Thomas was the only one that mother didn’t torture. And dad always let her do it. She loved him so much. It had to end. I wanted her to feel our pain, but I didn’t have the courage to do it myself. I’m sorry. Grant, I’m so sorry.

So I accidently went into the Stand with Ward search on my IPad rather than the Stand with Ward tag, the difference is one brings up everything tagged with Stand with Ward and the other brings up every post that mentions Stand with Ward.  This has been my first foray into the search since I learned how to look strictly for the tag rather than the words and I stumbled upon a post talking about how Grant Ward was up to his old tricks again trying to burn Christian in the next episode, and how if he kills Christian who is probably married with a child it would be leaving his family without a father and husband but if it happened we would excuse it based on how Christian had abused Grant and was probably abusing his family so he was doing them a favour.

First, really people really, a violent confrontation doesn’t necessarily mean that Grant is going to kill his brother and also we don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens.  I do know that Grant Ward and burning his brother isn’t as clear cut as the haters would like to believe.  I could point out that canon wise we haven’t seen the fire on screen, Ward himself hasn’t verbally claimed responsibility for the fire the closest he got was when he told Garrett that he didn’t know that Christian was in the house but even that isn’t an admission of guilt.  I personally have always viewed the fire as a red herring of sorts planted by the writers specifically to bait those who were going to hate on Grant regardless of whatever other canonical evidence that came up because hey he burned his childhood home down, arson is an indicator of being a psychopath therefore Grant Ward is a psychopath.  I personally have three theories in regards to the fire and Grant Wards part in it.

Theory one:  Grant Ward set the fire, even though I find it highly unlikely its true that it is possible that he was the one who set it after all he was arrested for it so the police must have had a reason, (cause its not like its possible that Grant Ward was in the wrong place at the wrong time and/or arrested based solely on the word of his brother I mean police wouldn’t do that right.)  First and foremost people need to realize that Grant Ward was at military school not prep school and not juvie, military school and if there’s anything I know about the military it’s that it is highly regimented there is some free time but not a lot of it and they keep good track of their cadets so Grant Ward being able to slip out and hotwire one of the teachers cars speaks well for his future ability as a spy the truth of the matter is that unless Grant Ward had a buddy who was willing to cover for him, (right because perpetual lone Grant Ward totally had a buddy who would be willing to cover for him), its likely that his teachers knew about his disappearance shortly after it happened which means that whatever head start he had was severly limited making the time necessary for him to buy the gasoline, set the fire and for it to become deadly enough to warrant Christian being able to argue for Grant to be charged as an adult rather than as a juvenile very short.  The reasons why I don’t believe Grant Ward set the fire is that in part it seems to obvious and if I’ve learned anything about the Marvel universe if something seems to obvious then there is usually something hidden or underlying that is waiting to be revealed, also I’ve never felt that Grant has been the type to go for collateral damage and fires can have a lot of collateral damage.  He would have gone through the house first to ensure that his little brother wasn’t home to be caught in the cross fire, which means he would have known that Christian was not only there but likely would have ensured that Christian wouldn’t have been able to escape had killing Christian truly been his goal, also he wouldn’t have exactly hung around to watch his handiwork waiting to be arrested either.  Also despite the gif I keep seeing going around “Cool motive still murder bro,” motive is actually a big deal in cases it means the difference between and abused wife going to jail for murder and being aquitted, or like Patty Hearst who despite being convicted for 35 years had her sentence commuted by President Jimmy Carter, because of what happened to her and she was later pardoned completely by Bill Clinton again because of what happened to her because of her motive.  So yes motive is important and something that his lawyer would have known that and he would have had to have access to a lawyer a Public defender if his family wasn’t willing to provide a lawyer for him who would have advised him and if he didn’t then that was a violation of his civil rights and would have been grounds for a mistrial.

Theory 2: Christian set the fire.  I like this theory a lot and I’m gonna go back to my mention earlier about how Grant was in Military school not Juvie and not Prep school.  I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to be putting negative connontations on the fact that Grant was in military school but the truth is they aren’t the same, Military school isn’t just for rich people to send their troubled children they were also places that produced legacy families for the military much in the same way that certain prep schools are.  We know that Grant was doing well at the school Garrett confirms this when he was talking to  Grant talking about how one of Grant’s teachers had contacted him bragging, with the only downside being Grant’s issues with authority but even that isn’t necessarily a down side as problems with authority can often denote good leadership skills.  If Grant’s teacher who bragged so much to Garrett also bragged to Grant’s father its likely that his father started making big plans for Grant that would fit in with the family’s style, admission to a military college like West Point and then a future in military no doubt hoping for him to rise in the ranks and perhaps be listed among the joint chiefs of staff or perhaps a position as secretary for defense when Christian took the white house.  It’s also likely that Christian viewed this as a threat, while Grant is considered a trouble maker a liar he isn’t a threat to Christian but if Grant becomes someone who gets a reputation for being honorable and trustworthy if he goes to someplace like West Point and makes connections much like Christian himself was probably making in the legal and political world then Grant suddenly becomes a threat, he knows all the skeletons that would make Christian a paraiah in the political world so neutralizing that threat would be for the best in his opinion.  Luring Grant back to the house and setting him up to take the fall for the fire would just be something I could see him doing and him pushing to have Grant tried as an adult would be his way of reminding his brother that he holds all the cards and Grant has no power.

Theory 3:  Tommy set the fire.  I noticed that no one seems to mention the youngest Ward when talking about the fire as anything other than a possible reason for Grant rushing home and setting the fire, but Tommy out of all the Ward brothers had just as much motive as anyone to set that fire and he would have been young enough to perhaps not realize the full brunt of what setting the house on fire would do.  We know from what Grant said that Christian forced Grant to abuse Tommy so we don’t know exactly what their relationship was like I’m picturing it more as a devil you know scenario in that after Grant left for military school life got infinitely worse for Tommy, sure Grant abused Tommy but his heart wasn’t in it, he didn’t like it and likely pulled his blows so as not to truly hurt his little brother as well as claiming to do things that he actually hadn’t done to get Christian off his back and to keep Christian away from Tommy but then Grant is gone and while Tommy might have initially been pleased his tormenter is gone suddenly he is the one home subjected to Christian and he realizes that his life is so much worse than he thought suddenly he realizes that maybe he didn’t know the whole situation with Grant suddenly he finds himself truly being beaten and abused and suddenly what he thought was horrid seems like a walk in the park compared to what he’s going through.  He likely calls Grant to blame him and gets an earful in return, I’m picturing a phone conversation similar to the one that happened on the bus between Grant and Skye, where Grant tells him that he never wanted to hurt him and that it was always Christian and that Grant always did what he could to protect Tommy, and Tommy signs off with something along the lines of how Grant’s protection isn’t good enough he needs to protect himself or something about getting rid of Christian or alluding to it.  Grant worried leaves school gets home in time to see the house fully engulfed runs in to see if anybody is there finds Tommy drags him out realizes that it was Tommy who set the fire and tells him to get out of there he’ll take the blame as a part of him already feels he deserves it for not protecting Tommy better for not being able to stand up to Christian.  This explanation also might explain Grant’s fear at being tried as an adult.  Being tried as an adult means that the DA is going to want an air tight case against Grant and it’s likely the more info he gets the more the case falls apart the more he looks for a more likely suspect and the more chance that Tommy will have to face the consequences and that’s something that Grant most definitely doesn’t want.

I’m hoping that we find out the truth about the fire in the next episode, these are just my theories feel free to dissect, add to or reply with your own.

Ward's younger brother actually served in the military (maybe even in the SHIELD). He had served in some dangerous area and was killed during an enemy attack on their base - he was fatally wounded by a bullet in the back. Later, one of his colleagues gave Ward the last words of his brother: he wanted Ward to know that he had died not trying to escape, but by the hands of a TRAITOR. That is why Skye's behavior produced ​​such a profound effect on Ward.

I want someone to write it so much!

So my family found out that I have a Tumblr…. 

My sister was like “I’m too afraid to get a Tumblr account. Everything I’ve seen from it was super inappropriate.”

My Mom then asked me “So why do you have one?”

I was like “Hehehe… *deletes blog so my family doesn’t see all the posts about Grant Ward*” (My brother already thinks I’m obsessed with Ward. Oh well, he can think what he wants.)

Just kidding. In reality it was more like *scroll scroll* “Ah, a kitten!” “This is why.”