Okay so a few things:

1. Great Expectations is a Gaslight Anthem song (my favorite by them, duh). Brian Fallon sings and plays guitar in that band (he is the guy on the left).

2. Chuck Ragan has been in a lot of bands and does a solo thing but most importantly he plays guitar and sings in Hot Water Music.

3. Brian and Chuck were both on the Revival Tour in 2011, and The Gaslight Anthem have toured with Hot Water Music. They are what you might call buddies.

4. Alkaline Trio is a band from Chicago. They were huge buddies with Hot Water Music for a long time (still are, probably), I just haven’t heard of the two touring or anything in a long time.

5. If you know the words to Great Expectations, you’ll hear Brian sing a verse during the bridge that is not from the song. This verse is the first verse of the song Warbrain, by Alkaline Trio. 

6. One line of that verse from Warbrain is, “I need that song, those trusty chords can pull me through.”

7. Trusty Chords is a song by Hot Water Music, and the reference in the Alkaline Trio song is a total buddy reference to Hot Water Music. Full fucking circle, people.

TO RECAP: Great Expectations is my favorite Gaslight Anthem song, Hot Water Music is awesome, and so is the fact that Chuck Ragan is playing this song with Brian Fallon, who references Chuck’s band through an added verse from an Alkaline Trio (top 3 band for me) song. This is one of the best videos ever.