warden commander


dao:a breaks my heart
i’ve just finished da2 where i succesfully romanced anders and here i am now watching my young boy being happy and soft. i’m just. trying not to cry.

i honestly don’t know what is going on here but both heroine of ferelden and anders wear their hair pulled back so………… uh…… this happened. yes.


Jailbot wardens journey yesterday and today :y journeys where I met another robot, another WARDEN!!!! Nostalgia critic! @commanderholly I have found out I’m taller then sardonyx XD controlled team skull! Hanged out with dead pool~ a gingerbread cookie!! BIRD PERSON!!! *explodes* I’m considering drawing these as the characters XD that’ll be really fun!!

I think a lot about Tabris leaving the Alienage.

Tabris, who’d known nothing but city slums all their life seeing nature first hand. They realize the air isn’t supposed to smell like chamber pots and stagnant water. That grass can be soft and thick and grow in more than just patches.

Tabris, who believe a good meal was a fat rat cooked in water gathered from the rain that leaked through the roof. They learn that it’s okay to eat more than once a day and seconds are in fact a thing. Then feeling guilt because they should have saved that for someone else.

Tabris, who upon finding their armor getting more snug cries not because “oh no I’m getting fat”but because they have never not been able to count their ribs.

Tabris, who is hostile towards humans not because they hate them but because they’re scared and all they’ve ever known is abuse from shem. It takes a while to adjust and to learn that not everyone treats elves with such disregard.

Tabris learning there is life outside of dividing walls and derelict buildings

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“I fancy things that are beautiful and things that are strong. I fancy things that are dangerous and exciting. Would you be offended if I said I fancied you?”

Amalthea Mahariel-Arainai, the Hero of Ferelden, the famed Warden-Commander, as painted by @otherwolves .

I had the pleasure of commissioning @otherwolves to paint a portrait of my Warden! They did a beautiful job, and were able to capture Amalthea’s personality wonderfully. Please, commission them while you have the chance! I couldn’t possibly be happier.

Confession: I found out and am so ridiculously amused by the fact that the sword “Vigilance” that the Warden-Commander can get from Wade in DOA is said in an epilogue to be later stolen by the Antivan Crows! There’s no mention of them even trying to kill the Warden for it either. I can just imagine a confused Warden-Commander writing to Zevran after the event like “WTH, why’d they steal my sword?”

Confession:  So Bioware and others keep saying the Warden can’t be in DA4 because a lot of people’s Wardens made the Ultimate Sacrifice. But people who made the Ultimate Sacrifice could still play Awakening, you make a new Orlesian warden who becomes Warden Commander. If the Hero of Ferelden is dead, DA4 could use the Orlesian Commander instead. Like the Inquisitor had different accents, they could have “Orlesian” and “Ferelden” voice actors. It would be more inclusive to Ultimate Sacrificers, really.

In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.

A quick 1,5 hr painting I did from my blind dalish mage, Eruanna Mahariel. This is how she’d look like in Inquisition. 

(Yes, I’m still disappointed we can’t see her just get a stupid letter. ° ^ ° )