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Warehouse 13: TNG Now with bonus manip of future XO of the Moreau (After James is found out to be section 31) Abigail Cho. (feel free to click and make them bigger. Stare at the wonder of the Bajoran nose or to make the Gif not so blurry and all that)

Captain Arthur Nielsen - Human - Command
Commander XO James MacPherson/Abigail Cho - Human - Command
Chief medical officer Vanessa Calder - Human/Vulcan - Medical
Lt. Commander Leena - El Aurian - Medical
Lt. Myka Bering - Joined Trill - Science
Lt. Pete Lattimer - Human/Betazoid - Security
Ensign Claudia Donovan - Genetically engineered human - Engineering
Ensign Steve Jinks - Bajoran - Helm
Civ/Lt Five of Twelve - Borg/Human - Engineering
Q Continuum - Q “Mrs F Q” - Q


Quick quick QUICK ass manips (meaning excuse mistakes) because reasons. (Psst Racethewind10 PSSST) I COULD TALK ABOUT THESE 4 FOREVER. Urgh the w13: tng verse makes me feel things.

Hg likes to wind up Five a lot. Myka Bering doesn’t know how to process two Hg’s. Lt Bering is used to dopples being a starfleet officer and swoons when Five argues science back. She’s so cute.

Janeway telling Amanda how her and Seven met and Amanda thinking it’s really sweet (she’s thought about it too lets be honest)

Jane comforting Seven when she’s a little upset instinctively. (Totz in love with Amanda lets face it, she can’t help it)

Lt Bering getting really flustered cause Hg keeps OTT flirting with her (she’s winding her up cause it’s so easy to make her blush and she’s not used to someone looking like Five being that forward)


Lt. Bering: Five what are you doing?
Five: It was the only way I could think to save you. I disrupted the Cubes shields. You should be able to beam back now.
Lt. Bering: But you’re inside the forcefieldI’m not leaving without you!
Five: Then you will be assimilated.

Five: If you had been assimilated the knowledge the Borg would have learned would have made the Moreau a target. I did not expect that Captain Nielsen would allow you to return for me. I did not expect you to return for me.
Lt. Bering: Looks like you still have a few things to learn but for now I believe Vanessa said you should be regenerating.
Five: When I am finished.
Lt. Bering: No, now.  
Five: Yes, Myka.
Lt. Bering: Sweet dreams.

All my submissions may be in a Queue but I couldn’t not stick this one at #1. Like every other AU week I’m kicking this one off with the love of my life.

AU Week - Warehouse 13: The Next Generation. Stopping the Borg, Saving the Day. (W13 TNG masterlist)


Warehouse 13: TNG.
The first time these 4 meet? I think it is. Janeway has that knowing look Myka. She isn’t fooled. She had those looks toward a certain Borg once upon a time too.


Lmao talking with sophiealdred and pbandfluff about Five and Seven pranking people together by responding to any negative comments about the Borg with #Misborgyny #notallborgs #borgsrightsactivists.and straight faces. Much to the dismay of the person who said it I might add.

It was a great conversation. People shouldn’t allow us to talk on skype.


Warehouse 13: TNG - Using timeline ranks to practice effects.

Crew members of the U.S.S Moreau. Galaxy Class.

Captains/Heads of the U.S.S Athena. Intrepid Class.

Helena "Five of Twelve secondary adjunct of Unimatrix 83" Wells

I’m going to fangirl under a cut since I am aware i’m the only one of a small minority who cares about Five headcanons/relationships and why I made her a Borg: Sometimes I just need to make w13: tng things >.>

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