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The Last Hours: character portraits

After the The Last Hours announcement yesterday (the day before? Sometime..) I thought you might like to see/get to know a few of the prominent characters. Cassandra Jean drew these for me months ago, back when I was still solidifying some of the plot outlines and character details. You can also find most of these names on the family tree and identify their connections. Let’s start with …

Cordelia Carstairs. Bit of a scapegrace and ever since she was ten she’s had a sort of a crush on 

James Herondale, who is parabatai with

the always-delightful Matthew Fairchild, and has a very odd relationship with Tatiana’s Blackthorn’s ward

Grace Blackthorn, whose brother Jesse Blackthorn may or may not be dead

a mystery that occupies the busy brain of writer

Lucie Herondale, whose father would really prefer she marry

Alastair Carstairs, Cordelia’s older brother. Shown with Cortana — looks like Elias did as Tessa suggested and passed it down to his own children after all.Alastair is best friends with

Charles Fairchild, who you may remember as Potentially Buford from Clockwork Princess. Charles would like to be the next Consul, alas, and Henry finds he rather gets along better with Cecily and Gabriel’s son

who is the younger brother of the ever so sophisticated

Anna Lightwood.

This isn’t all the characters, but it’s a visual tour of quite a few of the significant ones (barring those, like Tessa, Jem, Will and the other adults, who you already know!) I find having visuals of characters often helps while I’m writing so these live above my desk!

So let me get this straight...

On one hand you have Christian Ward (whom we directly know for exactly one episode and about whom we only know one incontrovertible fact: he is a politician)

and on the other hand you have Grant Ward (whom we observed for 26 episodes so far and who is the only character to be given flashbacks)

and with all that

there are people

who consciously choose

to believe Christian over Grant?


Thomas was the only one that mother didn’t torture. And dad always let her do it. She loved him so much. It had to end. I wanted her to feel our pain, but I didn’t have the courage to do it myself. I’m sorry. Grant, I’m so sorry.


ward brothers au: aka that one time grant ward and skye were still on the outs and ward roped his younger brother thomas into helping his older brother out once again. things don’t go as planned, of course. not when your brother is close friends with your almost-maybe-its complicated-gf and is sick of being an owl. 


Ward Week Day Four: Favourite Relatonship

-“Before we left, Coulson told me to take care of you. That is what I am doing.”

-“He told me to take care of you, too. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m not going anywhere.”


Title cards from the Gorgo franchise: 1961 - present

Having recently re-read some of the early ‘60s Gorgo comics from Charlton, I got to thinking about another world where Gorgo was a popular and successful enough film to spawn a long-running kaiju franchise of its own.

Detailed history of the franchise (directors, trivia, etc.) under the cut.

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↳ ward brother au: aka that other time when thomas convinced skye they’d need a certain ex-specialist’s help to complete their haphazard mission, and realized that taylor swift’s single was going to be stuck in his head for the next foreseeable future.  


American Eagle, Jason Strongbow 

Jason Strongbow, a representative of the Navaho tribe of Native Americans, attempted to stop a mining company from excavating a mountain sacred to the tribe by obtaining a court order. Failing in that, he led a peaceful protest group at the mining site. The developers were working in league with Klaw. When Jason and his brother Ward confronted Klaw in the mines, the combination of radioactive rock and Klaw’s sonics mutated Jason’s genetic structure making both of them more than just a man.

After this event, Jason took up the mantle of American Eagle, Champion of the Navajo people, and he and his brother followed Klaw to the Savage Land, where Klaw was trying to use its source of Vibranium to augment his already formidable sonic based powers. Here they met up with Ka-zar, Protector of the Savage Land, as well as the Thing from the Fantastic Four. Despite defeating the Klaw and his minions, Jason’s brother Ward was shot and killed. This did not stop American Eagle from remaining a champion of his people, and he was often involved in events with other heroes such as the Contest of Champions and was part of the defeat of the threat of the Dire Wraiths.

During the national dispute over the Super-Human Registration Act, Jason decided to protest against the act. He also designed a new costume with fewer stereotypically Native American attributes, including a leather jacket and a helmet resembling the head & beak of a bald eagle.

American Eagle has an enhanced sense of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. He has super human strength, speed, stamina and reflexes as a result of his mutation. He is known to carry a specialized crossbow that fires blunted bolts.”

1st appearance Marvel Two-in-One Annual #6 (1981)


Can we just talk about Grant’s facial expressions when Christian was confessing for a minute? He believes his brother. He knows his brother’s pain. Yes, Christian tormented him but Grant knew exactly what he was going through. How their mother tortured ALL of them except Thomas. How she loved Thomas so much that he escaped the tortures. It’s an issue of extreme favouritism. Christian felt it. Grant felt it. Christian, however, was buried in so much hatred that he needed revenge. So, being the almighty powerful big brother, he forced Grant to do it. Right at this moment, Grant understands Christian. Maybe Grant got way more than what he expected out of him. 

They’re both broken inside, with screwed up pasts and twisted family relationships. They spent their lives being afraid of what one will do to other and finally here they are, sharing their most honest moment in probably forever. Deep down, I know that they still love each other but they have too much bad blood between them to mend broken bonds. Now, if that’s not heartbreaking, I don’t know what is.


Agents of Shield Rewatch → The Asset

Phil Coulson: You forget, I saw plenty of action with the Avengers. Melinda May: [Coulson walks away. Quietly to herself] And you died.