nightwing with the locations, Batgirl is en route to provide help.” You inform your mentor. 

“Good work, Robin.” He says proudly. 

It’s not often that you receive compliments from him so you take what you get. Hearing those words always build your confidence up, something you lacked before you became Robin. He tells you to grab what you need before it is time to leave the cave. As you get what you need, Jason comes up from behind. 

“What is it?” You let out a sigh, wondering what he could possibly want. He probably wants to annoy you even further as always. There’s only so much you can take before you decide to kick his ass. 

“I just wanted to say you did good, for a rookie.” Jason tries to be sincere but it isn’t well received.  

“I’m not a rookie!” You get defensive and raise your voice. 

Jason holds his hands up in front of him. “I was just trying to be nice, jeez.” He attempts to justify his actions. 

“Perhaps next time you should re-evaluate your word choice, Todd.” You bump your shoulder against his as you push passed him. 

Jason stands there smirking, even though no one can see him doing so. He likes the fact that you won’t tolerate his bullshit and challenge him. That’s exactly the type of person he needs to be around to keep him in check. He also finds it rather attractive about you. Despite his feelings towards you, he is just too proud to admit it so until the right time arises he will keep it to himself. 

“You have no idea how to talk to a girl right, do you?” Tim shakes his head at him in a judging way. 

“She might act like she hates me but I know she loves me really,” Jason speaks confidently as he gets on his motorcycle. 

“You’re so full of yourself.” Tim scoffs at him before getting on his bike. 

The doors to the cave open up, Jason and Tim zoom past the batmobile on their motorcycles while you sit in the passenger seat of the batmobile with Batman. He can’t help but notice the scowl on your face, knowing the exact cause of your expression. Young love is a strange thing, especially to someone his age. It is clear that you and Jason have something between you. The two of you may think that no one notices the way you look at each other or how your eyes light up at the mention of the other’s name. If that’s not love then Bruce doesn’t know what is. Maybe someday the two of you will be brave enough to say it. 

“Ready to go, Robin?” Batman turns his head to face you. 

“Ready as always, Batman.” You reply to him just managing a smile which is good enough for him. With that he gets the engine started and the batmobile speeds out of the cave in the blink of an eye. 

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BSD Secret Santa 2016 -

Merry Christmas @shirohayume, I’m your BSD secret santa :D 

So when I messaged you on anon back then to assure you that I was working on this, I was actually planning ahead to write with a Christmas event I’d be going to in Japan! I’ve just come back from Tokyo (I literally finished this on the plane lol) and of course I visited Yokohama, so rest assured that the following events are as accurate as it gets to the real thing. Everything in the setting of the story is real - the stalls, the lights, the food and drink, even the bells towards the end, all currently exist in the Red Brick Warehouses at Yokohama.

Pictures taken by my sister when we visited Yokohama yesterday ^-^

Without further ado, enjoy! And I apologise if it’s too long haha AND AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Characters: Nakahara Chuuya & Dazai Osamu

For: @shirohayume / @ask-fancy-hat-chuuya

The Christmas Market at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses was not a large affair in comparison to other countries’ celebrations, like in Berlin or whatnot, but it was a festival for couples, families, and friends to enjoy nevertheless.

There were German-style stalls that sold all kinds of snacks and treats, like baumkuchen cake and churros and hot drinks ranging from cocoa to lattes; and some that sold mugs with Santa and his reindeer dancing across the translucent surface, wooden snowmen that could be hung on Christmas trees, baubles dotted with snowflakes.

Strings of lights and silver orbs looped and spun around pine trees set up between the stalls, and a wooden podium sat at the end of the Market with a pair of bronze bells atop the stage with ropes dangling from them, and the air was filled with Christmas music and laughter and the sound of bells.

And this was where the story began, with Chuuya running into Dazai by complete coincidence - although with every minute that passed, Chuuya was becoming more and more convinced that it wasn’t coincidence after all.

“Can you please quit fucking following me around?”

Dazai stuck his bottom lip out, as close to a pouting expression as he would ever get. “I’m not…I’m simply enjoying myself!”

Chuuya rolled his eyes. Kouyou had sent him here on the pretence of a mission to patrol the area, but everyone knew her plan was just to let him wind down a bit. No one would object to the orders from one Port Mafia executive to another, and so Chuuya gratefully took the opportunity to come and check out the Christmas Market.

But now he was seriously considering heading back, if it meant possibly getting caught spending time with a traitor of the Port Mafia. One who clearly could still predict Chuuya’s scheduling and mannerisms.

“You do realise you being here is going to get us both in trouble?” Chuuya snapped.

Dazai looked sulky. “We haven’t had a Christmas together since I left the Mafia. Can’t we hang out just for a while?”

Chuuya hesitated for a moment. He was right, of course, and despite his brain telling him to refuse and leave, his heart missed the times when he and Dazai weren’t sworn enemies. Perhaps Dazai did too.

He glanced to the left, and then to the right. And at last, he sighed.

“Just a while,” he said.

They stayed together for close to two, maybe even three, hours, at the Market. Dazai darted to every other stall in excitement like a hyperactive child, and Chuuya followed more slowly, careful not to draw attention to himself.

He still watched Dazai, feeling almost jealous of his carefree nature and easygoing happiness. By the time it was almost dark, Chuuya found himself sitting across from Dazai at one of the tables set out for festival-goers, a large array of treats ranging from fries and nuggets to cake to German sausage in front of the brown-haired man, and a single warm cup of mulled wine in front of Chuuya, who had turned down Dazai’s offers to share the food and simply wanted something to warm his hands with.

Chuuya wished he could be anything like him, to have barely a care in the world and enjoy himself to the fullest. He was glad that Dazai was too busy stuffing his face with food to notice that he had been staring at him a little too wistfully, a little too longingly; and honestly he knew he’d never hear the end of it if Dazai had met his gaze then.

Dazai pushed aside an empty plate littered with crumbs, let out an unsightly burp, and asked, “You sure you don’t want anything?”

Chuuya shook his head.

Dazai shrugged and pulled another plate, this time of sliced steak heaped with barbecue sauce, towards himself. “If you say so.”

Okay, maybe watching Dazai devour his food like a monster was making Chuuya a little bit hungry. The food must be good if Dazai was eating it nonstop.

He was about to open his mouth to ask for some of the food when Dazai piped up, “Man, this takes amazing - Chuuya, you should totally try it!” and thrust the plate of meat towards him, and in the process knocking over Chuuya’s cup, still full of wine.

The hot liquid spilled onto the table and splashed over Chuuya’s chest and lap, making him yelp as the drink scalded him. He stood up abruptly, backing away from the table and its dripping contents, swearing. “Jesus Christ, Dazai, what the fuck!”

“Ahhh I’m so sorry Chuuya!” Was it possible for Dazai to sound anything but apologetic? Yes, yes it was. “I didn’t mean to, it was an accident! Here, I’ve got tissue…I’m really sorry for ruining your outfit!”

“Fucking hell, man,” Chuuya grumbled, shrugging off his jacket - God, it was going to smell like this for the rest of the goddamn day. “Can you please be more careful for once in your life? Ugh, this feels disgusting—”

Angrily Chuuya flipped out his jacket, and removed the vest he wore, leaving just the white dress shirt on, and he undid the top button to let himself breathe easier, until he realised that Dazai was staring at him, a grin playing around his lips as he took in Chuuya’s exposed throat and collarbone, his rolled-up sleeves and the soaked state of his shirt that was just a little too see-through. “Aw, Chuuya, if you wanted to take off your clothes for me, you could have waited until we got back to my place.”

“I’m literally going to fucking beat you up.”

After kicking Dazai in the shins so hard that he would surely not be able to follow him to the bathroom for any malicious reasons, Chuuya made his way inside the Warehouse area to dry his clothes off.

He was almost sure that Dazai had done that on purpose, and his end goal had just been to see Chuuya shirtless - or something along the lines of that. Not that there was much to show, considering the number of scars on his body that remained of all the times he had used Corruption. Dazai knew that.

Hanging out with Dazai so casually after all that had happened between them was surreal, even absurd. It seemed like after the events of the Mafia and the Agency’s alliance against the Guild, where he and Dazai fought against that Lovecraft guy, they’d somehow come to a resolution of sorts. Perhaps what the Agency’s president said was true - despite their differences, both the Mafia and the Agency loved Yokohama. And to that end, they both needed to exist to protect the city.

Plus, that fight proved that Chuuya still trusted Dazai, when things turned for the worst. He proved to himself that he still trusted him.

Chuuya returned outside to find Dazai once his clothes had dried - still smelling slightly of wine, and his white shirt had reddish splotches on it, but it couldn’t be helped - and realised that it was already dark and the Christmas lights were on. Dazai was not at the table and the food and spilled wine had been cleared away, and Chuuya felt something like a stab of disappointment that he’d been left behind, again.

“Guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” he said out loud to himself, almost slowly, and was about to turn and leave when he heard someone yelling, “Chuuya! CHUUYA! OVER HERE!!”

He felt his heart skip a beat - he spun around and saw Dazai standing atop the podium where the pair of bronze bells were, waving madly at him. “CHUUYA! I’M HERE! GET OVER HERE!”

Chuuya suppressed a laugh, too aware of how people at the Market were staring at him and at the eccentric-looking man leaping up and down on the wooden stage. Hurriedly he lowered his hat to cover his face as he made his way towards Dazai, hissing, “What are you doing? Stop that, you’re making a fool of yourself.”

Dazai pouted, again. It was kind of cute, actually. “You were taking too long, so I went exploring. I hope you’ve finished with your manly business, whatever it was—” Chuuya almost choked on his own spit at the implication that Dazai was making. “—but look! Two bells! I’d look stupid ringing both by myself, so I waited for you!”

“And that’s why you’ve been holding up the bells for so long instead of letting other people go first?” Chuuya saw a couple out of the corner of his eye, the woman looking appropriately pissed off and gesturing irritably to her hapless boyfriend.

“We’ll make it quick, come on.” Dazai’s eyes shone. “You take the other bell, and we’ll pull them together, ‘kay?”

Just like a kid, Chuuya thought, and sighed, although he was smiling. “Yeah, yeah.”

Both of them took ahold of one rope each, and Dazai counted, “One, two…three!” And together they pulled, and the bells jerked and the resounding clangs boomed through the night Market, making Chuuya’s ears ring as he let go of the rope, and yet Dazai was still pulling on his bell, laughing as the sound grew louder and louder, until Chuuya was sure that the whole of Yokohama would hear it.

That night, when the Market emptied and Chuuya had gone back home to the Mafia, Dazai returned to the Warehouses, walking slowly up the steps to the wooden podium, shining his phone’s light on the engraving between the two bells on the stage, smiling at the kanji written there that Chuuya had completely overlooked, the one sign that would definitely have driven Chuuya away from the bells out of embarrassment.


“Lovers, huh?” Dazai murmured. “How I wish it was so.”

Fanfiction - Beauchamp Riots (Part II)

So very happy with the wonderful feedback you gave me for the first part of this story. I’m having kind of a writing high and because of that – and because I want to make up for lost time – here is Part II! See you on the other side, with much love!

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Part II – Two Can Waltz

The plan was simple, really – I needed to show Jamie how little Geneva knew him and in the process highlight how I, on the other hand, knew him better than anyone. It should be easy, as they only knew each other for a few months, which they had spent mostly arguing.

“Where are we going?” I asked Jamie for the tenth time, watching the blur of the streets fly by through the car window, as he drove us to an unknown destination. “If we’re going to a strip club, I must warn you that extends way over my best woman duties.” I said jokingly, knowing that Jamie Fraser would sooner eat tar, than to secretly place a foot on a bawdy house.

“Nay.” He laughed. “You’ll see in a moment. Thank you for doing this for me, Sassenach.”

“What wouldn’t I do for you, darling?” I bent my head in a playful manner, but the truth of my words resonated between us. “Has Jenny gone completely mad, once she found out she only has six weeks to plan the weeding of her dear younger brother?”

“Ach.” Jamie made one of his signature Scottish sounds. “We are not to be wed at Lallybroch. Geneva’s dream is to be married at her home, on the Lake District.”

What about your dreams? I thought, sadness creeping through my anxiety and annoyance. Does she know how you always dreamt of taking your wife across the threshold built by your ancestors? How you craved to love her on the home of your heart?

“I’m sorry.” I said gently, my index finger slightly brushing his hand on the steering wheel. “I know how you wanted it to be there. To have your mother and father… close on that special day.”

“It’s alright.” He smiled, but it didn’t quite reach his blue eyes. “I’m sure they will be there on some capacity. I’ll still be wearing my Fraser colours.”

“How did you propose to her, anyway?” I asked, drawing a crooked heart on the hazy glass. I bit my bottom lip, fighting the urge to add a “J + C” inside the heart – instead, I hurriedly cleaned it up with the palm of my hand, feeling the moistness of erased hopes on my skin. “You didn’t really tell me that part.”

He shrugged.

“We were eating take away – Mario’s – and I had the ring inside my pocket. She was telling me how she’d like to go on a vacation to Jamaica and I…spilled it out.”

“So, you popped the question over a pepperoni pizza?” I asked, incredulous. That notion disconcerted me beyond anything I’ve heard until that moment – and I had been pretty fazed at the thought of Geneva, uppity and stubborn as a hound, managing to conquer the right to marry the best man I ever knew. Jamie Fraser was a hopeless romantic – he had actually teared up watching “Nothing Hill” and “The Notebook”. He probably had envisioned his own wedding more vividly than most girls I knew (including myself). And, suddenly, this man of grand gestures, always wearing his heart on his sleeve, had mad the ultimate question without a minimum of effort or ambiance? Is your heart really into it?, I thought.

“It had olives.” He replied shortly. “We’re here.”

I peeked through the windscreen. Jamie had parked outside a small warehouse, painted in red and black, with a luminous sign twinkling – “Fitz’s Ballroom Academy”.

“Do I even want to know?” I whispered in dismay.

“Usually the married couple opens the reception dancing a waltz.” Jamie said, clenching his jaw. “I’d rather not make a complete fool of myself.”

“Shouldn’t you be doing this with your bride?” I asked, darkly looking at my sneakers and the reprehension certainly awaiting me beyond those doors.

“Geneva already knows how to waltz.” Jamie smiled, raising his eyebrows. “Perks of attending reputable schools, ye ken. I wanted to surprise her on the day. Besides,” He grabbed my hand and linked our arms, as if we were about to enter a debutant ball. “Ye’re far more patient than her.”

Oh, Jamie. Shouldn’t that tell you something? I protested mentally.

“Perhaps you need someone more…disreputable, then.” I suggested, pinching his arm, my heartbeat racing.

We were greeted by a stout and plump middle-aged woman, who examined us with a trained eye and – of course – clicked her tongue in disappointment at the sight of my used sneakers.

“I’m Glenna FitzGibbons.” She introduced herself, guiding us to a room with dim lights, where couples were standing talking in low voices. “You may call me Mrs. Fitz. You told me ye wished to learn some waltz basics for your wedding, is that it Mr. Fraser?”

“Aye.” Jamie nodded. I saw by the corner of my eye as multiple women turned their heads to look at him, tall and handsome even in the shadows. It was a recurrent effect – I was used to be outshined by Jamie and took great pride in it. “This is Claire, she…”

“Ah!” Mrs. Fitz nodded in my direction. “Ye’re going to be verra happy, I can see that.” She smiled and the gesture robbed all the sternness from her features, making her look younger and tender. “A beautiful couple, very much in love.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not the bride.” I murmured, my cheeks and neck flushed. “Just helping a friend.”

“Are ye sure?” She gave Jamie a narrow look, as if urging him to reconsider. “Well, if you say so…”

It wasn’t uncommon for people to mistake us for a couple – as a matter of fact, sometimes we wouldn’t even bother to try and explain our unusual connection. I remembered with a pang an occasion in which Jamie had actually put his arm around my waist and kissed my hair - “I’m a very lucky man.”, he had said. That was before Geneva – before I had to stop pretending I was in possession of another place in his life, that wasn’t only that of a dear friend.

Music started to drain from the speakers, as all the pairs in the room took position – it was “The Second Waltz” playing and we all might as well be wearing puffy dresses and gallant uniforms, drifting across the floor of a Czar’s palace, lit by hundreds of fragrant candles.

“Go on.” Mrs. Fitz instructed us, not-so-gently pushing me to Jamie’s arms. “Ye have to lead lad, dinna worry, she won’t bite unless ye want her to….”

Following her directions, Jamie placed his right hand on my waist, as I put my left hand on his right shoulder. Our free hands were soon clasped together and our bodies pressed in a tight embrace.

We swayed together, at first focused on trying not to massacre each other’s toes. But everything had always been easy with Jamie – to talk, to walk beside him, to sing along with his tuneless voice, to read aloud for him while he was half asleep, to find my will to smile inside his laugh – and dancing was no exception. There was an easiness in our shared space, in the way our bodies touched, that made me dizzy with the idea of making love to him. We became a little more daunting, venturing on doing some whisks and spins, and relaxed until we almost melted together.

I could feel the slight brush of his fingers on my waist, the way he rubbed my hand with his thumb while he guided us through the room. A waltz is not a tango – it wasn’t supposed to be that intense, that arousing. But dancing requires a shared intimacy only comparable to sex – hence is used so frequently as foreplay. I was burning, sweat dripping down the back of my neck – was it my imagination or Jamie’s grip was getting even firmer, his body acknowledging mine, seeking contact? His eyes were dark, his face fierce and his lips were slightly ajar, his breathing coming hot and fast.

The music stopped and I reluctantly increased the space between us, smiling as he bowed down to me in a whimsical curtsy.

“Jamie…” I licked my lips, about to ask him if he ever had felt like that before - If Geneva made his blood boil like an active volcano, about to produce something capable of changing the face of the Earth…

“Do ye think Geneva will be impressed?” He interrupted me.

“Yes.” I sighed, turning my back on him to hide my disappointment and the threat of tears on my lashes. “I think she will.”


“Hello, my love!” I greeted Adso, patiently sitting close to the door when I entered my apartment. “How was your day? Better than mine, I hope.” He meowed in response, coming to brush his back against my legs in a demonstration of both love and cleverness, knowing that I would shower him in tasty food afterwards.

I poured him dinner and stayed around, watching him lick the fancy cat mousse, remembering the day Jamie had appeared at my door, holding inside his folded coat a tiny grey ball with big imploring eyes.

“A cat!” I said, inspecting him closely. “Thank you, but I’m not hungry.”

“Aren’t ye a funny one, Sassenach?” He smirked. “I ken ye like wee cheeties. I found this lad in a bush outside my house. I’ve been watching and his mother wasna around.”

“And you thought my maternal instincts would kick in?” I frowned. “He will ruin my rugs, curtains, books and eat all my herbs.”

“You woulna be a proper Ban-druidh without a cat.” He rubbed the cat’s neck and he immediately started to purr. “Besides I ken ye’d like the company.”

“Why don’t you keep it?” I tried one last time, but was already stretching my arms to grab my new roommate, a smile plastered on my face.

“He needs a good home.” Jamie touched my cheek. “And I couldna think of one better than the one he could have with ye”.

“Jamie is a fool.” I whispered to Adso. “I’m forbidding you to lay on his lap the next time he comes around. We don’t like him so much now.”

My phone vibrated inside my jeans’ pocket and I took it out, my hand shaking when I read the identifier on the message – “Geneva Dunsany”.

“Hello! Going to do some dress shopping on Friday. Can you come? Would like your opinion, plus the chance to get to know you better. XO”

I bit my lip, playing with the phone on my hands. Adso was now starting his daily bath routine, which always left me thoroughly fascinated and slightly disgusted.

I would rather spend a Friday lancing boils in the ER than hanging out with Geneva, particularly if it involved watching her try on wedding dresses to marry the man I loved. But it gave me an opportunity to enlighten her on the failures of her relationship with Jamie and sow some doubt. I unlocked the phone and quickly typed “Count me in! See you then.”


The rain was tapping on the window, like cold fingers demanding my attention, luring me in. The alarm clock marked 2 a.m., which meant that soon it would be useless to try to sleep anymore. My white phone was strategically placed on my nightstand, always available to warn me of any emergencies coming to the hospital. It buzzed with a light sound – I looked to the screen for a long time, until I almost forgot where and who I was, but eventually answered it.

“Is everything alright?” I said softly.

“No.” Jamie whispered back. “That nightmare again.” I knew well enough the dreams that haunted him – of the terrorist bombing on the subway that had left him almost dead, his back shredded beyond the ability to fully recover. “I usually don’t feel…anything. I don’t remember any pain – only afterwards, in the hospital. But this time…it hurt.”

“I’m here.” I watched as Adso got up from his usual place at my feet and stood watch, his eyes glowing in the dark, like beacons against my unseen demons. I could visualize Jamie, wearing his battered sleeping pants, curled on his huge bed like a little boy, his hair moist and tousled. Afraid and alone. “It’s gone, Jamie. It can’t hurt you anymore. The pain ended then – and it will again.”

“I’m sorry.” He seemed embarrassed. “For calling ye so late. I dinna even noticed the time – I just needed to talk to you. To hear the voice of another living soul and know that I survived it. Ye can always make the pain go away, mo nighean donn.”

I almost sobbed against the phone, the pain created by his words too great; daggers piercing through skin, muscle and tendon, until they reached the core of what made me his. He demanded only what I had given him freely in the past, but I had changed – I knew now that a man couldn’t have two masters and be whole still.

“Does Geneva know that this happens?” I said, my throat burning. “Perhaps you should call her and talk to her. She is your fiancé, after all.”

“I…” An hesitation on the line, heavy and meaningful. “You’re right.” He said finally in a hoarse voice – hurt but decided. “I should.”

And the silence extended between us, until it filled the night with its void, leaving me cold and tired beyond my years.


Flashback to this weekend when I visited Yokohama for the last time and took part in the African Festival. The food was delicious and I even sat in a music workshop with music group, Mbira. This festival made me want to visit Africa more than anything now. Also, how bomb are my instrument skills?! I was killing it! 💁🏾

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