wardrobe destiny

so i figured out how to buy through taobao (you get a buying agent thing and they figure out money/shipping stuff for you for a fee it was honestly less expensive than i thought it’d be and taobao is really cheap to begin with) and me and maggie got these plastic overall dress things!!!! she got purple and i got black since i still get nervous abt sheer things because body issues so it looks like it’s the least sheer!!!! i rly love the purple tho and maybe i’ll get a purple one for me at a later date! i am very excited! it’s also exciting having a job so i don’t get horrifying guilt every time i buy things!!

We fill our clothes with love rusting
infinitely, floating on our backs to less
familiar skies as the most distinguished
mode of returning to the simplicity
of propensities: we were tourists

in a place filled with things (as in, their
meaning is lost) and landscapes filled
with sounds that exceed their natural
meaning: the complicated rustle of pine
is the invention of intimacy, the slipping
rock is the cold opening, the single flap
is the only clothes we have for the day,
the whole flock the wardrobe for destiny.