The War of a Puppy

For a lovable anon. It is quite simple, they all are in a room together with just 1 cute adorable fluffy puppy. Whoever gets it, keeps it. Who would win the puppy, and who are their strategies?

Anduin: Tries to lure the puppy with kind words and dog treats.

Ghost Varian: Tackles down anybody who comes closer than 5 yards to the puppy.

The Council of Three Hammers

Muradin: Shows the puppy pictures of other puppies, so it comes to play with them.
States that if she doesn’t get the puppy, she will be very upset.
Tries to lure the puppy with flank of meat.

Tyrande: Ignores the puppy, because Tyrande is not a dog person.

Mekkatorque: Assembles a Robotic Puppy D-0-G (v. 3.7), so the puppy has a playmate.

Velen: Accidentally foresees who and how is going to get the puppy and spends the rest of the “fight” laughing.

Genn: Goes full Worgen form and tries to convince the puppy he is its family.

Aysa: Spends the whole time saying things like “Aww… Cute. Look, a puppy! Sweet!”

Thrall: Just sits there, looking at the puppy while petting Snowsong.

Spirit of Vol'jin: Shapeshifts into wolf and tries to befriend the puppy.

Ghost Garrosh: Engages in fight with Varian, claiming “Whoever is able to get to it, has it!”

Baine: Being also not much of a dog person, he goes and pesters Velen.

Velen: Hmm?
Can I join your club We Are Laughing At Them For Being So Silly?
You are laughing at them, right?
Yes, but them in the future. (Looks around) But truth be told… We are starting that club.
Can I have a honorable membership?

Sylvanas: Looks at the puppy and says: “If you don’t come to me, I will kill everyone you’ve ever loved.”

Lor'themar: Doesn’t realize what is all the halo about, comes to the puppy and pets it. That results in Varian and Garrosh forming an union against him.

Gallywix: Tries to bribe the puppy with chocolate and gold. Is later yelled at by Genn for giving chocolate to canine.

Ji: Pretends he is a puppy, so the puppy should decide to come and play with him.

Taedal: Uses [Tame Beast].

And the victory and puppy belongs to Taed-

Anduin: (Sad puppy eyes)
Don’t do that.
(Still sad puppy eyes)
Don’t stare at me like that!
(Still sad puppy eyes)
Oh for hell’s sake! Fine!
(Burst out in laughter)

And the victory and puppy belongs to Anduin Wrynn!

Why yes, Jaz does have a halloween costume. I wonder who it is tho > w >

Had soooo much fun drawing this, plus methinks Imma keep the sketchy style I’m doin…but idk, does it look too rough? Lemme know if u guys think it does <3

Warcraft 2016



The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds