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  • Bad Things by EllaBesmirched, 103k / Detective Ben Solo has never met a crime scene he can’t read like an open book. That is, until The General killings started.
  • a harmonious entity by brawlite, 17k wip / When Hux’s best friend Phasma goes missing, Hux travels to the mountains of rural Montana to investigate the mysterious cult, the First Order, that Hux believes to be behind her disappearance.
  • Empire State of Mind by TeamRedhead, 232k / With hope of a brighter future diminishing every day, Ben feels trapped. It’s only a matter of time before he breaks, and when he does, he knows he will never be able to recover on his own.
  • How Did We Get Here? (I Used to Know You So Well) by TeamRedhead, 31k wip / Kylo doesn’t dream anymore; everything he ever wanted is long gone, and he knows better than to hope. 
  • Observer Effect by ezlebe, 18k wip / Today isn’t about nanorobots, Dr. Hux. It’s about Ben Organa.
  • Base Fee by Ezlebe, 13k / Ren takes a deep breath, thumb hovering over the stark-white letters of his own damned address, and wonders how this could even be possible.
  • Because I Knew That You Would Be Alright by elfriniol, 28k / The flurry of emotion and action and violence that was Ben Solo intrigued him to no end, and not only as the fuel for sexual escapades. Ben was everything Hux in his prudence was not.


  • Ace of Spades by betts, 62k wip / Sometimes it feels like everything’s connected. Like with strings. And if I could just see the strings, I could pull them. I could make things do what I wanted. 
  • age of consent by substanceblack, 31k wip / Cue two socially alienated teens accepting each other’s company after a series of shared mishaps, and more making out than is probably healthy. 
  • i can see through you (see to the real you) by kyluxtrashcompactor, 18k wip / Hux is the outcast new student with a troubled past. He’s brilliant but refuses to conform, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s everything Ben wants to be.




  • Getaway by hollycomb, 54k / Techie’s reactions to fresh air, sunlight and fish are mixed, and then Matt drops a bombshell that could shatter the comforts of their little world together permanently. / techienician + kylux 

“I just wanna party in New York in all the abandoned warehouses…” 🏙️

                                    – Bibi Bourelly


First, a very happy, and slightly early, holiday to @baeringandwells ! You asked for fluff, fluff, and more fluff (I apologize for the lack of fluffy smut, but as you know, that’s not really my bailiwick), plus longing, and you allowed as how some Tracy Bering—perhaps meeting Helena for the first time—would not go amiss. What I’ll tell you is that this piece was initially intended to be a sweet little artifact-driven adventure, but the idea that it should contain “longing” sent me in a fixit direction. Nevertheless, the title of this holiday diversion should make clear that you’re in for a rather sentimental tale—I haven’t held back much on the glucose, the fructose, or any of the other –oses. Anyway, I’m not sure the whole thing holds together; it’s kind of all over the place, but here’s hoping there are a few good lines. Also some longing, which might not be satisfied here in this first half…. but you (and Myka and Helena) can look forward to the indulgent finale, which I’ll post by New Year’s Eve.


A year ago, Myka wouldn’t have imagined this Christmas Eve this way.

Parts of it would have been perfectly thinkable, of course: Artie, Steve, and Abigail all away on vacation. Pete and Claudia in beanbag chairs in front of the television, playing some video game featuring guns, cars, and unidentifiable creatures that might have been aliens or possibly zombies.

She wouldn’t have envisioned, however, that she and Pete would have, some months ago, made the huge mistake of thinking they could be more than friends. And she wouldn’t have believed they could then have found their way back to being, on the whole, the friends they’d been before making such a mistake. But miracles did happen.

Miracles did happen. Vanishingly rarely, though, and one miracle was unreasonable enough, so the idea of another… that was really not at all plausible. Myka might, in her most private thoughts, have wished for someone else to be present on this Christmas Eve. But she then would have stopped that line of imagining in its tracks by giving herself a stern lecture regarding what was and wasn’t possible.

And yet that additional miracle had indeed occurred: Helena Wells was in this very room, in an armchair, sipping tea and reading a book about blockchain technology. Myka would not have come up with Helena’s blockchain fascination on her own; ergo, this was not an eggnog-induced hallucination.

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I Can See Them - Dick Grayson x Reader

Originally posted by hoaxvault

Requested by thequietcomic -  a Dick Grayson x reader where the reader can see spirits and refuses to acknowledge them because it’s too painful to get involved but she ends up seeing Dick’s parents and can’t decide if she should help them or just pretend they’re not there at all

The costume store was filled with people getting last minute costumes. You were glancing between the discount costumes, trying to find one for M’gann’s Halloween party that night. When she found out you didn’t have one, she sent you out with a chaperon to get one. 

“(Y/N)? Hey (Y/N), did you hear what I said?” Dick laid a hand on your shoulder, drawing you out of your thoughts. 

“What? No, I didn’t,” you replied quickly, glancing away from the ghostly figure hovering nearby. It followed an old man, looking at him sadly. “What did you say?” 

“I said you don’t have to look at the discount costumes. You don’t have to be afraid to use the credit card Batman gave you,” Dick repeated softly, keeping his voice down. You pressed your lips together, careful to keep the ghost from noticing you saw them. 

“Well, I think Batman meant it for important stuff, not for a Halloween costume,” you reasoned, taking a nurse’s costume off the rack. You held it up to yourself, frowning slightly. “Especially if I’m only going to wear it once.” 

“Trust me, he’s not going to care if you buy one costume,” Dick remarked, shaking his head in rejection of the nurse costume. You sighed, putting it back. 

“I don’t want to take advantage.” You swallowed hard, blinking back tears. “I don’t want to end up on the street.” 

Dick laid a hand on your shoulder. His touch electrified your skin. “You won’t ever be kicked out, (Y/N). Even if you don’t want to be on the team, you are family to us now.” 

“Thank you,” you whispered, turning away to secretly wipe away a tear. Once you were ready, you gave him a smile. “Now are you going to help me find a costume or just distract me until we miss the party all together and get murdered by M’gann?” 

“I wouldn’t want that, especially since I’m suppose to help you,” Dick chuckled, moving to look at another rack. You studied him for a moment, sensing something. However, it disappeared. Shaking your head, you turned to browse for a costume.

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AUGUST 26: Circumstance is released (2011)

On this day in 2011, the film Circumstance was first released in the United States. Written and directed by Maryam Keshavarz, Circumstance explores the reality for gay women living in contemporary Iran.

The film was ranked by Autostraddle as the 4th best lesbian film of all time (x).

Shot in Lebanon with Persian dialogue, the story is set in modern day Tehran, Iran and follows two teenage girls, Atafeh and Shireen. Atafeh has been orphaned by the government, who killed her parents in response to their political beliefs, and is raised by her uncle, but it is Shireen and her seemingly happy, traditional family that Atafeh truly gravitates towards. As Atafeh and Shireen grow closer, they begin to bond through the illegal activities that have become ingrained in Iranian youth culture; they sneak off to secret parties in warehouses, watch contraband DVDs of Western movies, and drink alcohol. On one such visit to a hidden DVD store, the two girls come across a copy of the film Milk, the 2008 LGBT film, and decide to translate it into Farsi. Wordlessly, Atafeh and Shireen’s relationship begins to evolve from friendship into romance. They being daydreaming about running off to a city where their relationship can come out of the shadows, but that all is halted when they are caught and arrested on the charge of driving and smoking cigarettes.

After grabbing audiences’ attention on the film festival circuit of 2011 and even taking home the Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival, Circumstance has gone down in history as one of the most thought-provoking and dangerous lesbian films ever made. The film as well as the director herself was immediately banned in Iran and even in Beirut, Lebanon where it was filmed, the crew was forced to lie to the Lebanese government about the content of the project in order to avoid violence from religious extremist groups. Created by a writer/director who spent her summers in Shiraz, Iran and a band of actors who were all members of the Iranian diaspora, Circumstance rings true in a way it would not have had the story been told by outsiders of the culture. Despite the anxiety and threat of violence that surrounded the production of the film and the story itself, there’s a radical softness that lies at its core.


I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

Concept 4:

Stiles is drunk. The party slides around him in washes of color and sound– everything transient, nothing sticking. Bass thumps in his eardrums, turning his stomach. Derek appears as a blessing, half out the door before he even makes it through the foyer, but still the most solid thing Stiles has seen all night.

“I hate this,” Stiles whispers, his breath hot against Derek’s sensitive ear. “You’re the only person here worth talking to.”

“Okay,” Derek says, his hand settling solid and reassuring on Stiles’ hip. “So let’s go somewhere that isn’t here.”


“What were you even doing there?” Stiles peers at Derek curiously over the rim of his mug. The coffee isn’t quite strong enough to dissolve tooth enamel, but coupled with the brisk walk from the rave to the diner, it’s doing wonders for counteracting his buzz. “A warehouse party isn’t really your scene.”

Derek shrugs, placidly plowing his way through a mountain-high portion of chicken souvlaki. His knees keeps knocking against Stiles’ under the chipped Formica tabletop, and Stiles can’t find it in himself to pretend to mind.

“Didn’t really look like your scene, either,” Derek says, meeting Stiles’ gaze unblinkingly. His wackadoo eyes make Stiles’ head spin, and it’s easy to blame it on the booze. Bourbon, Stiles thinks admonishingly. When will you learn that bourbon is not your friend.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he huffs, darting his hand across the table to snatch a few of Derek’s fries, nearly knocking a glass of water over in the process. Derek rolls his eyes heavenward with a sigh, and then rotates his plate so that the truly impressive mound of deep fried potato is facing Stilinskiwards. Stiles bites down on a victorious whoop, and grabs another handful to cram into his mouth.

Derek watches him chew happily, his ridiculous eyebrows drawn together in the expression Stiles has categorized as “exasperated but fond.” It’s much preferred to the look that Stiles used to get, which was better classified as “imminent manslaughter”.

“So, this is nice,” Stiles begins, at the same time Derek sets down his fork and says, “Scott told me about your fight.”

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Kylux Rec List #6


The Ties That Bind  by HJMoriarty and OfDarknessAndLight, @disappointed-son
E - 92,300
Hux’s shuttle is captured by the Resistance and Ben Solo is sent in to get whatever information he can from the prisoner.  Of course, things don’t go as planned and against their better judgement, they more or less fall in love, Ben defects to the First Order, and later, in a reversal of the more common direction of causality, there’s Classic Kylux (really hateful) Hate Sex™, puppet master Snoke, and the Hosnian System still meets its doom.

A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy by @lovelyorbent
M - 3050
They loathe each other and are always looking for weaknesses to use against the other, in-between moments of insulting each other in flagrante delicto.  Just chilly, hateful, canonical-style Kylux hatesex, very well written in little snapshot style moments.  That’s it.  

Murderers, Traitors, and Thieves by @atlinmerrick
E - 10,600 - updated 2/28/17
A canon divergence where the Empire didn’t fall, Hux’s military career is cut short by an injury, and they cross paths in a resort town where Ben Solo has gone a bit underground, as a belly dancer.  Hux returns night after night, getting drunk, and pining.  This author really excels at evoking a world with vividly drawn, fully realized characters.

The Apotheosis of Fox Hux by @theeascetic
E - 12,100 - updated 3/26/17
Hux disregards Ren’s advice to steer clear of a certain planet; there he encounters an ancient deity interested in teaching him a lesson - and finds himself partially transformed into a fox.  The author takes great care to detail how it feels to be physically altered in this way.  The Force is involved, too.  Hux doesn’t deal with it well.

Under the Skin  by davechicken, @sithofren
E - 7900 - updated 4/8/17
A different take on Fox!Hux.  This one nods to Celtic tales of selkies and their magical skins.  Hux is the product of a mysterious mother who abandons him at birth; Brendol farms him out to a caretaker, so poor Hux has no idea that there’s anything unusual about his biology until he finds his fox skin.  Ren is surprisingly accepting of this state of affairs, but Snoke knows a good means of control when he sees one.

Special Selection -  Recent ‘First Time’ Fics

Lay With Me by @rosierivendell
E - 5,800
A two-for-one; they’re both virgins and decide, pragmatically, warily, to help each other out.  Of course they go about it totally in-character (“Hux tries not to think of germs as Ren’s big lips move over his own”) and what follows is some spectacularly awkward sex; the author just lays a foundation and builds upon it detail by embarrassing detail - I could hardly get through more than a sentence or two without cringing, wincing, or laughing.

Pounded in the Butt by the Necessity My Poverty Affords Me  by @gefionne
E - 10,000
His original fiction isn’t selling too well (ie., not at all), so author Hux in a moment of drunken inspiration decides to follow in the footsteps of beloved (?) cultural icon Chuck Tingle; when he sobers up, 5k words of I’m Gay for My Unicorn Neighbor Dan is waiting for him in his laptop.  Many hilariously titled bizarre porn novels follow, despite the fact that Hux himself has never had sex.  He gains a following, including one very devoted fan who asks - can we meet?  A perfect mix of crack (treated a little bit seriously) and porn.

Call Me Rebel Scum by hollycomb, @hollyhark
E - 25,000
Kylo considers Hux a “poor excuse for a rival” but his constant casual mind-reading has picked up on Hux’s most common touchstone of thought - satisfaction at having remained essentially untouched sexually, which covers a deeper desire to be used and even defiled.  It’s distracting and keeps Kylo from doing his work.  Hux will have to submit for the good of the First Order.  Top-tier dialogue and insight into the ways they manipulate each other and why.  

Cede by @robokittens
E - 11,000
First time submissive virgin Ren is the subject of this fic, which lays out in knowing detail what it is that a person seeking this kind of experience wants and needs, and exactly how it feels - the blissful relief of being ‘away’.  What starts as a sort of service develops into something more, recounted in a series of tender (and very hot) scenes.


Sounds Helpful by GenerallyHuxurious (GallifreyanOmnishambles), @creepycreepyspacewizard
E - 3900
Part of a series (they are animal welfare officers, and Hux is demisexual), but stands as a one-shot.  Hux needs to turn his brain off for a bit so that he can calm down and perform well in a stressful situation.  Kylo comes in with something new to try (it was new to me, too) and proceeds to give Hux the kinky orgasm(s) of his life.  So there’s that, but it’s also intensely adoring and loving.

Against the World by Avilthenaze
E - 22,900
At the bottom of the high school pecking order, two bullied kids find strength in each other.  While we get to see into the thoughts and feelings of both, in particular, Hux’s personality and approach to dealing with his tormentors (he’s been at the very bottom, and for a long time) are  A+ canon-compliant.  Various forms of revenge are taken, but more importantly, they learn how to transcend their circumstances and the malevolent behavior of others…it’s empowering.  Beautifully described awkward and sweet first time: “Hux considered this only for a moment before yielding that it was a good point. “God I’m so glad I’m doing this with you,” he said, “and not anyone else. Because I can tell we’re going to be terrible at this.”

Because I Knew That You Would Be Alright by elfriniol, @mini-mantis
E - 19,100 - updated 3/9/17
Boxer!Ben and Hux keep having casual hookups; neither one knows any but the barest facts about the other - but facts creep in, as they will, and slowly a tentative relationship develops.  There are family and mental health issues that Hux gets drawn into not quite against his will as he discovers more about Ben’s past.  And they have LOTS of great sex.  This is much better than my summary here probably makes it seem.

It Don’t Mean a Thing by kitseybarbours, @abernathae
M - 36,100 - updated 4/21/17
Unusual AU set in the National Socialist (Nazi) period in Germany; Hux and Kylo are devotees of swing music and dancing, which is considered degenerate.  They’re also gay teens in a hidden relationship, which puts them actively at risk.  The police state presses down inexorably upon them; Hux gets nastier, and Ben really doesn’t know what to do about that.  Both the source material (the movie Swing Kids, I’m assuming) and the historical events of this era don’t augur well for a happy ending, but the writing is so evocative, I’ll go there if that’s where the author is taking us.

Your Breath Like Moonlight by @archistratego
T - 3,500 - updated 4/1/17
Poetic language and a shifting, uncertain (nonlinear?) timeline - and possibly more than one in a sort of multiverse arrangement - are the backdrop for Fae!Hux, the dread emperor of the Fae, and the Knights which Hux has gathered across the centuries for the emperor with the help of his mentor Rae.  Elsewhere/when, Ben is certain he’s seen fairies more than once, and has an old photo that shows one, he thinks.  He needs to prove it for his own peace of mind.  This is just one chapter in and already very involved and fascinating.

Neon Elegy by Anonymous
E - 7,000 - updated 4/5/17
There’s a very cinematic quality to this modern AU mobster?/assasin!Kylo fic; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comes to mind.  Kylo is the kind of assassin who’s got the skills but also slops around in flip flops and making plans on the fly.  He has to go undercover from his own organization, run by Snoke, and hapless Hux the architect is his carjacking victim.  They drive from LA to “only Lord fucking knows where” in the desert with Phasma, among others, on their trail.

Blue by Arya_Greenleaf, @avaahren
E - 8,600
This is the first of what’s currently a series of three.  Hux finds himself at a warehouse party in Brooklyn with his coworkers, ready to watch the band whose singer is gothily attractive but annoying when they meet in-between sets.  However, the booze is flowing and aggressive edgy flirting leads to kisses and fondling on the dance floor, and more.  There’s a light touch of humor throughout.  By Part 3, there is a hint of feelings to go along with the snark and hook-ups.  

Falling From the Fifth Floor by @biffbang
E - 21,400
If you’re in the mood for more rocker Ben and snappy Hux, this fic that was completed in September delivers.  They meet cute when Hux’s cat falls from the window to the street far below, caught by Ren on his way to band practice.  Hux rushes down the stairs wearing a shirt he stole from his ex that happens to be of Ben’s band.  They have nothing in common but a strong physical attraction - which eventually grows into “they are so stupidly in love with each other”.

In Memoria by @ellabesmirched
M - 10,000 - updated 4/16/17
Harry Potter AU; Hux is the Assistant Headmaster but it’s really a Skywalker family thing at Hogwarts.  A new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is needed; Ben is the best applicant by far.  Hux reluctantly hires him - unbeknownst to Ben, whose memories have been Obliviated, they have A Past.  Sparks fly pretty much right away and enough of the backstory has been revealed thus far to whet the appetite for more.

It’s Always Winter in St. Petersburg by @harlanhardway
E - 25,900 - updated 4/16/17
Another unusual AU setting - the last years of Tsarist Russia (Tsarina Leia is on the throne).  Scrappy peasant (and child of a prostitute) Hux does what he can, at age 12, to shift for himself in St. Petersburg.  He encounters a richly dressed boy, and ponders stealing his coat.  Instead, they develop an odd friendship - Kylo comes and goes over the course of a decade.  In all that time, Hux has no idea of his real identity.  While there is plenty of historical detail and some interesting tweaks (homosexuality is nbd, for example) to make the story work, it’s the fairytale-like feeling (I thought of the stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer especially) that gives it life.  

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New Girl..

Pairing: Alex Lightwood x Reader 
Fandom: Shadow Hunters

Author’s Note: Okay so I know it’s been too long and this one isnt that great either but still guys I would really apreciate your feedback so if you can please do leave a comment or two.. :* 

“….so where do we have to go for this mission?” Y/N asked as they made their way towards the weapons room where they are supposed to meet up with the other two members of this mission Jace and Alec.

“According to the information we’ll be able to track the warlock who’s been making deals with this nest of vamps for the last 2 months in the Pandemonium club.” Izzy said while carefully selecting her weapons finally settling on her signature electrum whip and a pair of daggers.

Y/N nodded her head while picking up her seraph blade along with her set of shurikens (ninja stars) which she uses like an extension of her own body.

“ By the looks of it, it seems Shuriken girl is tagging along in this mission as well..” Alec said while making his way over to the weapon area with an irritated look on his face his parabatai, Jace following him. “We can use some Shurikens on this mission Alec.” Jace said while tucking a dagger in his shoe.

Y/N shrugs at her best friend Izzy as she gives her a look questioning about Alec’s mood. “Hurry up arrow guy pick up your stuff so we can get moving…” Y/N said getting a little impatient as this was your 1st official mission in the New York Institute. As you had previously been working from the Hawaii Institute until out of nowhere The Clave decided to transfer you to the New York Institute.

Although the transfer at first was a little hard for you as you had a whole life in Hawaii which you had to leave behind to come to New York, until you met Izzy and became friends with her and Jace as well. They made you feel like you were a part of something letting you into their group without any hesitation, well that is except for their brother Alec who liked to act distant.

Everyone was ready to leave when Alec decided to drop a bomb”She’s not going with us.” Pointing in Y/N’s direction. “WHAT…WHY?!” Y/N exclaimed in surprise. “Because you are not ready and I don’t want you to screw up this mission for us it’s too important to be taken lightly.”

“The Hell Alec! I’m not a new recruit! I’ve been doing this for the past 2 years in Hawaii. Just because I’m transferred here doesn’t mean I left all my training in Hawaii and have to train again like a rookie…” Y/N exclaimed getting really irritated by Alec’s bossy claim.

“Y/N! Maryse wants to talk to you. Go meet with her as soon as your free…..” Robert said while entering the room but trailing off as he noticed the tension in the room. “Am I interrupting something? ”. “No, father. We were just leaving. Y/N’s going to go see mother right away.” Alec said while moving out followed by his parabatai and sister.

“Don’t worry you’re definitely going with us next time and we’ll break Alec’s nose if he’ll try to stop you.” Izzy whispered to you with a light wink in Y/N’s direction on her way out of the institute.

 Y/N’s POV:

As soon as they left me here having nothing to do I decided to go to Maryse’s room to see what she wanted to talk to me about. Right now I’m standing outside her door ready to knock wondering what she might want to talk about.  “Come in” she said as soon as my hand made contact with her door. She looked up at me as soon as I entered her door and bobbed her head once to acknowledge my presence and gestured towards the seat in front of her desk. Not to delay any further I sit and wait for her to talk. “I hope you are settled here Y/N.” was that even a question? I wondered. “Look Y/N, I’m not going to beat around the bush with you. I heard that you haven’t attended any mission since your arrival. The Clave sent you here to help with the missions. So I want you to join the kids on their next mission. You are a well trained shadow hunter so there’s no need to see you train again like a rookie, understood?!” “Yes.” I said while in my head there was so much more that I wanted to say. What’s the use we all know Maryse is a practical woman and she doesn’t want any stupid excuses. I too am dying to go on a mission as soon as possible I am sick of sitting in the institute for the last 2 months. All I want is some real action which is out there and not in here.

Alec’s POV:

“All this seemed way simpler in my head..” Jace said as he fought of some demons which were making their way towards him. Izzy was trying to get a grip of the warlock who took of as soon as he saw us shadow hunters walking into the pandemonium. Now there were non-stop demons coming out of nowhere and attacking us. I don’t want to admit it but it doesn’t seem like this mission is going to be accomplished today. As the number of demons was increasing by the minute we weren’t left with a choice Jace signaled me that we should leave before we get ourselves killed, as much as I hate to admit it he was right. We made our way outside the pandemonium where Izzy was supposed to be but she was nowhere in sight.

Y/N’s POV:

I was in the training room when I heard all the commotion well it’s about time they’re back. I made my way towards the door ready to hear them boast about how they kicked ass out there that’s when my eyes landed on Izzy she was held up by her brothers. Her face contoured in pain. She was hurt. I ran towards her to help them . “ What the hell happened?!” I asked as soon as I saw how she was withering and moaning in pain but there was no sign of any injury on her body. “The warlock out some spell on her.” Jace said as he laid her down on the bed. “It’s the spell that’s causing her pain.” Alec said his voice laced with worry as he watched his sister suffer. I looked at Izzy and knew what I had to do, “I’m sorry Izzy.” I said as I hit her lightly on her accu-points which I was sure would knock her out for some time. “What the hell did you do to her?” Alec snarled at me as soon as Izzy was out cold. “I knocked her out without hurting her because I can’t see her in pain. I know someone who might be able to help.” I said as  I left the room to make a call.

Alec’s POV:

“Man! It’s amazing how she’s recovering so fast usually these stupid warlocks’ spells wear off in weeks..” Jace said in amazement. “I like her, she’s definitely going with us on our next mission!” “Do whatever you want..” I said as I watched my little sister’s peaceful sleeping face.

Y/N’s POV:

“Alec…” “You’re awake!” “Y/N?” “Yeah, Hey! It’s okay. How are you feeling?” “Never better” Izzy said as she tried to get up and I made my way to her bedside holding out a glass of water for her knowing she might be thirsty. “Thanks..” Izzy smiled at me as she drank the whole glass in big gulps. “Hey!” Izzy said as she saw her brothers entering her room to probably check on her. “Wow! You really are awake!” Jace exclaimed obviously surprised by the development. “Why? How long was I out?” Izzy asked confused. “Well you know the warlock casted some spell on you and all. And you do know how long these spells take to wear off ….” “Was I out cold for a whole week???????!!!!!” Izzy asked clearly thrown off guard. “No.” Alec deadpanned. “ Shuriken here did some stuff and you were out for only a day which Jace finds surprising.” Alec said getting bored with the conversation.

“Well, someone has to get the information out of him and as far as I know Izzy already tried and failed. No offence Izzy!” “Non taken, in fact she’s right. Y/N you go we’ll just wait for your signal.” Izzy smiled at you and threw a sharp glare in Alec’s direction who was mumbling something under his breath.

Right now we are all standing outside a building which resembled an old warehouse. According to my information the warlock was going to attend a party thrown by the famous warlock Magnus Bane inside this warehouse. And here we are trying to get information from the same warlock who nearly killed Izzy.

I took the jacket which I was wearing, off and handed it over to Jace as I made my way inside party-warehouse in my black lace dress which covered my runes and defined my curves as well. It was a definite requirement as it was Magnus’ party and he was a fan of fancy.

I could feel some eyes on me as I made my way in and after greeting Magnus I went over to the bar and found the warlock from whom I needed the info. I passed a flirty smirk his way as I caught him staring at me. Yes, I do know how to play my cards. After all I had a lot of time to learn on my rendezvous with demons and warlocks in Hawaii. “A margarita.” I told the bartender as soon as he asked.  “Put it on my tab Lizz.” I heard a man say as he ordered himself one as well. I turned around to come face-to-face with my target. He took the empty seat beside me and I knew what I had to do.

“Y/N!!!!” Izzy exclaimed as I made my way out of the warehouse towards them. “We were waiting for your signal! What happened?!” Jace inquired. “Well, there was no need for the signal….” “I can bet the warlock wasn’t at the party…” Alec said while cutting me off and I gladly returned the favor by cutting him off in return “Job went pretty smoothly and I got all the information out of the warlock over some drinks.” I smirked as I noticed Alec hold his eye-roll midway. This earned me a “Great!!” along with a high5 from Jace and a giggle and an appreciative nod from Izzy.

Alec’s POV:
“What is it Izzy??” I asked Izzy while taking a break from training. “Well…?” Izzy said while giving me a ‘you know what I’m talking about’ look. Of course I know what she wants from me. She wants me to apologize to Y/N for not trusting her and for not treating her like she deserves to be treated. I do know that I’ve been a douche to her since she was introduced to us but I don’t know something happens to me when she’s nearby. “Alec, when are you ever going to put your bad boy demeanor off around her? She’s part of the group now and you can’t just be a douche around her forever. You’ll have to come around someday, why not sooner than later?!” Izzy stated while she made her way out of the training room.

Y/N’s POV:
“Izzy how many times will I have to tell you that you don’t have to knock on my door before coming in…” I trailed off as my eyes land on the last person I expected. “It’s me, Alec. Can I come in?” he asked while peeking his head in my room through the half open door. “Come in!” I said, though it did surprise me a lot but it would be rude of me to send him away from my door. “I um…I…” take a seat I said cutting his ramble off. “ Is everything okay?” I asked while placing a stool to sit on, in front of my bed where he sat. He looked at me like I had a horn on my head “Yeah, um yes. Fine, everything is fine… No! no it’s not fine that’s what I’m here to talk about.”

Alec’s POV:

God! Not again! This was a bad idea I shouldn’t have listen to Izzy… What if I mess up she’s going to think I’m a fool and STOP!! Stop Alec seriously get a grip on yourself. She’s looking at you… Oh she’s saying something. Fuck! She’s talking to you. Focus!!!! “Huh?” I said because my inner monologue made me miss what she was saying.. “See, that’s exactly what I mean.” “What do you mean?” What the hell! Have I messed up without eve saying a thing? “Alec. You need to rest whatever you want to talk about can wait.” She said holding my shoulders. “No! it can’t wait. Because until I get it off my chest I won’t be able to rest let alone sleep. Look I um.. I’m sorry for how I behaved I didn’t mean to be mean I just …” “You just what?” she asked. I placed my hands on her shoulders getting closer to her and fortunately for me she didn’t push me back neither did she flip…

“I like you.” There I’ve said it.

“I know..”

“You do!?”

“Yeah I thought you were just an ass at first but then I talked to Izzy and she told me..” she said smiling. Man! She has such a pretty smile. “I’m glad you finally worked up the courage to tell me though. Now are you going to kiss me or will Izzy have to give you a little push for that as well…”

“Is that so…” I said as I leaned in to kiss her.

some sarchengsey roadtrip things

  • in maryland, they stop at a 24-hour diner in baltimore and a bunch of rowdy looking street punks crash their table to invite them to a warehouse party that johns hopkins students are throwing just a little past the notorious art kid-filled copycat building. henry is practically falling asleep in the booth but mention of a skate ramp and bonfire and a dancefloor wake him right up and they agree to go because why the hell not – and it’s everything they were promised and more. gansey gets drunk and kisses a frat boy who looks a whole lot like declan lynch while henry and blue dance with the same girl between both of their bodies (her name is mikaela and she’s a printmaking major but what really matters is that she’s warm and giggly and more than happy to be in the middle of a henry-blue sandwich). 
  • in pennsylvania, they drive through expansive rural farmlands that are lush and green and the air smells sweet and crisp. they stay in an old colonial-style cottage that’s said to be haunted and stay awake all night pretending to film their own spoof episode of ghosthunters. the only problem is that blue actually can kind of feel something even though she can’t see anything, and henry is freaked out of his mind at the thought; gansey pretends it’s noah and proceeds on as usual. they end up with some entirely hilarious voice recordings of henry admitting that he’s actually highkey scared of old haunted houses while blue tries to sound way more chill than she actually feels and gansey rambles on about electromagnetic fields and energies.
  • in nebraska, they roll through omaha and stay at an airbnb owned by a kid named ricky with bright hazel eyes and a cute crooked smile who has a huge map of the US on his wall filled with pins of roadtrips he’s taken in the past. he tells them all about the one that he’s planning up to canada henry is beyond thrilled to geek out about vancouver a bit. they buy a bottle of patron from the liquor store across from ricky’s house for only $14 (gansey is blown away by how cheap it is to buy liquor here?!) and make margaritas and drink them in an inflatable pool in ricky’s yard. the room they sleep in has blankets draped from the ceiling and christmas lights strung around the walls and a nintendo 64 in the corner with a tupperware bin full of games. they play mario party 2 until it’s nearly one in the morning before all passing out in a pile on the queen-size mattress that takes up most of the floor.
  • in colorado, they stop at a strange little cantina nestled in the mountains that has the best salsa blue has ever tasted and real cowboys sit in the booth opposite theirs. blue spends the entire meal trying to eavesdrop on them while gansey gives henry a thorough history of how cantinas came to be. henry steals more than a few sips of the beer gansey ordered with a fake i.d. that ronan dreamt him up and may or may not get quite buzzed when gansey orders a glass of over-proof bourbon for him; blue watches amusedly as henry gets increasingly more handsy and affectionate with gansey. by the time they finish eating and get back in the car, blue’s stuck driving because henry insists that he and gansey have to snuggle in the backseat, they just have to, okay?
  • in utah, they spend a few days in the uinta national forest to camp and explore a bit. while searching for a good place to pitch their tent and build a fire, they come across a group of train hopping kids who’ve been camping near a little creek. blue is instant friends with a girl who introduces herself as cosma; they start weaving little crowns from the long strands of grass and weeds while chatting about the stars. gansey strikes up an intellectual conversation with this stoned kid named sequoia and impresses him with tales of welsh kings. henry plops down besides a girl who’s doodling flowers and britney spears lyrics into a beat-up sketchbook. she calls herself sprout; henry proceeds to call her lentil and alfalfa and every type of sprout he can think of and she laughs and laughs and laughs. they all build a fire together that night and smoke a little weed while sitting around it - they toast marshmellows over the fire and talk about love and blue braids cosma’s hair and they all howl like wolves at the night sky and sing silly songs to the moon til the sun paints the morning sky a dusty pink.
Loving You Is Deadly [PART 7]

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Premise: Gang!AU, you are a member of their rival gang.

Word count/genre: 1673 / angst



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