Meet Dalamar! I liked the idea of a manasaber druid using the Claws of Shirvallah. Remember that one talent that was in Warlords of Draenor and then they took it out? Yes, that one!

I had the idea of a Nightborne beast-master combining both arcane and druidic teachings to create their own form of this were-beast Manasaber. The Nightborne always struck me as a race that was interested in advancement and ingenuity so how hard could it be to use the arcane to brute-force engineer a transformation such as this, based off the intense study of druid magic.

I figure if they can create arcane constructs, use the night-well to harness time itself in the form of a spell then how far-fetched would it be that they use that very magic to morph their bodies? They’ve already been doing it with fel, but this would just be in a different way.

Keep in mind, just because this character has been able to harness and create this metamorphosis of his persona, doesn’t mean he’d be able to control it once it’s achieved. it’s a highly potent fusion of two different forms of magic so I can imagine it to be pretty unstable until mastered. The mastery of both the arcane and nature would be a necessity to truly seamlessly perfect this.

I doubt how exactly lore-abiding this idea is, in fact it probably isn’t at all but I’m going to draw/ design it anyways! I have his Nightborne/ normal counterpart in the works and I’ll post him once he’s doodled up!


here is the vid from ig :3c

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