The Vodka Made Me Do It (update)

So chapter 149 of 150 is here and boy, it’s a doozy. I said there would be one more gut punch chapter before this one ended and this is it. (I even got a little misty while writing/editing. It’s a sad one for me at least). There’s a major character death and some homophobic stuff (since it’s set in the ‘80s) so be warned. It’s hard to imagine that with what’s happened in the past week, this is how things were not that long ago.

Anyway, thanks for reading and please let me know what you think.

Today and every day in between

Myka sighed and retied her hair in a loose ponytail.  This latest shipment was taking far longer to inventory and unload than she’d planned. Todd had called out today to attend a last minute meeting for the crisis center. Their annual fundraiser was a couple of days away and one of the sponsors was thinking about backing out…

The bookstore manager had waved him off, telling him to come in over the weekend to make up his hours.

She looked down at her watch, eyebrows raised in surprise at the time.  Claudia should have been here 20 minutes ago for the closing shift.

Before she could get to the phone to call Artie, Claudia’s guardian, the young red head burst through the door.

“Myka!” she gasped.  “Myka! Steve collapsed in the street. They took him to St. Vincent’s.”

Myka pulled the sobbing girl into her arms, fighting back tears herself.  

Steve had been the first to welcome Myka to the city when she’d moved to New York in 1975. They had even been roommates for a brief time in until Liam had come into the picture.

They were still neighbors, living in the same building a few blocks away from the bookstore that Myka worked.  Claudia was one of the building’s many kids and Steve’s shadow.

She reminds me of my little sister he’d told Myka one day over drinks.

“How long ago did it happen? Is he still at the hospital?” Myka pulled back a little and willed the teen to calm a little.

“This morning, Artie told me.” Fresh tears began. “Artie said that he happened to look out the window and see Steve there on the sidewalk. No one wanted to help him because he’s sick and has the lesions on his face.  Artie called Kosan and they got him to the hospital. I just got home from school but Artie wouldn’t let me go see him!”

“It’s okay,” Myka hugged Claudia again. “It’s okay.  Helena’s working so we can sneak you in.”

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