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Whatever It Takes | Ch. II

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Pairings: (Yoongi/Reader/Hoseok)

Genre: Gang AU!, Cop AU!

Words: 2,784

Tags: Smut, Violence 

Chapter One | Chapter Two 

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Young Love
Peter Hale x Reader

Imagine: Being Peter’s first love. (From young Peter to older Peter). There’s slight Derek.

P/n: I’ve been wanting to write this, but the inspiration and feels didn’t hit me till yesterday at work. So I banged it out and finished it today. I am super excited to post this and I have to say I did grow attached to this story in a short amount of time. I hope you guys enjoy it because I really really liked this. Sorry for any mistakes, I was too excited to give it a second and third read through. 

Peter leaned against the stair rail as he talked to the girl he’s been interested in for a while. A smile was plastered on his lips, and he could barely keep his eyes off her. In his eyes, she was extremely beautiful and everything about her was perfect. “You’re not as clever as you think you are, Peter.” She smugly teased him. “It was a slight mishap, it won’t happen again.” He chuckled. He loved the way she teased him and would take any opportunity to take a stab at his huge ego. “To make up for it, how about I take you to dinner?” He smoothly asked. He could see the shock in her eyes and the way she slightly dropped her jaw. But she despite being caught off-guard, she still had a smile on her lips. He was completely smitten by the girl and after talking to her for a while, he finally plucked up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend.

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Criminal : ‘how do we get her in this warehouse’
Criminal : *presses play to Hannah Montana’s everybody makes mistakes*
Me: *rolls in on hover board holding bejewelled mic*

Part 8: A Dying Secret  (Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover Series)

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***Meanwhile, back at the carnival***

Dean dragged Stiles by his jersey until he found the Sheriff and handed over his son. “I’m returning your kid. Please keep him away from my baby sister.” The Sheriff furrowed his eyebrows, confused as Dean went on rambling.“If I ever catch him swapping spit with her again-”

The Sheriff cut Dean off. “Lydia? Wait. I thought she was an onlychild?”

“Lydia?” Dean made a confused face. “No, Y/N. Who the hell isLydia?”

“His girlfriend,” The Sheriff said.

“What?!” Dean shouted a little too loud than he should have, causing people nearby to stare at him. He took in a deep breath and let it out. “Is my baby sister a side chick? Is that all you think of her?” Dean said more calmly but gripped Stiles’ jersey a little tighter, making Stiles yelp.

“It’s not what you think,” Stiles said.

Dean grabbed Stiles with both hands, pulled him forward, and looked at the kid straight in the eye. “Oh it’s not?!”

“Hey! Get your hands off my son,” The Sheriff ordered. “Don’t make me arrest you.”

“Dean, let go of the kid!” Sam shouted.

Dean didn’t know what got into him, but he couldn’t help himself. He wasn’t going to let some scrawny ass kid use his baby sister like that. She wasn’t meant to be used and be someone’s side girl. She wouldn’t allow it. She knew she deserved someone who loved her. She wouldn’t allow herself to let it happen, he thought.

“I’m sorry.” Dean immediately released Stiles from his grip and apologized to both Stiles and his father. “You’re right, kid. It’s not what I think.” He looked at Sammy. “Because she would never allow herself to be the other woman. Sammy, where is she?”

“I don’t know she was following right behind me, Dean.” 

“Damn it. We gotta go.” Dean pulled out his phone.  

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Come see me again, my love [Ereri fic]

Summary: Eren is a police officer and Levi seems to be cozying up to him rather flirtatiously. The thing is, Levi is a serial killer.
Words: 4,702
Warning: R18, dubcon

A/N: lol i post this devil work on easter. 420 tho. ok i don’t care for either of those things so idk what i’m saying. omg are u all going to read this while high no pls


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Vulnerable - Ch. 2 (collab with Haiju)

Phanniemay post, whee. It counts as Jack day, right? RIGHT?!

(Ch. 1)


The warehouse floor pressed into Danny’s cheek, cold and filthy. The grime of a thousand shipments coated the cement, ancient sawdust and the dull, faint odor of rusting metal, mixed with musky rodent droppings. Danny’s own smells—blood and ectoplasm, sweat and greasy food—seemed rank and invasive by comparison. He couldn’t lift his head; it throbbed mercilessly, like his skull had come apart and was slowly grinding itself back together. His hearing had gone strange too.

It was a shock when black boots came into his line of sight.

“This is a trick. Isn’t it, Maddie? That other ghost. It’s made some kind illusion… Messed with our heads…” Jack’s voice cracked, rough with anxiety and something else Danny couldn’t quite place.

The boots stood in front of Danny for a moment, shifted—then were replaced with a pair of blue-clad knees. Mom. Mom was sitting there, looking at him. Not saying anything. Judging him. For everything.

Maddie said nothing. Jack rambled on. “It could be a psychotropic drug, some strain of ghost hallucinogen we’re not familiar with. Programming us to see our worst fears. I mean, our son… a ghost…”  The last word choked off into something like a sob. Danny heard Jack’s pacing feet stomp away, further into the empty space of the dark warehouse.

A hand touched his head. He gasped and flinched back violently—half in pain, half in terror.

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Looking for Defiance & Warehouse 13 DragonCon 2014 panels?

Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 Press Conference: Full video

Friday’s panel: Full video

Saturday’s panel: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Monday’s panel: Full video


Julie Benz on DragonConTV: Video here

Julie Benz Press Conference: Full video

Friday’s Panel: Full video

Saturday’s Panel: Full video

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[I’ll update this post when more videos are available.]