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So I caved and bought City Living. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually play, considering I’ve been here for over an hour already and haven’t left CAS (how do you TS4). Anyway, I won’t make a habit of posting TS4 stuff here, but I figured I’d share the fruits of my afternoon labor - here’s Lily. 


Thanks @y-annah for destroying me w/ another au, this is honestly all I’ve been drawing the past 2 days
Also I wanted to make another prince outfit bc royalty tend to have extravagant wardrobes (especially if they’re Lance)


make me choose | laurenflick asked: Anne Boleyn’s summer or winter wardrobe


☆ I just want to draw Goku  ☆

Can’t believe Goku becomes a bara in 10 years, though. I like to think that by then he’s no longer constantly hungry and can bench press mountains.

Also if he had kids, he’d totally name them after food: “Ichigo”, “Ringo”, etc.

curiouscrux  asked:

In your "Draw the Artist" -meme, it kind of looks like you are wearing leggings. If yes, any advice on how you, personally, balance wardrobe elements? I have been struggling with incorporating leggings into my wardrobe without feeling/looking too feminine. They are not an explicitly a feminine item, but are perceived as such. Do you have any tips for making an outfit with leggings more androgynous/masculine?

Yeah those are leggings! One of my main go-tos for leggings is wearing a long-line shirt over it. I find the silhouette of a longer shirt (especially if it covers below the crotch) helps to keep a more “fashion-masc” shape. Good google searches, if you need visual refs and ideas, are “Long line tee” or “Health goth men”

Someone who pulls off leggings and skirts in an androgynous way is Jaden Smith, so it’s worth looking up his fashion style too!

If you are a bigger guy, someone I love following is @bigguyflyy, who does some awesome androgynous blend looks and plugs his other fatshion buddies. He was featured in a “Plus size androgynous fashion” article with a handful of other stylish bamfs, which you can read here!