Had a recent switcheroo, laying the heavier winter pieces away and bringing out some of the springtime favourites: linen, cotton, skirts, stripes! My wardrobe contains very little nowadays in comparison to the past. It feels nice to have pared everything down to the bare minimum - those special items that I truly love. I kind of made a rule of sorts, that unless something is quite perfect and necessary, I don’t need to posses it. It has taken quite a few years for this to finally click into place, but it really does feel good. Rather than using the ‘less is more’ concept to excuse the accumulation of more expensive, luxury items (be wary of that!), this method has actually taught me how to shop, rather than where.

I will probably expand upon this at some point, there are so many ideas and thoughts I’d like to share - which tempts me to start up a blog again, but I don’t really have the time to commit to it - we shall see!