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I take back that favourite character being Oliver thing, Moxie’s my favourite. She has yet to be more than briefly mentioned in a single past RP post, and even then that was once. And just her initials on a paper. But ey. What it do. You make the big boss people don’t see the big boss you kno what I’m sayin. Bring the lady more blood. More little drink umbrellas.

The World of Warcraft Expansions, Summarized

Vanilla: “was better”
The Burning Crusade: [FEL REAVER NOISE]
Wrath of the Lich King: Local man sits on ice for several years, never learns how to chill
Cataclysm: How To Ruin Everyone’s Favorite Characters 101
Mists of Pandaria: Not Kung Fu Panda oh my god just shut up I swear to christ I have to hear that dumb joke one more time I’ll fucking shove a cactus up your
Legion: Mountain Dew: Asgard Edition

Faces of the Eclipse Syndicate

OPHERON - Original Head @eclipsesyndicate (FC: Mads Mikkelsen)

ARCANIST ARANYA VER’SARN - Current Head @aranyaphoenix (FC: Szilvia Péter Szabó)

ALTHAEA ECLIPSEWALKER - (nee Jadewalker) Opheron’s wife. Innkeeper and Hostess, former Courtesan. @althaeajadewalker @enipnion

THE EBON ROSE - Chief of Intel @ebonrosewra (FC: Lesley-Ann Brandt)

ALTHEAS FLAMESHADOW - Chief of Security, on loan from Illidari Command @eclipseillidari (FC: David Boreanaz)

LADY RAKAEL TOWERS - Curator of Arts and Steamy Things, Artist. @rakaeltowers (FC: Yael Markovich)

ILANDROS FELSONG - Illidari Commander, not actually part of the syndicate, but communicates with and gives mutual aid to. @illidarifelsong (FC: Oliver Jackson-Cohen)

GRELL - A Sprite, belonging to “Master” Opheron, assistant of Aranya.

NOTE: These are only the characters that have had some IC/RP/canon involvement so far in the Syndicate story. There are more guildies, with more opportunities to grow the story.