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Road 2

I’ve played a little fast and loose with the rally’s timeline in this part; this year, it took the driving teams and the rest of the retinue two days to get from the actual finish to Essaouira, where they had the closing celebratory ceremonies. I plead lack-of-structural-imagination-regarding-what-to-use-those-two-days-for license, particularly how I left things at the end of part 1. Mostly, though, I just wanted to get them to lovely Essaouira. Because everyone should have some loveliness.

Road 2

“Et maintenant?” Driss asks. And now?  It is late in the day, this last day, and he and Myka are driving their last drive together, towards the finish. The finish at Essaouira: lovely breezy city by the sea.

“Quoi?” she asks back, as blank a What? as she can manage. He gives her a little tch, a don’t play dumb noise, so she says, “Je pas.”   I don’t know.  Another tch. “Je sais pas ce qu’elle veut.”  I don’t know what she wants.

“Toutes les meufs, elles veulent la même.”  All the girls, they want the same. He’s very confident; his take it easy tone is clear.

“Moi, ouais?”  Me, yeah?

That sends him into hysterics, as intended. He deserves some reward, however small, for having put up with Myka, and for being who he’s been about the whole thing. She grins at him and says, “Tous les mecs, ils veulent la même aussi.”  All the guys, they want the same thing too.  “Les détails.”  The details.

He laughs again and settles in to cajole her into divulging any and all details regarding what she has got up to with women.

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Title: Anyone But You, Part 2

Author: mylittleACobsession

A/N: Part two of the one shot for @imakemyownblog who requested the following:

“Could I pretty please get a Jacob oneshot where the reader is a high-ranking member of the Blighters and one day they have to face down with each other, not realizing that they were childhood friends until the actual fight? To make it interesting, Jacob had a huge crush on them? XD Pretty please & thank you! <3”

Let the horrible emotional pain begin!

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Not Everything Is Black and White

Chapter 20

Co Writer: @furrynachogamer

Eren stood outside the room while he let Jean and Marco have some privacy. Armin had went down the the cafeteria to look for food. Eren leaned his head back before he felt a buzz in his pocket he pulled out his phone and saw someone had texted him. He opened the messaged and stared at his phone confused, as the message had came from a unknown number

‘Hello brat come to the warehouse where the fun all started. I’ll see you there’ the message said before another one was sent

‘P.s. Come alone or I’ll kill your whole team’

Eren growled knowing who this was from he looked up and looked around looking for anyone there that might have been suspicious and there watching them to see if Eren didn’t go to have them killed right on the spot. But everyone seemed normal no one looked out of placed or like the pictures of the criminals he is after. Eren slide his phone into his pocket and looked back into the room to make sure Jean and Marco were ok. He started walking down the hall and wondered if he was going to come back alive from this or come back with Levi finally in handcuffs. Eren got into the car and drove to the warehouse where Levi and Eren had their encounter. The night air was brisk as the fall season started to settle in on the busy city, and heavy fog rolled along the ground and the water by the docks. Eren pulled out his pistol and checked to make sure it was loaded before opening the warehouse and closing it behind him. The bright lights were on but it seemed to be like no one was there. Eren held the pistol up as he slowly crept looking for the criminal that was harboring in there.

“Hey asshole where you” Eren called

“No need to shout beautiful I’m right here” Levi said stepping out in front of him

“What did you want” Eren glared holding up his gun higher

“I didn’t know you were so eager to see me” Levi smirked

“You called me here” Eren glared

“Ohh and he’s obedient what a win for me” Levi smirked

“Tell me what you want!” Eren shouted pointing his gun at Levi

“I want you to come with me” Levi smiled

“Why the hell would I come with you! You rob, cheat, and steal from people and you attacked my team on numerous occasions” Eren glared

“Oh you see I’m not asking you to come with me.” Levi said walking up close to Eren

“I’m telling you” Levi said before punching Eren in the gut and pinning him to the floor. He kicked away the gun and sneered down at Eren.

“just as I expected you do look hot under me” Levi sneered and Eren struggled under him trying to throw the smaller man off

“You think authority is powerful but crime is stronger” Levi said as he pinned Eren’s wrists above his head while he took the handcuffs that were in Eren’s pocket and used them to cuff his wrists together and smirked before running his hand down Eren’s chest

“Look at you tied down like you are by the law. You have no freedom to show who you really are” Levi smirked

“you sick fuck!” Eren snapped and tried to punch him with his cuffed hands but Levi grabbed it and roughly slammed it back down in the cold concrete floor

“If I’m sick then you must be too because I see you’re enjoying this” Levi said as he noticed how the boy’s face flushed and how his body got warmer

“Get the fuck off me!” Eren yelled as Levi straddled his waist and as he sat on Eren’s waist he felt a bulge underneath him making Levi smirk

“Oh I’d rather stay here. I am getting a ride out of you after all” Levi smirked and lightly grinded his hips against Eren’s making Eren struggle harder

“Get off! Get off! I have a girlfriend!” Eren shouted

“And yet here you are with a massive boner” Levi said as he kept Eren’s wrists pinned to the ground and hovered over him

“you know” Levi started as he slowly started undoing the buttons on Eren’s shirt

“Mike gets to have all the sexual fun” Levi said before staring down at Eren’s chest and slowly ran his hand over his toned torso

“I think it’s my turn for a little fun” Levi said smirking at Eren before grinding his hips against Eren’s again making Eren squirm

‘why is this happening. Why am I getting turned on by this’ Eren thought to himself as Levi got off of him and undid his pants

“stop!” Eren said struggling to keep Levi from taking off his pants.

“Oh you don’t wanna be free? Ok I can fuck you like this” he said pulling his dick out from his boxers

“But I gotta say, fucking with pants on is very uncomfortable” Levi whispered in his ear as he slowly stroked Eren’s hard member.

“stop….stop” Eren panted as Levi increased his speed stroking faster and faster. Making Eren let out loud pants and small whimpers, smirking at the response Levi pulled down the waistband of his pants and boxers before wrapping his lips around Eren’s member making Eren let out a sharp gasp

‘god this feels so good’ Eren thought before he let his cuffed hands get tangled in Levi’s hair

he’s better at giving a blowjob then Mikasa’ Eren thought slowly grinding his hips

‘I don’t understand why I was fighting it’ he thought

Levi sucked harder and watched as the boy under him squirmed around and finally letting out moans. Levi replaced his mouth with his hand as he starting stroking Eren again

“I see you aren’t fighting this anymore” Levi smirked and Eren looked at him his sea green eyes changing to a golden yellow that was full of lust. Levi completely took off Eren’s pants to which Eren didn’t disagree to. Levi pulled down his pants and rolled on a condom as he continued to stroke Eren’s throbbing dick, before he pressed his tip to Eren’s hole

“Levi no wait!” Eren shouted but Levi already slammed into him making Eren scream out and tears run down the side of his eyes, Eren squirmed around uncomfortably

“Oh I forgot you’ve never been with a guy huh” Levi said slowly rolling his hips
Eren nodded his head whimpered as Levi started to move

“you’ll get use to it” Levi smirked before he roughed thrusted it him

“Levi please stop! It hurts” Eren cried

“Shut up and enjoy it Eren don’t turn me off now you won’t like it” Levi purred as he sped up his pace thrusting faster and harder into Eren while stroking his cock making Eren scream and buck his hips at the new founding pleasure. Eren felt his orgasm building up, and he couldn’t hold it much longer before he released into Levi’s hand and on his stomach, Levi smirked before he felt himself release into the condom. He slowly rode out his orgasm before pulling out and pulling the condom off and pulling his pants back up leaving Eren half naked on the floor panting and cum sticking to his stomach. Levi picked up Eren’s pants before digging around in his pockets looking for something before he pulled out Eren’s wallet and opening it

“officer Eren Yeager” Levi read before looking at Eren and he just looked at him. Levi pulled out his phone before taking a picture of Eren’s ID and then tossing it in the floor

“if you don’t want your teammates hurt anymore I expect you to follow the order I give you. Do you understand” Levi said and Eren nodded

“good, be close to your phone will send you messages of your orders and then I expect you to delete them right away. Do I make myself clear” Levi said and Eren nodded once again

“good” Levi said before walking over to Eren kneeling down and kissing him deeply before pulling away and starting to leave

“I’ll see you later ocean eyes” Levi called

“wait Levi you can’t just leave me here like this!” Eren yelled sitting up but Levi continued walking away

“Levi! Levi!” Eren called but he already walked out if the building making Eren groan in frustration.


Club Fallout: A Get Together Build

Lot Size: 30x20
Venue: Nightclub
Location: Newcrest
No CC used

The Story:

It doesn’t look like much from the street, but you know the old saying; “All Business up Top, but a Party down below!” That.s  definitely the best way to describe Club Fallout. Hidden in the Fallout Shelter of an abandoned Warehouse, Club Fallout started out as a place where local college students at Newcrest University would hold the occasional Rave.  It didn’t take long before some enterprising entrepreneur  realized there were some significant Simoleons to be made from these hard partying college kids, and thus Club Fallout was born.

The Build:

I had a lot of fun with this build. Seeing as there was so much cool new stuff in Get Together, I decided to take another crack at doing a CC free build.  I have to say, I was pretty pleased with the result and I hope you will be too.  You can find Club Fallout in my SimDoughnut gallery using the hastags #nightclub #gettogether #disco #fallout #warehouse and #newcrest.

Have fun :)!

Someone asked a very good question about Pete and Myka versus Myka and HG [edit to add: and tv tropes and thinking outside the box] and the track director tried to pull the mic twice before she finished her question. Joanne said to let her ask and then Saul answered ahead of Joanne and said HG and Myka would have been “more politically correct” but was not “five years in the making.” The question asker, quite fairly, said, “sorry, the question wasn’t for you.” And then this is probably 98% of Joanne’s answer.

It’s a fair question and there’s no reason to pull the mic, my goodness. People ask all kinds of legit awful and innappropriate questions and don’t get the mic pulled. Bizarre and unnecessary.

Anyways, otherwise another 40 minute cry fest!

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So amatterofcomplication made this manip, for which I wrote a goofy little commentfic. But then there seemed to be a longer AU situation to be explored… and it begins here. Amatterofcomplication promises more images to come soon, and she is also in large part directing the direction of the words. I am but a humble junior minion scribe who puts hands to keyboard in support of Race’s accidental prompt: Myka likes books, and being a hero..


“Looks like you’ve got yourself a cat, hero.”

Myka keeps hearing those words echo in her head as she stalks through the neighborhood, armed with “found cat” flyers and a roll of duct tape. “Don’t call me hero,” she’d said to Steve Jinks, once she’d got herself down from the tree. Herself and the kitten, who was starting to yeep in a startlingly high pitch. “Where are those kids, anyway?”

“Ran off the minute you started climbing,” Steve chuckled.

The truck was out only because of a false alarm anyway, but then the kids yelled to them about the cat—kitten—in the tree, and there they were, and they were firefighters, for heaven’s sake, so they stopped—and now there’s this tiny cat at the firehouse, and Trailer’s whining and giving it looks that say “tapas?” and so Myka’s making her way around this neighborhood—which, she’s now noticing, is starting to gentrify: that bookstore, hadn’t it used to be one of those dark, run-down places? Myka thinks of those as more interesting, really, but she also has to concede that this one seems more inviting, now that it’s brighter. There’s a window display of children’s books, another of young adult novels, and Myka thinks that’s good, that’s smart—and then she thinks bookstores, people who like books like cats, right? And she thinks she’ll step in—not to buy a book, she admonishes herself, because there are too many piles of those in her house already, ones that she’s in the process of reading, ones that she saw and just had to have, ones that she keeps meaning to get through, honestly, at some point (there’s this one about the history of table manners that she just knows is going to be fascinating, but she never has time)—anyway, not to buy a book, just to ask if she can hang a flyer by the register or maybe there’s a bulletin board or maybe she could even put it in the window—but that display is lovely, and she would hate to block it with her slapped-together flyer.

And so she goes in. A bell jingles as she pushes at the door. Her first breath inside, it smells right, and that’s a little surprising—there is paper here old enough to break down, despite the newness of the store’s façade and display.

She hears, “One moment!” from somewhere in the back of the store. A woman’s voice—a British-accented woman’s voice, and Myka thinks, just at the edge of her mind, that it’s somehow familiar?

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Precinct 13: Season 2 Fall Preview
Bering and Wells 80’s Cop AU!
image by: @beatricethecat2
words by: @apparitionism
inspired by a poke in a post by @mfangeleeta


How Yoox Does It

The images are created by 60 photographers in 55 studios, long rows of square black boxes in another Yoox complex. Here straight-on but still seductive product shots for yoox.com and the many mono-brand sites are cranked out with martial efficiency. Brand representatives come and go to make sure that their precious product is being shot exactly as they would like (one of the many complexities of partnering with 37 of the most controlling brands in the world). Still, at peak times 15,000 pieces are shot each day. In another part of the warehouse Fun-Tom, an automated system using 41 moving Plexiglas mannequins, can shoot 200 outfits in an hour. Yoox has also developed its own software, Turn-Oh, which can stitch together 30 shots to create 360-degree animations. There are separate warehouses for folded items and hanging items; another is being built just for shoes.

From Nick Compton’s excellent Telegraph article on Yoox and its founder, Federico Marchetti.