“With a billion horsepower drawn from Niagara I am going to signal Mars, and my message will reach not only that ruddy planet but one hundred times further, even to Neptune, which is so distant that our sun looks a little bigger than a star…

“Whether we can get an answer or not depends on who is there. More than likely the first answer for my neighbor will be:

“Well–well–at last. We have been calling you the last ten thousand years.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Only A Matter Of Patience Now,” Says Tesla.“ New York American, March 11, 1906.

Wardenclyffe Tower

Also known as the Tesla Tower was designed and built by Nikola Tesla in NY. Tesla intended to transmit messages, telephony and even facsimile images across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea based on his theories of using the Earth to conduct the signals.

He wanted to advance the tower and intended to use the tower to supply wireless energy to the entire planet. J.P Morgan, the project’s primary backer, refused the plan and the project was eventually abandoned. 

"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe." -Nikola Tesla

“…3 6 9 are basically frequencies that r involved in evolution of matter of the longitudinal waves. They r in hz low frequencies but being longitudinal they contain infinite energy. All our body and brain rely on these frequencies in resonance with that of the ambient or environment. Tesla came to know this secret when he made the tower(Wardenclyffe) for power. Combinations of 3 6 9 makes other harmonics creating wealth of other frequencies as in a factorial expansion and combinations and permutations can be almost infinite providing frequencies which transform matter(matter is just atoms existing together in a binding force creating objects or life forms) any combination using 3 6 9 can make u achieve the impossible. We r made up of 6 3 9 combination and we r energy and we never die except we transform from one energy to another and reborn again when energies combine. Death is not the end of us we just transform into the elements we r made of in earth air water and fire and sky that is 5 elements that r actually energies at various frequencies. Longitudinal waves are the important factor to understand evolution of matter and things like transmutation of elements and birth and rebirth resonance and its effects. Not much matter available but a difference of 3 can make a difference. 3 coils generate resonance and useful power. 2 coils just induction 6 coils like Hubbard coil generator. Hope u get my point.”

-Zelina Zilano. “Farmhand Circuit Diagram.” Oct. 15, 2011.


I have not seen other images of this medallion of Nikola Tesla, which features four raised sections around a relief of his face.  Three sections refer to important dates and places: Tesla’s birth in Smiljan, Croatia, 1856; his death in New York City, 1943; and the Central European Oncology Congress in Zagreb, 2006.  That’s where this medallion was given to Elias Zerhouni, then director of the National Institutes of Health.  Tesla, an inventor who gave his name to NMR and MRI machines, is known for his alternating current (AC) induction motor and his vision of a future of wireless communication.  The structure on the medallion’s reverse is Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, a wireless communication and power transmitter that Tesla was unable to finish. Unfortunately, there is no artist information for this medallion; if you have an idea, please let us know.

In 1895, Nikola Tesla began to notice a peculiar phenomena with electrical transformer systems when he added an extra or third coil. This would generate a very large non-linear amplification of electrical pressure over a modest linear amplification as seen with traditional transformers. He studied this phenomena in his Manhattan laboratory over the coming years, until he felt he needed to deploy this system to a larger testing ground. In Colorado Springs 1899, Tesla performed a series of experiments over nine months that led to his discoveries around a new kind of electrical transformer system that he called his Magnifying Transmitter. He soon received a patent for it thereafter (Patent #1,119,732) as well as several supportive auxiliary patents.

This system was capable of generating massive amounts of electrical pressure that would create electrical ripples along the surface of the earth. In a vibrational process known as constructive interference, Tesla was able to generate more wireless power received than transferred by creating a resonant boundary condition between the earth-atmosphere interface with the use of high frequency electrostatic shock waves. This is by no means electromagnetic radiation such as with visible light, cosmic rays, and radio waves. This was nothing like a radio antenna as many experts have proclaimed it is. Tesla’s goal was actually to minimize the electromagnetic radiation from the system as much as possible by containing it in a localized standing wave, the opposite notion of traditional radio antennas. This standing wave instead acts as a wave pump that generates surface waves. A simple analogy is a hand repetitively tapping the surface of the water in a bowl that is perfectly in time with the return wave of surface ripple.

Tesla measured these electrical ripples traveling around the entire circumference of the earth moving faster than the speed of light, specifically two times pi the speed of light (1.57c). When the linear velocity of the shock wave is the same as the angular velocity of the wave’s medium, and the wave and particle (the medium) are directly in phase with each other, the necessary conditions to create constructive interference with Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter are possible.

In 1901, Nikola Tesla began the construction of Wardenclyff Tower on Long Island, New York. Tesla originally pitched the project to financier JP Morgan as a trans-Atlantic wireless communications platform. This system could not only transfer information faster than Marconi’s radio antennas, but energy as well, unbeknownst in detail to Morgan. When Tesla ran out of money for the project, Tesla revealed his true intent to Morgan of his visionary dream with the system involving the wireless transfer of energy. Not only did Morgan not give Tesla anymore money and withdraw entirely from the project, he supposedly managed to blacklist Tesla from the financial industry at large. JP Morgan had a major stake in the copper industry which was booming in demand due to electrical power distribution. The tower was eventually demolished in 1917 to pay a portion of Tesla’s debts.

Since then, his work has been buried continuously by corporate and political interests as other up and coming inventors rediscover Tesla’s principles and apply them to technology. History is continually repeating itself, and it takes only an open mind set of a free thinking intellectual to see the patterns.

Elon Musk’s company may honor the name, but they do not truly honor Tesla’s legacy. For there is great irony in Musk declaring that his role model is Thomas Edison.

Let us honor our history.
Let us honor our true visionaries.
Let us honor what solutions are available right now.
The clock is ticking.

For this is not an issue of science.
This is an issue of Man.


Dead, But Still Kicking

(This is my entry for Poe Party’s transmedia project.  The prompt was weapon, but because I’m me, I made it a Wellenore story as well.  This also contains some purely pulled-from-my-ass speculation for the next episode, so feel free to dismiss this AU.  And with that out of the way, on with the show!)

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One of my favorite things to come across in Nancy Drew games are the little hints about future games (and the throwbacks to older ones). I’ve been playing several of the games lately (I seem to play in bursts where I try to cram as many as possible into a week’s time) and one thing that stuck out to me this time around are the references to Tesla as the topic for the Deadly Device (#27). Here are a few screenshots (and I apologize, I’m really lame at this) but the Wardenclyffe Tower was referenced as early as the Captive Curse (#24) and Alibi in Ashes (#25). How fun is that? I love those aha moments, like the Mary Shelley book showing up in TOT a couple of games before CAP came out.

Serbian president unveils Nikola Tesla monument in New York

The president of Serbia unveiled a monument to Nikola Tesla in New York state on Monday, marking the latest milestone in a long-running campaign to raise the profile of the cult scientist and inventor around the world.

Tomislav Nikolic told the crowd at Tesla’s former Wardenclyffe laboratory in Long Island that the scientist was a man whose “ideas were larger than his time”, in a ceremony that also served as an opportunity for the Serbian president to remind the world of Tesla’s nationality.

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