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Something pulled Drift out of recharge.  Maximus’s arms were still wrapped around him, the mech’s EM field calm and quiet as he rumbled softly in recharge.

Pressure in his chest, intense enough to force a whine of discomfort from the racer’s vocalizer.  It wasn’t really painful, just so uncomfortable…

A brief little flare of alarm came from Arcis before a compulsion to roll to his side had Drift moving, uttering a faint groan as he moved.  “Max… Max, wake up.”

Still facing his mate, he scooted back to put a little space between them, wincing as something in his chest started hurting.

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"Rotorstorm... Haven't seen you since Simanzi..." Fort Max said as he tried to piece why now of all times that the distant past was coming back to haunt him. "You still got your piloting skills?"

Rotorstorm stiffens at being hailed before relaxing, easy smile stretching over his features. “Handsome, I was the best then and I’m the best now. Why mess with a good thing?”

wardenofgarrusnine replied to your post: “Another familiar mug.” Fort Max said in what could only be considered a teasing tone of voice. “Greetings, Trailbreaker.”

“You’ll have to ask me that when I’m not feeling like I’ve been betrayed by Autobot High Command, I’m afraid. Last I remember is tearing apart two Decepticons at Delphi before appearing onboard the ship.” Fort Max explained apologetically.

“… I see.”  Then this isn’t the Fortress Maximus that Trailbreaker remembers, the one that seemed to be decending into madness after stress and trauma was becoming too much.  "Delphi, okay.  All the mess with time traveling and dimension hopping is really screwing things around, isn’t it.“

"And I… don’t blame you for feeling that way.  At all.  If you ever need to someone to share a drink over that, I can whip something up for you.”

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"Dai Atlas, spare First Aid the contemptuous rhetoric." Fort Max growled, knowing he was many millennia the leader's junior. "Like myself, he wasn't given the choice to choose sides when he was brought online. The greater whole of the Autobot army should not determine the merit of an individual's integrity."

Dai Atlas’ jaw clenched at the message, and he didn’t deign to answer–Fortress Maximus had missed the point entirely. The Autobot and Decepticon factions had come to define their race over the course of the war, and it was only natural that they also define individual mechs. If First Aid didn’t want to accept that, he should have defected or deactivated in the process.

Now is not a time that is likely for Wing to make a good impression. “Oh..my troubles are my own doing.  I just wish I could do something that wouldn’t hurt others.”  A sad pause. “I want to go home.” 

  1.  wardenofgarrusnine said: Fort Max can read through the modesty and knows Wing is still upset regardless of whose fault it was. “Sometimes we have to face our fears to be able to get better at helping others.” He murmured. “Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you’ve made.”

“It would help if I understood my mistakes better,” Wing said, softly.  And then he realizes, slowly, he’s talking to a stranger. “I’m sorry. I’m not sure..I’m Wing." 

wardenofgarrusnine replied to your post: “Dai Atlas, spare First Aid the contemptuous rhetoric.” Fort Max growled, knowing he was many millennia the leader’s junior. “Like myself, he wasn’t given the choice to choose sides when he was brought online. The greater whole of the Autobot army should not determine the merit of an individual’s integrity.”

Fort Max narrowed his crimson optics. “You never saw the nightmares I’ve seen, Dai Atlas. You never were victim to the beurocratic red tape hanging over your head because of Autobots who thought they were making sacrifices for the greater good.”

Dai Atlas growled. “You young mechs vastly overestimate the scope of your own experiences. Are you really so arrogant as to presume I’ve never dealt with bureaucracy? I bore witness to countless atrocities that could have otherwise been prevented.” His voice grew steadily more angry as he spoke. Even the sheer amount of time that had passed since he’d been part of Nova’s army hadn’t dulled some of the pain and anger he felt. For this Autobot to deny what he’d dealt with simply because Dai Atlas hadn’t been a part of this war was intolerable.

“Don’t presume to understand what I’ve been through, Autobot. I know war–I know it just as well as you, if not better,” he snarled.

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Prowl sighed as he saw new mechs begin to track his frequency. Some unknown Decepticon, Fortress Maximus, Brawl, Nova Prime–they were all mechs he could do without. Atomizer and Blaster, at least, could be of some use. Maybe. He made a vague noise of acknowledgement, then went back to his datapads.