• Lydia: Martinelli!!!!
  • Lydia: Don't ask how I got this number. Louis should really take better care of his stuff when he locks his phone and his wallet in his locker when he goes to football practice.

does it ever mess you up how soft anakin looks

if he smiles enough his cheeks dimple and his nose is curled upwards a little, like a ski slope, and his mouth is really full and pink and his hair is curly, long and nice and really silky-lookingand his face isn’t angular or harsh or hard (but vader’s is) and he has a mole on his chin and his eyes are really, really blue and when he looks down his eyelashes rest on his cheeks and are long enough to cast a shadow and basically

do you think they casted him to look like this on purpose so when you look at him you see this cute loveable teenager that was manipulated and traumatized and conditioned to hurt people on command and you just feel bad instead of disgusted when he kills everyone because he looks like he should be sitting wrapped in a blanket in front of a fireplace instead of fighting a war

does it ever mess you up