warden ler

WARNING: This chapter contains adult content. Please read at your own risk.

(( I just loved the idea of torturing and humiliating all three of them in one single moment, and this was the only chance I’d get. I hope you like it. 

 This isn’t exactly how it goes in the chapter… but this is how I wanted to portray it. Anything to do with tormenting Jared is just the best.

This is quite a long chapter, but I hope it makes up for the long wait.


Once-ler: *He’s completely fast asleep, snoring quietly with his arms wrapped around the Warden’s waist. His head is resting on the Wardens chest, his hair very scruffy and messy, and his mouth is open slightly, drooling a little puddle onto his skin. He occasionally twitches or mumbles every now and then, or tightens his grip around the Wardens waist to nuzzle his face against him.*

Warden: *He hasn’t had a very restful night- still tied in the thneed he woke up every couple of hours with vague, unreal dreams that come from sleeping in an odd position. Now that morning has come he finally snaps awake like the early bird that he is, and after a small irritated noise he looks down at Oncie. He at first forgets the thneed and tries to move his arms, but being met with resistance reminds him. With a grumpy frown he tries again, and attempts to wiggle Oncie awake.* Uh.. buddy? Pal? *Dangerous voice* Friend? Comrade?

Once-ler: *Gets nudged a little and mumbles, but its not enough to wake him up. He just cuddles him tighter and nuzzles his face into the Warden’s neck, his fluffy hair tickling his nose.*

Warden: *Groans in defeated annoyance, finding this adorable despite himself. Still, he’s growing in irritation and eventually snaps.* Oncie! Get up!

Once-ler: *Gasps and his head pops up. He turns to look at the Warden, his vision is blurry, his eyes looking very tired as if about to fall straight back to sleep. He’s hungover and totally not ready to be woken. His voice is hoarse and he rubs his face with his hand.* Uuuurgh- God. Where am I? Am I dead *He’s finding it difficult to keep awake and soon he’ll be back asleep again. He flops his head back onto the Warden’s chest, face first, and groans.*

Warden: *Wiggles sharply. He hates having his day impeded- Jared knows this.* Untie me! Before my whole morning is thrown off! *Has no sympathy for his hangover.*

Once-ler: Aaagh- stop being so louuuud. *Places his hand over the wardens mouth. Then crawls it back down.* Mmmh, can’t we just stay in? I bet I could get you back to sleep~ *His hand slips to cup the Warden’s crotch.*

Warden: *He gasps and tugs at the thneed, going pink and feeling half aroused and half extremely frustrated by being defied.* Ach! Oncie- I swear to God, I will unleash indescribable torture likes you’ve never known upon your migraine if you don’t untie me right this minute!

Once-ler: *He flicks his hands away as if Warden’s about to bite him.* Alright-! Alright-! uuuwaagh *He then puts both hands on the thneed above him, making some grunting sounds and he tries to untie it, he’s not having such luck though, he’s too hungover to really pay much attention to what he’s doing.

He eventually begins to drop off again with his hands slowing down in their movement*

Warden: *Wiggles again sharply to jolt him awake. He’s frowning and very willing to make Oncie’s hangover miserable until he gets what he wants. He refuses to have his day thrown off just because his boyfriend can’t ‘be bothered’ to get him out of the mess he made.*

Once-ler: I’m doing it! I’m doing the thing. *shakes his head a little and tries to focus on what he’s doing, after a while he manages to pull the thneed off his wrists, and then pulls it into his own arms to cuddle, descending back into the cushions.* Mmmhnzzmn… *Stuffs his face in it.*

Warden: *Rolls him off and moves to stand, stretching out and hissing in pain at the stiffness in his shoulders.* *He turns back to look at Oncie, and seeing him looking so sweet does bring a small smile to his face, but he still remembers that he was very naughty last night and decides not to be merciful.* Jailbot’ll be here any second *Grabs his dressing gown and pulls it over his naked form* And when he gets here he’s going to be loouuuud~ *But he will let him lie in. For a short while.*

Once-ler: Uh?- *Opens one eye at him and shoves his face into the mattress, holding a pillow over his head and groaning as he just about takes in what the Warden said.* No noiiise… This is all your fault..

Warden: *Gasps* It is NOT. You were the one who drank so much! I was perfectly sober. *Huffs, folding his arms snootily* I can’t believe you did that to me. I feel violated.

Once-ler: Ssssshhh!!! Mgh- *His voice is very cracky* We both know it was your own fault for getting me drunk. If I wasn’t drunk, then I wouldn’t have done that. You only have your self to blame… Your fault I’m hung over *cuddles into the duvet

Warden: *Grumbles* It’s always my fault. *Still, he had a great night the night before- if only he’d been let go afterwards. He liked being tied up a lot.* And by the way, it’s “If I weren’t drunk.”

*Right on time Jailbot loudly slams through the wall, shooting wall-debris everywhere. He beeps and the Warden holds out his arms to be grabbed and sorted out. He then also beeps in worry at Oncie’s condition as his arms go to lift the older man up.*

Warden: Oh don’t worry about him, jailbot. He’s, ah, suffering for past mistakes. Chop-chop!

Once-ler: Aaagh! *He grabs a pillow and flings it at them, but it flops pathetically on the floor. Shut up, both of you! * Then he coveres his ears and kicks at the bed in a grumpy mood.*

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*deep breath* first off.. this is my first attempt at a transparent. second i think this may be my first proper sketch and painting. third… @the-once-ler-in-superjail / @somedreamingstate …i just… this took me so long. ^^^ fusion design by this amazing being

now… I present to you… THE WARD-LER. 



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