the Prime Minister of New Zealand went to see a doctor and a vet to confirm that he is a regular human being and not a shape shifting lizard from space

One person from New Zealand was convinced there are shape shifting alien lizards that live among us. They were sent from another alien race in order to take control of our world by replacing powerful leaders in our governments.

The very same person named Shane Warbrooke was so convinced that the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key was indeed a lizard from space. Mr. Warbrooke actually asked the leader of the nation officially about his status. There is an Official Information Act (OIA) that requires government officials to publicly disclose any information the general public demands. After Mr. Warbrooke officially submitted his bizarre questions to Key’s office, the Prime Minister actually replied.

John Key publicly disproved Mr. Warbrooke’s theory that he was a reptilian alien with shape shifting abilities who ushers mankind towards enslavement. Key’s response was actually hilarious after admitting he had seen both a doctor and a vet which confirmed his status of a regular human being that has never been into space.