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nadia pym in the unstoppable wasp #002 (2017)

‘i’ll let you know when i become more interested in kissing someone than in quantum physics, okay?’

Wardrobe Wednesday-Some Costume Change

Most unoriginal, uninspired, uncreative thing I’ve ever came up with, but it just works somehow. I know Jack and InuYasha are nothing alike in personalty. What do share in common though, both carry powerful swords, both shows involve elements of time travel and while Ashi is no archer like Kagome, she can at let catch and throw arrow with deadly accuracy…. So thats something…

(Jack, Ashi)~Genndy Tartakovsky

Hello everyone! We’ve been planning this for a few weeks now, and finally have the blog/prompts/etc put together enough to announce it! :D

So, we’re happy to announce that #JashiWeek is a-go! From August 7-13th, we’ll be celebrating Jack and Ashi’s beautiful, power couple romance ❤️


August 7th - Morbid Monday
(sad themes? dark themes? go crazy!)
August 8th - Timeless Tuesday
(explore alternate endings and universes)
August 9th - Wardrobe Wednesday
(dress the pair to the nines in any outfit or costume)
August 10th - Thursday Toast
(in commemoration of the show’s first airing, depict Jack and Ashi celebrating a special event or occasion)  
August 11th - Feudal Friday
(Ashi back in Jack’s timeline)
August 12th - Saving Saturday 
(placing emphasis on the hope that saved each other)
August 13th - Soundtrack Sunday
(incorporating a fitting song or lyrics to the pairing)


*All entries and fan-content must be focused on the Jack/Ashi pairing, and should be tagged #jashiweek. (So we can find them!)

*Mature and/or sensitive content should be appropriately tagged with warnings. No exceptions.

*Entries need not be completed on the exact date of each prompt, they can be posted late. It is also not required of anyone to finish all the prompts of the week.

*All fan-content is welcomed (fanart, fanfiction, playlists, gifsets, etc.), but plagiarizing and/or reposting the works of others is prohibited. They must also not have been posted prior.

*Be kind and have fun! Don’t be a jerk. :)

Unforgettable Chapter 3: Undercover, a samurai jack fanfic | FanFiction

Happy Jashi Week Day 3!

Today’s prompt is Wardrobe Wednesday, in which the couple will be dressed to the nines. I was like, WAIT! What about if they’re undressed. Big surprise.

Shout out to @lilboatbigocean and @sallychanscraps for the AMAZING AU THEY HAVE CREATED. Thank you for letting me post this. :D


Initial Thoughts on ‘AHS: Cult’

Satire, satire everywhere! Some funny stuff.

There’s a staircase! Of course.

After all the chapters of ‘AHS: Roanoke’ ended with five minutes to spare, welcome back to episodes that spill over the time slot!

Holy hell, the F-bombs! How are they getting away with that? Was there a broadcasting rule change I don’t know about?

The Anderson siblings are my wicked little loves and, in my opinion, the most intriguing new characters presented thus far. That doesn’t mean I like them or approve of their actions. They’re clearly awful people. But wowsers. Can we talk about how *natural* Evan is? It’s like he’s not even acting, although he clearly is. Kai and Winter’s relationship is fucked all the way up. I don’t know if there is incest involved, but Winter with the Wednesday Addams wardrobe has been deeply damaged by having a manipulative psychopath for a big brother. I noticed way back when the credits were released that their pinky swear is the final image. There’s a story, a history, there. The way Kai calls Winter “woman” is… something. Like she’s his. You might start to feel sorry for her, but then there she is inflicting trauma on adorable Ozzie.

Ally the screaming and crying phobic lady is doing nothing for me so far, but she’s bound to have more development later on. She did get pretty feisty with those wine bottles. Sarah’s doing a fine job with what she’s been given.

Alison has been given a rather thankless task playing the proverbial straight man responding to Ally’s histrionics, but I like Ivy well enough. She seems practical and competent.

Given Cheyenne’s top-five credit, Dr. Vincent is bound to leave his office at some point. Right?

I don’t trust Detective Samuels. I just don’t.

That ironic Chaz Bono casting, though!

The insane clown posse looks badass.

About that three-faced clown, the one who threatens Ally with a knife and drives the ice cream truck- in ‘The Divine Comedy’, Satan is depicted as having three faces. That’s a pretty pointed reference. So this clown is the leader and capital-E *evil*. It seems rather likely that it’s Kai, but the relative timing of the beat-down scene is uncertain.

This shit isn’t random. Kai didn’t just run into Ally and Ivy and throw coffee on them, then send his sister to be their nanny, then have their friendly neighbors murdered. They’ve provoked his interest in the past somehow, and now he feels inspired to actually attack them. It’s Mr. Chang whose city council position Kai is going to take, and the Chang house that the Wiltons will move into. Coincidences? I think not.

P.S.- Welcome back to Mare Winningham as a concerned townswoman!

Day 3: Wardrobe Wednesday 

For this day, Instead of drawing Jack and Ashi wearing different outfits from the show. I have decided to pay homage to another couple that had chemistry similar to Jack and Ashi, and that would be Kagome and Inuyasha. They both hated each other at first, but ended up having feelings for each other in the end.