I may be one day late, but it’s the thought that counts!

I got you this bear~. Well, MADE you this bear. Hehe. It resembles me!  See? The little hat and the glasses, even a bow…

[holds it out to him]
You could put it on your desk to keep you company when I’m not around!

You MADE it? 
Thank you, baby.~
I’ll be sure to keep it on my desk everyday.


Well, well, well…

How interesting is it that you take every opportunity to go around and flirt your way up alongside every single able-body who shows even the smallest bit of interest?

..Tch, hey, they show full interest in me. Alright?
And- what, …you came to lecture me now?

I have to say that the Superjail! fandom has really warmed up to me. I love the Warden and I think that Wardehn and ask–Warden portray him perfectly. I have a huge infatuation with the Warden, so whenever they respond to one of my questions or posts, I always freeze up and get the giggles because i feel like i’m actually talking to the real Warden! It’s phenomenal how well they interact with their followers. I think they deserve a huge Thank  You! for being so great at everything they do. -graqhic

the-warden-of-superjail-blog  asked:

On behalf of Superjail, we thank you for your cooperation in handing over a thneed with that lovely discount! However, since some... ahem, people have been getting jealous of me... I might need to buy, oooh, let's say... about 300 more.

T-three hundred…thneeds…

*AHEM* Just to let you know in advance, I’m going to need time -LOTS of time- to put that order together. I’m thinking maybe, 2-3 weeks?