I recently commissioned wardenblues to draw up busts of mia-culpa and my leveling duo, the good-hearted Quinnly (my bounty hunting chiss) and  the Emperor’s Wroth (mia’s veiny Warrior). We affectionally call ourselves “The Bane Brigade,” and I’m glad I was able to commission up something so pretty to reflect my appreciation of the time mia and I spend together in-game.

So: happy belated Life Day, mia! Here’s to another year of killing hutts!

(I even made sure wardenblues knew mia and my favorite outfits, which she incorporated into the busts! Top notch, amazing work. And the expressions are exactly as described! I am extremely happy.)

“I’m so glad I didn’t give any of my Witchprince characters scalemail” - a requim for my wrist.

In all seriousness though, drawing this was superfun. Red haiiiiiirrrr.
I very inconspicuously poked Tani and asked what look she liked for Eilin so she’s absolutely not expecting something like this at all! After swiping one of her dress project designs I realized I hadn’t actually ever drawn her anything and she had already drawn me an amazing butt of friendship once so I wanted to make a little Eilin nubbie :D
Based on an original armor design by Tani herself (with cloak for added swooshyness)


And mockups for Tanya’s site done. Just gotta code the layout and such.

A bit of info about this. The first picture was my original design a few months ago. I felt it was a little cluttered and unoriginal, so I switched to the design you see here. “Art By Lux” was a bit easier to design a logo for than “T.H. Illustrations”, and luckily Tanya was okay with the switch.

Also, yes, I do site layouts! Commissions are currently closed BUT if you are in the market for a site design please feel free to contact me. It’s much easier for me to work on design than drawing at the moment as it’s not quite so intense on my neck / shoulders.


 replied to your 


*mutters quietly about this unsettling feeling… um….what?

I’ve seen it expressed before and it’s manifested in the blistering backlash that seems to crop up whenever there’s a focused period of time on femslash. Not to mention how much m/m seems to outweigh f/f regards fanfiction in particular.

There’s just an unsettling impression I get that a lot of people seem to feel like lesbians are somehow cheap/dirty while gay dudes are not. Like the latter is more “genuine” and beautiful. And I’ll never try to insinuate that it isn’t or can’t be or whatever, I’m just at once both amused and pissed off at the impression regards lesbians.