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Sportsnet Canada went around asking the ‘Canes what they’d get their teammates for Xmas. Hilarity ensued.

Mistletoe Kiss

Requested by Anon: Agents of Shield -Imagine Grant Ward taking you to Gramsie’s house for Christmas and her treating you like a grandchild of her own because she’s been pestering Grant to bring her and marry her and settle down, etc

Ohhh such a beautiful request! (More of this please) Hope you’ll like it! :)


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In the Bus:

Today was Christmas and instead of making yourself ready for tonight, you trained downstairs in the bus, to get your head free after a hard mission. 
Grant, your best friend, was looking for you. He was worried about you and tried to take care of you like always. 

**You parents died when you were twelve and Grant and you met each other on a street as some boys wanted to steal your food. He protected you and since that no one could tear you two apart.**

Ward watched you as you were beating and kicking the punching bag as hard as you could. He leaned over the bars. He didn’t know why, but Grant was smiling as he saw you. When you stopped, he walked downstairs.

“Hey sunshine.” he said and you were turning around.

“Hell no! Get upstairs!” You laughed. “I look terrible.. I’ll change before we go to your grams, I promise.” You chuckled.

Grant smirked and throw a towel, which was laying on the ground, over to you. “You know.. we could stay here like last year.” he suggested.

“No. You told your Grams that she’d finally meet the poor orphan woman you took care of.. after all these years. You can’t break a promise to a Grandmother!” You replied smiling.

“Don’t call yourself that, you’ve a family now.” Grant smiled a bit. “I was just thinking because of yesterday..The Mission was a bit-”

“No.. uhm, I’m fine.” You smiled soft. “I’ll take a shower now and get ready. Who said you would pick us up, after May let us out?” you asked a bit shouting because you started walking upstairs.

“My older brother actually but I’ll drive us now. I don’t want to see him to soon when I don’t have to.. but I’ll give you an advice, don’t let him flirt with you. He always does that.” He said after you.

“Don’t worry, I could handle one Ward and I’ll handle another too.” You said laughing and went upstairs to get ready.


Gramsie’s House - In the Car:

Ward stopped his car, as you were before a big house with beautiful decoration on it. You wasn’t sure if it was Grant’s Grandma’s Home because Grant always told you ‘bad’ things about his family, not about his Grandma but about the others.. and this house doesn’t seem like place with ‘bad’ people in it.

Grant saw a smile in your face but looked worried at you, “Are you sure you want to get in there? There is my whole family and my brother and-”

You turned to him and touched gently his face, “Stop.” You smiled. “You know for how long I want to meet your family and-” You paused and blushed a bit when you noticed that you were touching the face of your best friend. Then you let him go, “-And you don’t have to worry. It will be great.”

“My brother is going to tell you things..” He replied and looked at Gramsie’s House.

You smirked a bit when Grant looked so worried. “I won’t listen. Come on.” You said and opened the door.

You waited walking over to the front door ‘til Ward was standing next to you. You gave him a last short smile and then you walked together to his Grandmother’s House.


Grant pulled out a key and you were wondered why he’d have a key to his grandmothers house. You looked confused and he laughed a bit because he knew how it must have seemed.

“My Grandpa gave it to me because sometimes he was laying outside and he never heard the bell. I have this key since I was little.”

“Does your brother have one?” You asked curious.

Grant smirked as he opened the door, “Nope.”


Gramsie’s House:

You both were half in the house when Grand’s Grandmother came around a corner and hugged her grandchild. 

“Graaaaaant!” She smiled while she hugged him and you had to because it looked so cute and Grant blushed a bit as he looked over to you. “You’ve to be Y/N, right Dear?” She smiled at you.

You nodded, “Yeah, yeah I am. Nice to meet you Mrs. Ward.” You answered a bit shy.

Gramsie was looking to Grant and smiled a bit. You didn’t know what you said, if you did something wrong.. but before you could even ask, Gramsie pulled you in a hug. You saw Grant smiling and you had too. 

“Please call me Grandma, Gramsie or Grams. I heard so much about you all these years and you’re like a sister for Grant so..” She smiled again and you nodded. “Come on in now, the others are waiting.”

You followed Grant’s Grandma with a faked smile and walked together with them into the living room. The whole family welcomed you with open arms.


Gramsie’s House - Porch:

After you met all of the Ward family you needed a short break. It wasn’t like they weren’t nice to you, they were but not to Grant. They made some terrible jokes about him which doesn’t seem like jokes to you, but every time you wanted to say something Ward gave you a look. The look he gives you on every mission, when you should hold yourself back. It was hard for you to do that because you always had his back so you needed some fresh air.

You heard a door opened behind you and hoped that Ward decided to join you. Maybe to give you his jacket. because it was a bit could outside. When you heard the steps behind you, you knew immediately that this wasn’t the Ward you wanted to have next to you.

“It’s cold here. Don’t you want to get back in?” Christian asked gently.

“Actually I’m good, thanks.” You said sitting on the ground.

You had in your mind that Grant warned you about his brother and that Grant probably wouldn’t want to see you talking to him all alone. You tried to avoid him the whole evening but now you couldn’t, your only hope was that Grant would show up but you didn’t knew where he was.. and if he was with his Grandmother you didn’t want to disturb them.

Christian sat next to you, “Gramsie seems to like you.” 

You turned to him, “She’s a wonderful woman.” you replied with a smile.

“Yeah, she can be.” Christian responded. “I didn’t like her so much.”

You looked a bit pissed and confused at him, “How could anyone not like her? You should be thankful to have a Grandmother like that.” You answered sharply. “She took care of you and your siblings when you parents died.”

Christian smirked, “Ah, yeah my sister told me about your Orphan thing. You should be thankful not to have any family or be in this one.” You shook your head and tried to stay calm. “You’re freezing.. here.” He smiled and gave you his jacket. 

You weren’t comfortable with it, because you could saw why Grant didn’t like his brother but he was right you were freezing and you still didn’t want to get inside. It was quiet for a minute and you hoped that Christian would go inside but he didn’t instead he broke the silence again.

“You’re to beautiful for Grant.” He looked flirty at you. You laughed a bit and shook your head again. “You deserve something better.” Christian turned to you and came a bit closer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said and looked into the sky to avoid his eyes.

He laughed soft, “He’s into you. Grant never brought someone to Gramsie’s. Well, never to anyone of this family.. and to be honest he never had a girl for over a year. How long are you two now some sort of a team? Over 7 years?” You nodded soft because you were still thinking back on the ‘into you’ part. “I don’t know how you do that. He’s still a stupid little boy and I think you deserve a real man.” Christian came again closer to you.

The whole Christmas evening Grant’s own family talked badly about him. You didn’t understand how people could be this bad. Everyone except Gramsie was a bad person and tried everything to make Grant looking like a totally loser and now you finally had enough. You made a fist and tried not to punch Christian. You focused on Grant’s smile but tried still to avoid your feelings for him but otherwise you couldn’t stay calm.


You heard the door opened again, this time it was the right Ward and you smiled.

“Graaant, in the right moment. We were talking about you.” Christian said provoked.

Grant didn’t give his brother much attention as he saw how focused you seemed. “Y/N, want you to come in? Gramsie want to show you your room for tonight.” Grant asked gently.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” You said and stood up while you gave Christian his jacket back. You noticed Grant’s look as he saw that you had his brothers jacket. “It’s not what it looks like. I promise.” You said calm and Grant nodded.

Grant’s brother stood up. “What is he jealous? We had just a little chat.” 

Christian wrapped an arm around you waist and Grant looked really pissed. You smiled at Grant and he looked confused, he thought you wanted his brother to touch you. So Grant was about to go back inside. Grant’s family saw you three and laughed a bit as Grant wanted to go inside with his jealous face.

“So how about a mistletoe kiss?” Christian suggested as he looked short up and you laughed.

“Looks like Y/N finds the other Ward brother better.” His sister laughed sarcastic at Grant.

Grant turned around and seemed sad. You came closer to his brother, punched him into his face as he tried to kiss you and kicked straight into his stomach. Than you pulled him off of his feet and he fell to the cold ground.

“If you ever and I mean ever, say something bad about Grant or Gramsie.. I’ll find you and I’ll do that again. Harder.” You threatened and waited til Christian nodded on the ground. “Merry Christmas.” You said and walked inside.


Gramsie’s House - Your room:

After Christian’s sister helped him to get up and drove him in a hotel, Christmas was over.. You ruined Family Grant’s Christmas and felt bad for it. You walked straight into your room, you found it by yourself and sat on the bed. You were thinking if it was right what you did because in the moment you did it, it seemed pretty right but you felt ashamed because of Grant’s Grandmother and a bit for what you did to Christian, just a bit.

>>knock, knock.<<

You took a deep breath, it doesn’t matter if it was Gramsie or Grant you wanted to apologize. “Come in.”

Grant came in with a small smile and a hot chocolate, “Are you okay?” he asked and gave it to you.

“Are you? I’m so sorry for ruining everything, I shouldn’t have come-” You paused and put the chocolate on a little table which stood next to your bed. “I swear I’ll make it up to you and your Grandmother. I’m so, so-” 

You turned around and Grant was smiling, you looked confused but then he took your head gently in his hand ans started to kiss you. You kissed him back and hold yourself a bit on his arms but then you stopped kissing him.

“What was that for?” You asked curious and asked yourself if he knew about your feelings for him.

“Actually I wanted to ask you out, for a real date before I’d kiss you but after tonight.. I just had to.” He smiled and you tried not to blush. “God, I should’ve have done that a long time ago.”

Then Grant leaned forward again and this time you kissed him first. It was an amazing feeling to kiss him after all these years. You knew you had feelings for him when he saved you for the third time in the fight against the Aliens in New York, where you both helped a bit out. Since then you tried to push this feelings away but you couldn’t.

“Want you two something to eat?” His grandmother asked as she came but clapped into her hand as she saw Grant and you and you two stopped kissing. “Finally you had the courage to do it!”

“You told Gramsie?” You asked and he nodded soft.

“I needed some advice.” He smiled over to his Grandmother. “I couldn’t ask my best friend because I totally fell for her so, I need to ask the other woman in my life, that is the most important person to me. Don’t be mad.” Grant replied laughing and you smiled.

“But he did all wrong.” Gramsie said and sat next to you two. “His Grandfather told me that he loved me on Christmas, like Grant should do. It’s so romantic when two persons who love each other, are kissing under a mistletoe.”

“So I did what she told me and hang the mistletoe outside but Christian-”

“He was always a difficult child Grant, it’s okay.” Gramsie replied. 

You looked confused, “How did you knew that I-” You started to ask Grant, how he could have possibly known about your feelings.

“Darling, I told him. After what he told me about you, it was pretty clear you had these feelings for him. Grant had them since he protected you on the street. Since then he talked about you every time he visited me.” Gramsie smiled and Grant blushed. “ “Anyways, his Grandfather was such a charming man-”

Gramsie was telling Grant and you stories the whole night until she felt asleep in the bed where you should actually sleep but you didn’t mind at all. You never met your Grandmother and it was nice to feel a bit how it might would be to have one. And so you could sleep in Wards room, into his safe arms.


Sportsnet Canada made the Sharks edition of Secret Santa a true challenge by saying that Burns and Thornton are not to receive anything beard-related, so their teammates had to get creative. 

I’d say they succeeded.

“The London Season” Downton Abbey Series 4 Christmas Special - Lily James as Lady Rose MacClare and Janet Montgomery as Freda Dudley Ward (2013).