Television costuming is a skill and an ART

God, I wish I could put all these people who think costuming isn’t a big intentional deal in a room with the GMW wardrobe department so they could try telling these artists to their faces that they don’t put “that much effort” into it and that their work “doesn’t matter.” Just wow. And this is even AFTER the GM Belief prism costuming choice was confirmed by the writers as intentional. (Fun fact: it’s ALL intentional.)

TELEVISION IS A VISUAL MEDIUM. Almost every detail of what you see is carefully selected and planned in order to help tell the story. And when you turn your nose up at that concept (especially here in the new golden age of television), you might as well be insulting the people—who have trained for this job and honed their craft over many years—right to their faces.

Costuming in television is a SKILL. It’s something you have to apply yourself to learning and then then work hard to get good at. These PROFESSIONALS put hours of thought and work and EFFORT into using wardrobe choices to help tell the story. They work with the writers and the producers to make sure the costuming achieves visual storytelling goals. Even when a shirt is mostly just a shirt, it’s chosen with the composition and the mood of the scene in mind.

I realllllly wish people would stop basically insulting these PROFESSIONALS by acting like all they do is slap these actors into whatever outfit for no particular reason. If it weren’t a skill, if it weren’t an ART FORM, any old jackass could work in the wardrobe/costume department of a TV show.

But that’s not the case now, is it?

Once more for the back row: TV IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. Stop acting like the ARTISTS who work on this show behind the camera don’t matter and don’t do much, already.

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These pics look crappy!! I’m gonna find a better HQ and glow mod tomorrow…And ignore the fact that she’s taking a picture on her home screen lol! Atleast im trying.

But anyways here’s some of the dresses Christiyanna tried on for her V-Day dinner with Amari tomorrow. I found a dress for her to wear, but its none of these, but these dresses are too bomb not to be worn, so they’ll be worn at some point!

l’ll have pics of Chanye and Amari’s date up tomorrow!


Hi Cuties! 

This is going to be the first part of my wardrobe post for 2016! I’ve never done one before so I’m really excited to share this with all of you. This post focuses on my dresses which can range from sweet to gothic. These are pretty much my two favorite styles with a hint of some classic. The photos were taken indoors during the day so you can see all the beautiful details. 

This last year was all about finding what I loved even though I have been wearing lolita on and off for 5+ years. I feel really lucky to have these pieces I really love. I hope this inspires some of you to share your wardrobes too. 

Please right click and hit view image or open image/link in new tab for higher quality images!


Shoutout to the legendary SNL Wardrobe Dept for putting together the Palin sweater for tonight!

In light of the video that was released yesterday, this seems like I’m too late coming in with it, but I noted in December watching 11x09 - last season Rowena’s wardrobe got progressively darker, darker, darker, along a nice witchy spectrum from red to purple to blue to black, and now she’s showing up in a dress that could be plausibly interpreted as white. (Looking at the picture she tweeted yesterday with Misha, I think it’s white with a substantial silver overlay and it looked beige/gold due to lighting. But that’s me.)

If she’s suddenly wearing white - I’m thinking “wedding dress”, and I’m also thinking “She brought Sam to her intended as a wedding present…”