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Doctor Strange was one hell of a thrill ride with stunning and complex visuals and well developed characters. Benedict Cumberbatch embodies Stephen beautifully, and brings a great sense of humanity to the superhero. The balance of action and humor is perfect like in every Marvel movie. I gotta admit tho, my favorite character is the Cloak of Levitation, such a great comedic sidekick to the Dr. #DoctorStrange

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Were you not freaked out with Narnia too? They were literally in another dimension for 15 years, and came back not a minute later in this world. What if they died there? Could someone just throw their corpses back into the wardrobe and it's like nothing happened? If so, they could become ultimate rulers, never dying, always being revived and never aging more than a few minutes. What if they were killed by a knife, or other means of blood shed? Would the wound be null and void by closet standards? What if they were cremated, if someone threw handfuls of ash through the door, what would happen? Would there be dismembered body parts everywhere? And let's not forget to mention Lucy and the first time she went! She met that goat man and left for over 12 hours, if a few minutes constitutes as 15 years, how long is 12 HOURS?! Did this goat man know about the laws of time? Did he wait for years and years, knowing exactly when she'd get back, having tea ready? And if so, why does he not rule the land, he's obviously a genius! Unless he's a time lord, which would make a lot of sense! Is the wardrobe a tardis?! Narnia wasn't explained well enough, and it's really starting to take it's toll, I can't sleep.

On this day in ‘Doctor Who’ history:

1851 - The Doctor meets a man he believes to be his next incarnation

1869 - The Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens in Cardiff and help a maid as she deals with her lifelong internal battle with the deceitful Gelth

1892 - The Doctor and friends face the Great Intelligence head on

1938 - The Doctor narrowly escapes from a hostile spaceship and is recovered by Madge Arwell

1941 - Madge Arwell and her children travel to a distant planet in 5345 through a present given to them by the Doctor

2006 - The newly-regenerated Doctor rests in bed in the Powell Estate as Earth is contacted by the Sycorax

2007 - Donna Noble is transported aboard the TARDIS by the excitation of an ancient particle. Diane Holmes leaves Owen Harper behind as she flies through the Cardiff rift with hopes of returning to 1953.

2008 - The TARDIS crashes into a replica of the Titanic in space

2009 - The Master is resurrected by the warriors of Saxon and the Doctor is reunited with Wilfred Mott

Favorite quote from this episode.

The Doctor: “Every time you see them happy, you remember how sad they’re going to be, and it breaks your heart because what’s the point in them being happy now if they’re going to be sad later. The answer is, of course, because they are going to be sad later.”

Doctor Who. New Series. Christmas Special: “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe”.

Three River Episodes that Should’ve Been:

With the first River/Doctor solo episode less than a week away (!!!!) I’ve been thinking back on all the times River could’ve and frankly should’ve had a solo episode before now and it all came out like this.

Planet of the Dead

David Tennant was leaving the role as the Tenth Doctor, finishing off his Who legacy with a handful of Specials sprinkled over 2009 and this was the second one. It would’ve been so ideal for River to have popped up at Easter and fulfilled solo on screen adventure with Ten before he exploded into regeneration-ville. And think about it: the companion we do have is Lady Christina de Souza. She’s a Lady, a thief, she enjoys taking the lead in her scenes with Ten, there’s an element of attraction where she plants one on him, and her Lady to his Lord is played up symbolically because they’re trying to give a sense of her being his equal in the episode. All of those things are what River Song does later and, with more heart, does better. It would’ve been far more rewarding to have River in place of Christina to further flesh out pre-Library!River and the River/Ten (and River/future!Doctors) dynamic. I keep thinking how I can see River pulling off the Cup of Athelstan heist and then getting stuck on San Helios and having her archaeology skills come into play to figure out the mystery of the planet and what happened to it.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

Matt Smith’s second Christmas Special. Eleven just married River Song in the previous season finale and left Amy and Rory believing him dead, without knowing River would pop off after the Byzantium and set them straight. Why the hell is he off running around without his wife and telling Madge Arwell he has no family? He’s got River, who know is the only other person in on their secret! He should’ve been spending this Christmas with her and then, at the end, when he finally comes to his senses and decides to tell Amy and Rory the truth Family Pond the whole gets to have Christmas dinner together because Amy and Rory saved two empty seats.

The Snowmen

Matt Smith’s third Christmas Special, right after the Angel sends Rory back to 1938 New York and Amy elects to go with him, leaving the Doctor devastated. Problem is, River was also devastated, but she stayed strong for him and wanted to help him through the loss of his best friends, even though said friends were also her parents. She even inspires the Afterword, both for Amy and the Doctor’s memory of the last page. Unfortunately, after that moment, she doesn’t make another appearance in TATM. Fine, okay, but then she’s also vanished in “The Snowmen” and the Doctor has retired to a cloud. It’s unclear what happened to River until “The Name of the Doctor,” which seems to imply there’s been a huge time jump and he took her to Darillium and lost her shortly after losing her parents. Very not cool. This episode should have been a transition between the Ponds and Clara, allowing the Doctor and more importantly River to grieve openly, since she didn’t get that at the end of the previous episode and Eleven only realizes at the end that he was being a selfish twit. It could’ve ended with River leaving because she needed her own space and some kind of cheeky clue leading into 7x06, where the Doctor could’ve kicked off the second part of the season by finding the next Clara echo. Much as I love Clara (and “The Snowmen” is, of today, my favorite Christmas episode–though that might change in a week), it was so very unfair to jump right into her storyline like that right after Christmas and write River out without a word or allowing her to properly mourn. River lost her parents, wasn’t even in the last few minutes of TATM, and then was swept under the rug in the very next episode and right up until the end of the season just to get Clara into the mix and that was not right.

And while I’m at it, a handful of instances that weren’t necessarily “River episodes,” but should’ve had River in cameo or at least referenced:

  • The Girl Who Waited: Amy proclaims she hates the Doctor for not coming back for her in time on Apalapucia. This is a woman who has spent decades on her own, the time has allowed her to think of every way the Doctor has let her down, and she is incredibly hardened by that that it takes her own past self to break through. It really does not make sense that Old Amy didn’t bring up Melody/River among her reasons for hating the Doctor.
  • Pond Life: it covers four months in Amy and Rory’s home life and despite the title, still manages to cover more of the Doctor’s perspective than theirs. Why couldn’t River have appeared a couple times, either during the Doctor’s adventures or visiting her parents?
  • Asylum of the Daleks: while Amy’s infertility issues due to Kovarian and Demon’s Run are understandable and, given her characterization, “giving Rory up” was totally in character, River should’ve at least been mentioned because Amy and Rory did have a biological child. She should’ve been brought up and their complex feelings over her kidnapping and their inability to raise her like a normal set of parents should’ve been talked about as a part of Amy’s and Rory’s perspectives on the near-divorce and infertility and where they could go from there once that much needed hashing out occurred.
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: when Nefertit asks Amy if the Doctor has a Queen, Amy should’ve proudly told her that yes he does and that Queen is her very own daughter!
  • The Power of Three: a literal year is spent in Amy and Rory’s life. A year that aliens slowly invaded Earth and the Doctor lived with them. River should’ve popped in for visits (whether via a cameo from Kingston or a body double during montage scenes), sent mail, had a phone call (one-sided or voiceover depending on Kingston’s availability), and definitely showed up for her parents’ big anniversary party!
  • P.S.: this is the most egregious of all by actually replacing the established character of River with the just-made-up character of Anthony, recycling the “grandkid that’s older than you bit is super weird” joke, and not even so much as referencing River let along allowing her to be with Anthony when Rory’s goodbye letter is hand delivered. Giving her grandfather closure should’ve been River’s moment, with her brother at her side as a bonus. How beautiful would that have been?