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So an anon on my Once-ler comic blog requested a Warden/Once-ler fusion, like a kind of Steven Universe thing between the lovers, and I just thought that was a freaking awesome idea and wanted to do a full character sheet. Meet “The Ward-ler” (Yes, because I like the pairing pun), the Warden/Oncie fusion. And meet his snazzy suit too.

“You’re stuck here now, Scarf-Boy~”

((Felt like drawing Warden being a bit more WARDEN and The Once-ler being a bit more…. well, in Superjail. I wanted to draw a scene that gets back to the roots of what this blog was and the rivalry between the two. 


Illustrating gritty Superjail scenes has been a cool concept to me since I entered a hurt/comfort Superjail drawing contest when I was like 12 or some shit, but I’ve not really done it in a while. Everything just sorta got taken over by… gay romance. So yeah, gritty chains and prodding and patronising and “you’re-staying-here-for-a-long-time-buddy-welcome-to-hell-little-man”-ing. Sly Warden faces are a lot of fun.

SideNote- Alternatively, I know a large portion of you will take this out of context and personally prefer to see it as roleplay bondage. I mean, most of the people following this blog just ask me to draw porn anyway so WHATEVER, that’s up to you, enjoy non-intentional-nsfw if it does the job.))

((Doodled two tiny cuties in the corner of my sketch book.
I’ve finished with uni work yaaaaaaasss!! I splashed out on a burger and a free milkshake at Ed’s to sit alone and doodle some studies then suddenly I drew this.

I’m gonna work on the comic next and will do another stream if you’d like to see that again :) but that’ll be next week since I’m busy this weekend.

Have a good weekend everybody!))

((There’s more dialogue in this page than I’d usually put and so I misjudged how much room I’d need and didn’t know where the hell to put it all in the end. It’s all kinda small so ya’ll may have to open it in a new tab or full view it or some shit.

Again, I’m still trying to get used to drawing these guys again, so sorry if they still look off. But I actually think all in all this page turned out pretty nice.

FINALLY the two of them go on an actual DATE. It’s about time.

Enjoy your fuzzies and feels because this is basically a whole chapter of fanservice))

Once-ler: *He’s still sitting on the Wardens bed, he has an opened bag of marshmallows next to him and he’s sitting reading the Superjail newspaper. It’s been a while since the Warden has gone to sort the cell block walking off and he’s getting impatient as well as confused as to why this would take the warden so long.* Damn, where is he? *shoves another load of marshmallows into his mouth*

Warden: *Knocks on the door, for some reason not entering his own bedroom. He stands outside with his cane, all spruced up for his date. He temporarily magics up a mirror, checks himself in it, licks his hand and runs it over his hair. He nods in approval and disappears the mirror, straightening up and neatening up his clothing. Then he pings a bouquet of roses into his hand.*

Once-ler: Hm? *Hops off the bed and goes over to the door, he opens it and smiles when he sees his boyfriend* Oh- Why did you knock?- *spies the flowers and already gets a little flutter, raising an eyebrow and chuckles, looking back at him both touched but confused*

Warden: *Holds them out to him with a smooth brandish of his wrist* For you, my dear~ *He sounds incredibly sleazy, but that’s pretty much the only setting he has. He’s honestly trying to be lovely.* You ready for our date? *Short laugh* Of course you are- you’re with me. *Clicks his fingers and Oncie is all neatened up and date-ready, he’s even poofed him into his swanky green suit and top hat, something he hasn’t worn in a long time (but this is a special occasion, so why not dress to impress?). The Warden’s outfit is the same as ever, only very shiny and tidy, but with the hat, cane and over-the-top politeness he suddenly seems very much the mature Victorian suitor. He offers Oncie his arm* I have a table reserved for us in the fanciest restaurant in Superjail.

Once-ler: *Jumps a little at the magic poofing, and takes a minute to look down at his clothes before he stares at the Warden, his mouth slightly open and his eyebrow raised.* Uuh… A- a date? *slowly takes the flowers and looks at them with a smile* Wow~ Okay. *chuckles sweetly and hooks his arm in the Wardens*

Warden: *He flicks some keys from his pocket with a little jangle and presses a button. Immediately Jailbot- shaped like a fancy sports car- shows up and makes unlocking bloop sounds as his headlights flash. Warden walks Oncie to his side and opens the door for him* You’ll soon find out how good I am at treating my man~

Once-ler: *He’s speechless… and really wasn’t expecting this at all. He’s still wondering what this is all about and assumes there’s something behind it, or Warden really is just being a sweetheart, which is adorable. But he assumes he just wants to show off. Either way, he’ll play along and enjoy it, following him into the car.*

Warden: *Deliberately shuts Oncie’s door, slides over Jailbot’s hood and then jumps over his door into the driver’s seat. Even though he wont be driving- Jailbot will do it himself* Okay Jailbot! To our table! *puts his feet up on the dashboard and, after a completely unsubtle, stretching yawn, puts his arm around Oncie’s shoulders*

Once-ler: *Leans onto his shoulder, a secret smile on his face.*

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((*monotone* Startin’ some reeaaal draaammaaa.

Well, this one’s been a long time coming, and you get a nice healthy dose of Once-ler’s over-sensitive hormones in it. That boy sure does love to tantrum. I think his ‘being bashed up by his boyfriend’ has made him a little soft but he’ll be okay! HE’S A STRONG BOY, WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!!

I love you guys for still being so devoted to this, thank you so much for being so awesome when I’m so sucky at delivering D’x

Enjoy your OTP fuel xxx))

Once-ler: *after a long while of being bedridden, he’s very pleased to have a walk around the jail. He remembers how scared he used to be when walking around the prison before him and the warden became boyfriends, now it’s more like a stroll in the park, since he knows that the inmates wouldn’t dare to touch the wardens beloved partner. He’s still aching a bit, his back and his head, and he has a few visible and dark bruises on his body but he’s doing well to ignore them. At the moment he’s just pleased to be up and moving again, he also can’t believe that eventually he’ll have to tell the Lorax about this too and the little guy will probably freak out again. He makes his way to the prison yard and leans on the of the railings around it, it’s on a higher level around the yard so he’s completely out of harms way, like a sort of balcony and the sight of inmates slaughtering one another in the yard below is the breathtaking 5star view. He peers over the railing taking a lot of serious thought into how he’ll fix up his business again. These days he tends to wear a softened version of his green outfit. That suit, despite it being the absolute description of fashion and charisma, is fairly heavy and Oncie’s body is understandably quite delicate at this time. So he’s in a white shirt tucked into his trim, black trousers, that match nicely with a pair of expensive slip-on shoes. His elbow-length green gloves are rolled over his sleeves and up to just passed is elbows, and his black and green diagonally striped tie nicely finishes off his smart-casual-but-not-too-casual look.

*Watching him from a while away, standing on top of a small building, are two residenst of superjail who have been paying attention to the chemistry between Once-ler and the Warden. Not too much attention, they always have other things to do to occupy themselves but since their efforts of breaking the Warden and the Once-ler up utterly failed due to the Once-ler simply coming back, they wonder if they can maybe talk some sense into Oncie instead. They are out of earshot, and talk amongst themselves.*

Twin 1: It appears the Warden’s little love-bird has made a full recovery.

Twin 2: Mm. A shame. The Warden has been getting far too soft recently.

Twin 1: Agreed. Perhaps it is time to end this little game they are playing.

*They disappear, then reappear either side of the Once-ler. The Warden has mentioned twins before, but nothing beyond that.*

Once-ler: *As they appear he suddenly jolts and screams a very high pitched and girly scream. He staggers back and falls on his ass* Wha-! Who-!

Twin 1: Calm yourself, green one. *They both raise their hands*

Twin 2: We are the twins of Superjail, and we come with the gift of wisdom.

Twin 1: Sage wisdom.

Twin: 2: You may liken us to your Earthly ‘Buddha’. *They keep their distance, remaining as unthreatening as possible*

Once-ler: *raises an eyebrow ar him* Uuuuurh, okay? …. *rests on his arms with his hands behind him to hold himself up* Yeah, I’ve heard of you, the Wardens mentioned you before.

Twin 1: *Looks to his brother* Our reputation precedes us.

Twin 2: Only good things were said, we assume? *They look to Oncie, seeing what they have to work with before they start winding him up.*

Once-ler: *pushes himself off the floor and stands up* Well, not exactly; he says you were irritating him or winding him up or something. *gives them a friendly smile but he’s still quite cautious; he doesn’t know who these guys are so it makes him want to be friendly towards them but its also the very reason as to why he’s hesitating*

Twin 1: Well, that is understandable. *They’re both standing as rigid as ever, but they sound calm and it’s clear that they just don’t know how to behave normally, than it being due to any nervousness* He is a difficult person to get along with.

Twin 2: As you know. It is good to see that you have recovered so fully.

Twin 1: This time.

Once-ler: Hmm, yeah, the forth time really. But it’s fine *flicks his wrist at them* I guess I’m a quick healer *walks passed them and back to the railing then leans over it again*

Twin 1: *They turn as he moves but don’t take a step towards him* You are not the first sexual partner he has had.

Twin 2: You come at the end of a long line of predecessors.

Twin 1: But congratulations- you are the first male. Perhaps that means you shall last longer than those that came before you.

*They exchange looks, then Twin 2 speaks with a nod*

Twin 2: You would be the first to survive a month.

Once-ler: *looks up a bit, he’s surprised that they know about the Wardens sex life, but considering this is the Warden he realises that it’s not really the thing that is kept private very well.* Uuhm… yeah, well, I seem to be hanging on fine.

*They both take a small step forward, and adopt slightly more casual, if forced, poses*

Twin 1: Perhaps you are not familiar with the concept of death. Many humans do not appreciate it in its entirety.

Twin 2: It is not like your genocide of the trees. They grow back.

Twin 1: You will not.

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