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Holidays (A Nick Jakoby one shot)

Hey everyone! So @spartanlady16 sent me a request asking me for a Nick Jakoby short where Darryl asks him over for the holidays. So here it Is! I did my best y'all. I also wrote this on my phone, so, sorry if there are mistakes.



It never really gets cold in Los Angeles. The only real difference between December and April is maybe a twenty degree shift in weather and the Christmas decorations. Plus sometimes people wear pants instead of shorts. However there is always that odd duck on the beach when it’s sixty-five degrees out going surfing. That’s the beauty of it though, living there. It might not be calm or peaceful but you can still get out and do things, even in December.

Nick never really liked Christmas. It wasn’t much of a holiday for Orcs, more of a human thing. So even though he enjoyed the colorful lights and the story itself, he didn’t bother celebrating. Who was he going to celebrate with anyway? He didn’t have any friends, and his parents had been dead for about ten years now. There really wasn’t anyone to spend the holidays with. Except this year was different.

Even though they didn’t call each other friends, they were partners. And Darryl Ward wasn’t about to let his partner spend Christmas alone.

Darryl glanced over at Nick where he sat behind the wheel, skillfully navigating the heavy traffic in their police cruiser as they made their way through the Elf District.

“Dude, I still don’t know what makes you think going through Elf Town is a good idea. It aint no fuckin short cut, man. It’s a deathwish. One of those cars costs more than my damn house! Jesus, stay in your own lane ya fool!” He snapped as an elf in a swanky car swerved towards their lane without their blinker on.

“Calm down, Ward. I know what I’m doing.” Nick said, his voice rather subdued even now. His mood had been rather sour as of late, and Darryl was so tired of grumpy Nick.

“Alright that’s it. I’m tired of your mopey ass. I need that ‘so happy it makes you stupid’ attitude back alright? I know you don’t like the holidays man but shit, it’s almost Christmas and you are acting like Scrooge.” Darryl grumped.

“Scrooge? Really? I thought we were past the name calling stage of this relationship, Ward.” Nick retorted without taking his eyes off the road.

“Why you gotta go and make shit awkward like that? This ain’t no damn relationship, this is a partnership alright man? So fuck your grumpy attitude. You need to cheer up. I want you to come to my house for Christmas. It would make Sophia happy to see you. She asked me if you could come for Christmas, and I am not about to disappoint her. So you’re coming. End of discussion.” Darryl said, his tone saying that it was final. There was no fighting it.

Nick opened his mouth as if to fight the demands but whenever Darryl brought Sophia into it, Nick knew he couldn’t refuse. Cursing under his breath Nick clenched his fists on the steering wheel, “Fine. I’ll come. Just…. tell me when to be there.” he said, his voice gravely with irritation.

“Good! You better. I’ll text you when to be at the house. And don’t drive on my fucking lawn.” Darryl warned, waving his hand at Nick, causing Nick to laugh lightly, and before long they put the conversation behind them. It was only one day he could handle it.

Why did I agree to this? Nick wondered internally as he stood on Ward’s doorstep Christmas Day, it was almost one o’clock, the time that Ward had told him to be there. He held a homemade pecan pie in one hand, a bag full of presents hanging from his elbow, and reached up with the other hand to knock loudly on the door. Then he waited, standing outside their door awkwardly in a dark blue button up dress shirt and black slacks. He had even shined his best pair of black boots, the kind he wore with his dress blues.

Pointed ears twitched as he heard commotion behind the door, listening with his eyes closed. Sherri wasn’t all that happy that he was coming. That wasn’t any surprise to him. She was warming up to him now, but she still didn’t like him hanging out at the house. Sophia’s voice is who he heard next, a twitch of his lips turning into a small smile as he realized the girl was practically bouncing off the walls as she ran to the door, excited to see the man who had saved her father’s life on several occasions now.

The door flung open and Sophia stood in the doorway, a look of pure excitement on her face as she looked up at Nick, “Nicky!” She yelped, holding out her fist to her older friend.

“Hey Sophia!” Nick exclaimed, extending his own and bumping it with hers enthusiastically. It was impossible to stay in a sour mood when Sophia was around, and he found his spirits lifting the longer he stayed in the cheerful girl’s presence. She jumped back from the door and let him inside, guiding him to the kitchen where he sat down the pie he had brought along.

Sherri was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the ham when Nick entered. Turning her head to look at him as he stood in the doorway, she did her best to give him a warm smile. She was still wary of him, but Sophia was happy he was here so she tried to be too. “Thanks for making a pie Nick. You can put those gifts under the tree. We will open everything after dinner. It should be done soon.” She said in a chipper voice and returned to her task.

Nick merely smiled at her as best he could and went into the livingroom to add his gifts to the bottom of the tree. It was rare to exchange gifts for him. Usually it only happened on birthdays. But he thought that Sophia would like what he got her. And Darryl and Sherri aught to make use of theirs.

Nick stood in front of the tree for a short while, admiring the twinkling lights and the memory ornaments that had been carefully placed on the tree, wondering if someday he might have a family like this, a holiday tradition he could celebrate. Moments later he pulled himself away from the tree when he heard Darryl calling to him from the backyard. He had been attempting to set up one of the gifts that ‘Santa’ had brought Sophia early this morning, a play set for the backyard, but had given up temporarily in favor of the food that was being set out on the table.

Nick grinned as he was clapped ok the back by his partner, a friendly arm thrown around his shoulders as a beer was pressed into his hand, “I’m glad you could make it Jakoby. Nobody should be alone on Christmas.” Darryl said in an old, wise man like voice.

“I’m actually glad to be here. Sophia seems happy. And Sherri doesn’t seem to hate me today. At least not as much as usual.” Nick laughed and took a sip of his drink as Darryl pulled away and nodded towards the clean dishes on the table, “Let’s set this stuff up. She doesn’t hate you by the way. She’s just getting used to you.” Darryl assured him as he began to set the table.

Nick chuckled and took a handful of silverware to set out on the table. “Well. I’m still happy about it.” he said honestly. The conversation changed from there, as they went on to talk about football, a new Marvel movie coming out that they wanted to see, until finally dinner was ready and they could all eat.

It was later that night, after dinner had been eaten, the food put away, the presents opened, as they sat down to watch a Christmas movie because according to Darryl watching the original Rudolph was a tradition, that Nick realized something important. As he sat there on a pile of pillows with Sophia resting her head on his thigh and Sherri and Darryl snuggled together on the couch, this thought came to him.

This is what the holidays were supposed to be about. It wasn’t the presents or the dinner, or even the traditions. It was family. The people you spent that special time of year with, and at this very moment, Nick didn’t want to be anywhere else. He and Darryl might not be friends, and Sherri might not like him much yet… but they were his family. And he was so grateful to have them.

Maybe in ten years he would have a family of his own, a wife and a child or two… but he hoped that even then, that Darryl, Sophia, and Sherri would still be a part of it.

It was almost ten o’clock before Nick had managed to extricate himself from beneath Sophia’s head, watching as Darryl picked her up and carried her to bed. While he tucked the little girl into bed Nick gathered up his things, including the new pair of sunglasses that Sophia had picked out for him. Settling them backwards on his head, he shrugged on his coat and said his goodnights to Sherri before heading to the door.

It wasn’t long before Darryl came back down to walk him outside to his truck, and they took the walk slowly. There was a slight chill in the air but Nick didn’t notice as he stood by his truck, “Thanks again. For inviting me I mean, Ward. I had a good time. I’ve never celebrated Christmas before. But now I know how it is supposed to be.”

“No one should be alone on Christmas Nick. You’re always welcome here. You saved my life, the least I can do is share it with you right?” Darryl chuckled and reached out to clasp Nick’s hand, drawing him in to give him a one armed hug. Nick didn’t know how to react, somewhat stunned though he quickly tried to return the gesture.

Both men pulled back and laughed awkwardly before shaking hands firmly this time, “It was a good night. I’ll see you at work on Monday.” Nick said with a light chuckle, his ears twitching as he bid Darryl a good night and climbed up into his truck.

On the ride home Nick thought about the night, and all those Christmases in the past when he had been alone, when he had let the hateful words of people he didn’t know get to him. But not tonight, and hopefully, never again.


I made a full list of Adventure Time’s credits in the show style and paired it with the full length “Island Song” (AT version) by Ashley Eriksson.



Merry Christmas from the Price Residence (Love is Strange)

As soon as the first tiny bell jingles come through the TV speakers, Rachel’s head snaps to look at it. When she realizes that yes, it’s real, it’s happening, she springs to her feet in the middle of the living room.

Kate knows what’s coming, even if she’s never seen Rachel around Christmas before. There’s no way that Rachel isn’t going to - 


This catches Max and Chloe’s attention, and Chloe sits up from Max’s lap. Back from the kitchen, Dana peaks her head around the corner to see what’s up.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas~”

Rachel ignores the eyes on her, shutting her eyes and beginning to sway in rhythm. Still, she and Mariah could use some back-up.

Now, Rachel and Kate in unison: “There is just one thing I need.”

Dana’s got a smirk on her face that makes Kate blush, but it’s too late to stop now. Max and Chloe are watching, too, eyes wide, as if they still don’t get what’s happening.

“I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree.”

Rachel opens one eye slyly to get a peak at Kate, but once she can see her singing, she closes her eyes again.
Max joins in, because she’s not a punk who pretends things aren’t good because they’re popular like her girlfriend.

“I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is you~”

As soon as the instrumentation kicks in, Rachel starts to bob her head up and down to the beat, and swaps out her swaying for step-touching. Now even Joyce has stopped what she was doing in the kitchen.
Kate’s embarrassed, but it doesn’t stop her from belting out the next few lines. It doesn’t stop Dana or Chloe either.

Rachel’s eyes open as she begins to dance, pointing at Max and Chloe with every ‘All I want is you”.

It quickly descends into a din, and Kate is the only one who notices Taylor and Victoria getting back from their smoke break in the back yard. They just sit there, stunned for a second.

Then, unprompted, Taylor jumps alongside Rachel and just shouts: “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU!”

Victoria groans loud enough to be audible, but no one pays her any mind. Rachel darts forward, grabbing Max and Chloe’s hands and pulling them up alongside her and Taylor. Kate just keeps on singing along while Dana comes to the back of her seat, resting her elbows just behind Kate’s head. Kate has no idea if she’s on pitch - she can barely hear herself.

Just as Taylor is dragging Victoria into the mess, Dana taps Kate’s shoulder. When she looks, Dana nods her head towards the open space outside of the couches that isn’t absolutely filled with girls right now. Kate raises her eyebrows in question, but Dana just backs up, and she follows.

Dana grabs her hands, as if Kate should know what is happening. Wait. She does. It’s swing-

And then they’re going, Dana leading her in the most cramped west coast swing of her life.

But then it’s over, and Taylor groans in disappointment.

“FUCK YOU, IT’S NOT OVER!” Rachel shouts, grabbing the remote. 

She taps a few buttons, and then, those little bells are there again.

This time, everyone is singing along. Kate can see a sullen David near the garage entrance, but she just ignores him.

Instead of resuming their swing dance as it hits the allegro, though, Dana just brings Kate’s hands to her hips and drapes her arms over her shoulders.

“I don’t want a lot-” Kate tries to keep singing, but Dana’s kissing her and she has to stop, just standing in the hall while Max trips and falls on the couch, then the floor.

They’re still kissing as Victoria and Rachel give their loudest is “BABY ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU!”