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the end is in the beginning | a ward x simmons au

Three years after the fall of SHIELD, HYDRA flourished in the ashed ruins of the once powerful world clandestine organization. Many of SHIELD’s top agents had either deferred to the “dark side”, reported missing, or were eliminated for resisting. SHIELD’s presence was in utter decay around the world and most believed that the agents had been hunted like sport and all but gone extinct, choking on their honor as they writhed in agony in the name of their foolish loyalty and pride. Their surrender was inevitable. Ward knew that better than any one. His team would hunt SHIELD agents until darkness reigned over the world. And sitting upon that throne was Daniel Whitehall - the crazed, megalomaniac who was obsessed with immortality and had a penchant of warping HYDRA’s soldiers into soulless, obedient puppets. Ward knew it was only a matter of time before he would be all too “happy to comply”, and decided it was time to get out. And the opportunity presented itself in a seemingly simple assignment by the head of HYDRA himself: the transportation of a gift from the Kree empire to HYDRA’s headquarters. 

Ward had it all planned out: he would make sure that the job goes sideways and in the flaming wreckage, disappear from the face of the earth, never to be seen again. 

Only before he could do that, he inadvertently discovers that the chamber with the “gift” housed none other than his former teammate, Jemma Simmons. A newly transformed, Inhuman Jemma Simmons. 

In a strange turn of events, Ward becomes wrapped up in helping Simmons escape the pod and is forced to bring her to the only place she believes could keep her safe: SHIELD. 

To say that this mission would be dangerous on both fronts would be the understatement of the century… but Ward was never one to back down from a challenge. 

Being on the SHIELD Team Would Include...

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  • Coulson recruiting you
  • Fitzsimmons immediately taking you under their wing
  • Automatically becoming best friends with Daisy
  • “I like this girl! She’s not all [Coulson voice] mission this, mission that.”
  • May being kind of cold around you at first
  • But you eventually become like a daughter to her
  • May training you
  • Fitz teaching you how to use all the crazy advanced technology when he notices you’re overwhelmed by it
  • Jemma always patching you up after you get hurt on a mission
  • And lecturing you on how to be more careful
  • “You need to learn to be more careful, Y/N. Next time, the bullet could go through your heart!”
  • Jemma being the group mom
  • You and the rest of the SHIELD team working together to get Fitz and Simmons together
  • Being like a little sister to Mack
  • Mack giving the best hugs
  • Trip and Hunter always being the ones who can make you laugh when you’re sad
  • Having a great friendship with Bobbi
  • And all the other girls, for that matter
  • Coulson thinking of you as his daughter
  • Constantly being impressed with Daisy, Elena, Joey and the other inhumans
  • Having lots of inside jokes
  • All of you sharing a combined hatred of Grant Ward
  • Lots of “looks into the camera like I’m on the office” moments
  • Having a secret handshake with Fitz
  • Lincoln making lots of corny jokes
  • Protecting each other on the field
  • All of you willing to give your lives for the other
  • Being closer than family
  • Loving each other will all your hearts
  • Being the most powerful team SHIELD has ever seen

Wonderful mess that we made.

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All of your flaws and all of my flaws
They lie there hand in hand…

perchance to dream
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Jemma Simmons/Grant Ward
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Age Difference, Post-Episode: s01e09 Repairs

“Nothing’s wrong,” she says quickly, hoping to prevent any panic. “Everything’s fine.”

“Jemma?” Apparently taking her word for it, he sinks back onto the bed, blinking against the light she’s letting into his bunk. “What’s up?”

“I…” The words stick in her throat. “That is, I was…”

Oh, she hates this. She hates this so much.

“Are you sure everything’s okay?” he asks. He’s stopped blinking, eyes presumably adjusted, and gives her a quick once-over. “You look a little…”

[An interlude that could have happened in the age difference soulmates AU, but didn’t.]