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Sunday Comin’ Down Playlist
In honor of International Women’s Day, This Sunday’s Comin’ Down Playlist features tracks from chicks who rock: Kali Uchis, Courtney Barnett, Björk + more. Be sure to get your listening in before we cook up next week’s playlist and follow us on Spotify!

Happy chilaxin’ ladies and gents <3

Photo: vansgirls

Pictured: 5x7" Six-drawer miniature apothecary cabinet pyrographed with original art of a Mandrake Man, Mandrake Woman and flowers/fruit from various species (it now, also, has tiny wooden pulls made from maple twigs). Unfinished 4" mini peyton with double pentagram and God/Goddess imagery. Unstarted 4" Labyrinth peyton.

Tonight I’m going to be working on a small four-drawered cabinet (12x8x4"-ish) with various bones/skulls and poisons. I’ve also got six more blank 4" discs, two more 5" discs, one 6" disc, one mini-apothecary cabinet missing two drawers that needs tinkering with, three mandrake coffins, and a big tree slice that all need ideas for them. And, gods willing, we’ll have a day where it’s warm enough to linseed all of my finished projects including the little forest of wands.

(and yes, the above should all be available in my shop.)

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Caitlin helps Barry buy a suit <3

title | it’s in the air, you just have to believe

notes | Sorry no part III tonight. Ended up going to the middle school musical (Lion King!) and didn’t get time to edit, since I have to be at school at 5 am tomorrow. So instead, a prompt fill as I work on re-acclimating to writing more than 300 word pieces again :)

“Are you sure you don’t mind helping out with this Caitlin?”

Two feet to his right, Caitin huffs out a sound that he can only describe as vague but largely affectionate annoyance. “It’s really not a big deal Barry,” she replies, in a tone that suggests if he keeps asking about it then it’s going to turn into one. He still feels a little guilty, having to ask her to come along to help him pick out a suit when he’s a grown man (a superhero for crying out loud) and therefore should be perfectly capable of doing it himself. But he’s never actually been great at formal ware (he rocks business casual; truly excels at towing the line between comfort and keeping Singh happy) and he really wants to bring his A-game for Joe’s fancy award ceremony.

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