A doodle I had sketched in my planner. More of Faeb getting her tattoos. One side is done and her mentor is moving on to the other, reminding her not to hold her breath. One of the pots is filled with the ink, the other with a soothing salve made from a mixture of two plants that grow in Hyjal. I need a name for her mentor because I really like this lady and she’s probably gonna pop up again haha.


I was trying to find a lore video on Koltira and Thassarian seeing as I made a death knight today, and I found this. This right here, is probably one of the best quality wow machinimas I have ever seen with the way the models are rigged, the expressions, video quality, it’s absolutely amazing and even if you aren’t a fan of Koltira and Thassarian, I highly recommend you give it a watch anyway just to appreciate the sheer amount of effort put into this and this is their first wow animation too, go show them the love because it’s just simply amazing. The voice acting is a little spotty and hard to understand at times, but there are captions.

Here’s a few screenshots from this just to give you an idea of the absolute top quality of this:

Their bets and worst romantic experience

For a lovable anon. There is a not much funny story behind this - When I was half thorough making this list, my Mozilla crashed and I’ve lost all the work. Stuff like this really pisses off. So this is like a second try. Once again I spent one hell of the time on various wikis to do my research on the mentioned minor NPCs. All of the exist.
However, start the gossips, what is the hot news? Whether it was just a crush, a date, an one night stand or a marriage, what were the leaders’ best and worst romantic experiences?

Anduin: Lorna Crowley as the best, since Anduin counts “We spend all night dancing together at a ball” as a romantic experience. Vanessa VanCleef as the worst, and it is better not to ask (or, speaking of this matter, not mention it to Varian).

Ghost Varian: Tiffin Wrynn as the best, since she was (and now in the afterlife once again is) his perfect wife. Jaina Proudmoore as the worst, since getting smacked in head with a magic staff isn’t really Varian’s thing.

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: Milli Featherwhistle as the best, despite it was short and never talked about again. Stormcaller Mylra as the worst, since there was a huge fight over her with Falstad.
Dagran Thaurissan as the best, since he was the most perfect husband there ever was. Thaelin Darkanvil as the worst, since more than women he loves his engines and it really shows.
Stormcaller Mylra as the best, since he won the aforementioned fight. Erundor Whitespire as the worst, since no amount of ale counts as an excuse for this terrible mistake.

Tyrande: Malfurion Stormrage as the best, since they are still married and quite happy together. Illidan Stormrage as the worst, since there were only two romantic experiences and one is already said.

Mekkatorque: Kelsey Steelspark as the best, since they she actually got somewhere with him and they think about starting a family. Sorrow as the worst. It was Mekkatorque’s first visit to Dalaran… And probably the last for the long, long tim.

Velen: Soulbinder Tuulani as the best, since it was quite a few nice sessions with books. Voren’thal the Seer as the worst, since the was… a gender misunderstanding that made everything awkward.

Genn: Darius Crowley as the best. Look, we all were young at some point. Fariel Starsong as the worst, since there are celebrations and then there are celebrations and she can’t tell the difference.

Aysa: Che Wildwalker as the best, because he is just… Just… Just because he is awesome. Trainee Nim as the worst, because you can’t flirt with a fellow trainee a think it is going to last forever.

Thrall: Aggra as the best, since were he to say anything else, he’d get punched. Vanira as the worst, since he was not interested at all but she kept trying.

Spirit of Vol'jin: Night-Stalker Ku’nanji as the best, since shadows keep to shadows. Thrall as the worst, since that greenskinned meat-sack never even noticed!

Ghost Garrosh: Romantic experience? What romantic experience?

Baine: Fela as the best, since she knows how to handle a heavy plate armor and its owner. Serga Darkthorn as the worst, since badass women don’t have always to be… the right women.

Sylvanas: Amal’thazad as the best, don’t ask when or how, it just happened. Koltira Deathweaver as the worst, since we all know how did that end.

Lor'themar: Watcher Tolwe as the best, since there was nothing else to do on that blasted airship. Sylvanas as the worst since… Well… They both got to it too late and rigor mortis doesn’t work well for Lord Theron.

Gallywix: Slinky Sharphsiv as the best, since someone who can get past the goons into your bedroom should stay a little longer. Silas Darkmoon as the worst, since those two don’t get along and explosives and creepy magic were included.

Ji: Yarzill as the best, since dragons are awesome no matter where. Xerastraza as the worst, because not all dragons are that level of awesome where it counts for this list.

Taedal: “Mother” Shahraz, since it can be business and pleasure when you work for the Legion. Velen as worst, since exorcisms… It would also help if Velen noticed Taedal is flirting. Not like there are people Taedal is not flirting with, just exorcisms aren’t the proper reaction.