Khadgar is starting to feel like that one friend who only calls you up when they need something.

When will we just meet up and have a couple ales in Dalaran, Khad? Never, because you flit from one emergency to the next to avoid your sense of grief over losing your youth. 

Oh and stop moving the whole fucking city. It gets confusing.

And someone please buy Jaina a beer before she becomes a raid boss. That mage is about to mana bomb the planet.

How would they react to a surprise hug?

For a lovable anon. :) I pick up a “random person“ and by random I mean it has to make some sense.

Varian: (Grunts) Anduin, hadn’t you yourself said that you are too old for such a thing? (Pause) Awh, c’mere.

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: Erm… Brann? Ya know, ya can stop checkin whether I’m turnin’ into stone or not… Okay, bro. Okay… Ya don’t have to.
(In a cold voice) You either let go right now, or I personally gut you out.

Tyrande: (Was never surprise hugged, because it is her who surprise hugs people)

Mekkatorque: I am alright, I swear. You don’t have to… (Sigh) … Okay, okay, I know. Getting a shock electric devices is cured by hugs.

Velen: (Looks at the huger) (Huger after an awkward moment lets go)

Genn: Tess what in the Light’s- Hey, hey, don’t cry. (Hugs Tess)

Aysa: I am always up to hugs! (Drags nearby people and turns it into a surprise group hug)

Thrall: Aggra, how sweet of- Ugh, hi Durak. Oh, hello Vol’jin. Wait, Baine slow down! (Is knocked on the floor) (Is buried under a gigantic hugging pile)

Vol'jin: (Looks down) Oh, hi Durak. (Sighs) One. Two. Three. Fo- Argh! (Is buried under a group of hug-hungring children)

Baine: You dare to hug the High Chieftain of the United Tauren Tribes… Prepare yourself to be hugged back! (Hug! And trust me, you know when you’ve been hugged by a Tauren.)

Sylvanas: No. Get off. I told you to get off! LET GO!

Lor'themar: (Knocks the huger to the ground out of instinct.) …I am sorry. But not really.

Gallywix: Look, I know I said I am always up to hug… But could you, like, put me back on the ground? (Wiggles legs) Erm… Please?

Ji: I have been attacked! (Is confused and tries to break free) …Oh. Right. Hugs are still a thing. Maybe better tell me first.


I did it. I fucking did it. I’m done. I’m done leveling forever (until next week)

Feels good. Feel accomplished. Feel like I will cheer when invasions are done and gone next week.

On that note, only 3 of these characters were levelled with the invasions- and even those really only from mid 60s and up. The rest of them were levelled traditionally, questing, and some dungeon queue. I’ve only used the 2 boosts that came with the game, one 90, and one 100. A good deal of these characters, about 6-7 have been max level since either Lich King or Cata, but now I’ve finally got everything at this max, and can play whatever character I want ever.

Wish the character select screen showed race though. I still don’t have a goblin.