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Oh my baby, lately I know

That every night I’ll kiss you you’ll say in my ear

Oh we’re in love aren’t we?

A big ole thank you to @istehlurvz for the awesome commission of Alistair and my Warden, Eth Tabris. I can’t ever express how wonderful her work is, how she’s a joy to work with, and the wonderful work she produces. Thank you so much Sam!


i drew all the (notable) elderly npc that matt brought to life (minus one, played by chris perkins).
only THREE of these elders are dead/killed by vm (the peach ones), impressive!
in the tags the names:

things dwarves from orzammar would find strange or scary about the surface:

  • rain
  • snow
  • most of the weather would be just fucking terrifying
  • the concept of a sunburn. the sun can literally burn and blister your skin. 
  • birds. what are birds. how the fUCK do they stay up there in the sky and then come BACK. how are they not floating away forever.
  • how loud it is at night. so many things would chirp and hoot and just plain scream how do you people sleep at all.
  • the fact that there’s so much space from one human city to another, or that people are so spread out in general
  • the fact that humans and elves won’t quit talking down to them like just because you’re taller does not mean you have to crouch that is so rUDE
  • bees

the heroes of Thedas get together to babble about their troublesome significant other

“it’s the warden thing I swear”


can i fill this lazy post with an old meme and old pictures? can i? hawke’s are new though, so it should be enough… (also, someone said they liked hazel’s big forehead and i just saw it, and i started drawing her all the time when i’m not working so there will be lot of hawke drawings coming soon :D)

imagine zevran and the warden sneaking into hallamshiral and pretending to fit in with the orlesian nobles

imagine them whispering dirty things to each other to see who can get the other most flustered

imagine leliana hearing zevran and the warden laughing from across the ballroom

leliana leaving her post and dragging them out of the ballroom to ask what the hell they’re doing at the winter palace in orlais the warden opens their mouth to answer but instead zevran starts speaking in an orlesian accent and pretends to have no idea what she’s talking about.

“we are mere orlesian nobles!! we have come on, how do you say, diplomatic affairs.” and him and the warden just laugh until there are tears streaming down their faces. and leliana is just like… how are you even still alive. who let you two in here. what.

and then basically spends the rest of the night babysitting them and making sure they don’t get into too much trouble