wardrobe 2013

I’ll be posting most of my lolita-related wardrobe and a room tour in a day or two on egl/LJ and I’ll be dividing the photos up here. I’ll queue about 6 posts for that, so I hope those who don’t follow EGL enjoy it. I’m honestly really loving my modest wardrobe right now and it can only continue to grow from here. It’s changed so much since I bought my first dress and started this Tumblr…

After that maybe I’ll post a little tutorial on sweater/cardigan clips and a Metamorphose review. And I’ll sprinkle in some FIDM updates too. I’m back in classes and I’m living the life (and when I mean the life it means I’m probably not sleeping more that 5 hours a school day).

I adore wardrobe month on EGL. I don’t follow the main Livejournal except for this theme, but ever since this became the thing I can’t help checking for new posts everyday. It doesn’t matter how big or small someone’s closet is, it’s how much you love it.

Just kidding people have entire lines of Mary Magdalene dresses I hate you so much. ;A;