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Do you have relationship cannons for megatron, rung, and fort max?

Here you are, sorry for the wait. Hope you like them! <3

  • Megatron is casual and polite around you before your relationship is official. He might come off as distant, but he just really likes you and doesn’t want to scare you off. A lot of people think of him badly for obvious reasons and he hopes you aren’t one of them. If you give him plenty of hints about your feelings for him, he’ll reluctantly make the first move and ask you to be his s/o.
  •  As a result of his writing skills, he’s surprisingly romantic and will write embarrassing poems about you, not that he’ll ever show them to anyone. In general, he’s way more affectionate when he’s alone with you and loves to hold you close to have deep discussions about the universe and morality.
  • He isn’t all goopy and soft though and you guys probably become the old married couple that always bickers but loves each other behind the scenes. He’ll nag you to not do stupid things that he did and to not fall in with bad people and stop staying up so late for frag’s sake. Then he’ll instantly turn around and tell you to be safe, he loves you. He’s pleasantly surprised that he’s become comfortable enough to fall into this dynamic with you.


  • Fortress Maximus thinks he doesn’t even stand a chance asking you out and acts like an awkward teenager with a crush. It’s obvious to everybody that he cares about you but he puts up a gruff façade anyways. He sputters and drops it completely when you ask him out (he’s too nervous to make the first move) and everybody collectively goes: “Finally…”  
  • He’s a warborn who’s been through a lot. He’s in need of affection and will always melt when you cuddle him or even take the time to kiss him. After a while he gets more comfortable and is able to show you a bit more affection. He also loves holding your hand because you’re likely tiny in comparison to him and he’s not used to anything so gentle and soft or to people who treat him as well as you do.
  • He can get extremely protective of you and switch back to his aloof, combat mode when he feels your safety is threatened. Your relationship develops hints of a bodyguard and caretaker roles with you two regularly switching roles. He’s still in a healing process and appreciates it if you are patient with him though he understands it can be hard. 

  • Rung thinks you are the most precious thing in the universe. You deserve the best and he settles for quietly being your friend, under the assumption that he’s not good enough to be your s/o. You have to make the first move, and when you do it probably becomes one of the best days of his very long life. Of all the people to choose you chose him, and he’ll never get over it
  • Rung is more openly affectionate in private. He’s good at snuggling your worries away and giving you cute little kisses when you least expect it because you’re just too cute.  Please reciprocate with cuddles otherwise this poor cinnamon roll will think he’s wasting your time.
  • You guys end up being the kind of couple that people assume have always just been there. No grandiose declarations of love or constant butterflies or emotional roller coasters. You don’t need any of those to know you two are undeniably in love. Everybody can see it. All relationships have their ups and downs but for the most, you two are a picture of stability, trust, and mutual support.
Essays in Existentialism: Ice and Fire

Winter came.

The dead would not die and stay dead, the world was at war with itself, and to compound the misery, winter came with a wrath that was a distant memory for most who lived. It did not creep in, nor did it apologize for its untimely birth. Instead, it just rattled the doors and ravaged the land in a different kind of war.

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Who is older Overlord or Fortress Maximus?

If we’re talking IDW continuity, Overlord was born 4.2 million years ago, in the pre-war era. Fort Max, on the other hand, has been identified as “warborn,” forged at some time in the Autobot/Decepticon war, so Overlord’s older by several hundred thousand years.

(Mind you, as history has been expanded on since that original “warborn” mention in MTMTE #6, it’s been alleged - most recently in The Transformers Annual 2017 - that hot spots had ceased igniting by the time of the war, and Max is supposed to be forged, soooooo…)

Furysong’s First Brawl Tournament

Image courtesy of @ravenscar-whisper.

Brawl night with Furysong went great! Special guest appearance from none other than Tupac Shakur himself… This time reincarnated as an orc shaman!


Match one pitted the warborne orc Bazuzo against his unequally matched opponent the Forsaken elf Finatt. Bazuzo claimed victory by offering Finatt a all-inclusive trip to pain town.

Match two pitted the crafty Sin'dorei Aja against her plate-wearing kin Nakai. Aja’s quick feet were no match for a plated fist straight to the jaw. Nakai celebrated victory by painting Aja with a pretty ugly bruise.

Match three pitted half-sibling trolls Mazibo and Woxkala. Mazibo decided the best way to show his sister love is to headbutt her. Mazibo won by suplexing Woxkala into the ground. John Cena will be contacting Mazibo shortly.

Match four pitted legendary Sin'dorei swordsmen Tydoril and Dretharius. Unfortunately, Dretharius got obliterated by Tydoril. No fancy play here, just pure annihilation and utter shame for the Highfury legacy.*

*Dretharius, on his last chance to hit Tydoril, rolled a 19. He said if Tydoril rolled a 20 he would unsub. Tydoril proceeded to roll a 20.


Bazuzo vs. Nakai: The Baz-train makes no stops when faced against Nakai. Bazuzo claimed victory by grabbing Nakai, turning himself into a merry-go-round of death, and launching Nakai straight into Dretharius.*

*Bazuzo rolled out of 360 to gauge where Nakai would be sent. Luckily, she was spun 160 degrees and straight into the commander… not so lucky for him.A new rule was placed: No throwing elves!

Tydoril vs. Mazibo: Tydoril gave Mazibo a run for his money by slashing the troll with his greatsword before impaling him in the shoulder and then punching him in the face. Tydoril won by exploiting trolls’ amazing regenerative capabilities; it still doesn’t stop it from hurting, though.


Bazuzo vs. Tydoril: In the final showdown, Bazuzo pulled out his menacing axe to challenge Tydoril’s undefeated sword. Five feet of tempered steel was no match for Bazuzo’s sluggish weapon. Tydoril claimed the championship with a nearly perfect record.


Thanks so much for coming out, guys!

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War was a thing that the Shugoki hated. He didn’t understand how men could throw themselves at an enemy and kill them without thinking twice. But, he was trained to kill, and that’s what he had to do to keep his people alive. 

The Warborn were here, and a few knights with them. He was thankful that there weren’t too many, for his soldiers were too few to take on anything bigger than this. He shouldered his kanabo, stepping out of the gate with his soldiers to face the oncoming threat. 

He was surprised to see only one soldier on the path ahead. The Warborn weren’t tactical enough to plan something like this (or at least, that was what he’d gathered from his countless battles against them), but the soldier may have been an outcast, seeking refuge from the elements.

He stepped forward slowly, relaying a command to the men behind him. The gates closed after he left, and he knew that archers would be on the walls, just in case this was an ambush. He slowly walked towards the man, keeping the huge club in his hand in case words came to blows.


Ubisoft’s New IP For Honor Revealed, FAQ

Product Description

Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield in For Honor, a brand-new game developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio.
Enter the chaos of a raging war as a bold knight, brutal viking, or mysterious samurai, three of the greatest warrior legacies. For Honor is a fast-paced, competitive experience mixing skill, strategy, and team play with visceral melee combat.
The Art of Battle, For Honor’s innovative control system, puts you in total control of your heroes, each with distinct skills and weapons, as you fight for land, glory, and honor. As a skilled warrior on an intense, believable battleground, you annihilate all soldiers, archers, and opposing heroes who stand in your way.

Key Features


For each battle, choose among three warrior legacies: samurai, vikings, or knights. Able to turn the tide of battle and make their faction victorious, each warrior comes with their own weapon set and play style.


For Honor offers an engaging single-player, offline campaign and thrilling multiplayer. Enjoy the full experience with friends, or alone against AI.


With brutal battles and duels, teamwork is the key to victory. In the heat of battle, coordination and communication within your band of warriors will make all the difference as you support allies, capture control points, and slaughter enemies.


Wield the weight of your weapon and feel the power and impact of every strike. Precise and accessible, the Art of Battle system has been designed with the objective of putting you in total control of your actions.


Express your personality and inspire fear in your enemies by customizing each facet of your warrior, including your chest, shoulders, and helmet. The opportunities for your character and team to look unique are endless.

E3 Q&A

1. What is For Honor?

For Honor is a brand new IP developed by Ubisoft Montréal. Our vision with For Honor is to create a raw and visceral experience that immerses players in a believable battle amongst skilled and deadly elite fighters from the 3 greatest legacies of warriors – Knights, Vikings and Samurai.
Our goal was to generate in our players the true emotions of sword fighting and melee combat, where courage, skill, strategy and teamwork are the best paths to victory. We believe that our new gameplay system (which we call the Art of Battle) and our modern multiplayer mechanics generate a never-before-seen style of gameplay that does exactly that.

2. What are For Honor’s main innovations?

Our first major breakthrough is the Art of Battle, our new control scheme that gives players unprecedented immersion and control over their actions on the battlefield.
We also use a completely new approach to animation, which heavily relies on motion capture and allows us to create more realistic and fluid animations that drop gamers in the middle of the battlefield, while still remaining fully input-driven.

3. What exactly is the Art of Battle?

The Art of Battle is a control scheme that delivers the feeling of real dueling without sacrificing comfort and simplicity. What we’ve done is take the most important parts of actual melee fighting, boil them down to their emotional essence, and map that onto a controller. In For Honor, players are in direct control of their weapon and their defense: you choose where to block, you choose where to attack. You can bluff, you can strategize, and you can adapt on the fly.
Through the Art of Battle system, your controller inputs are connected directly to the moves,the guard, and the attacks your Hero makes on screen. When you move the right stick to the
left, to the right, or to the top, your Hero will move their weapon (their ‘guard’) to that sideof their body. That direct control means that when you attack, you feel more directly the
power of your strike, the strength of the impact, the weight of the weapon in your hands.
That system creates an incredibly immersive and emotional experience.

4. How and why is teamwork important in For Honor?

On an actual battlefield, you will always face many enemies. Likewise, in For Honor you need to rely on your teammates to watch your back at all times. You’ll also want to divide and conquer to strategically gain an advantage on the battlefield. If you want to take control of the Front Line for instance, a team effort will be far more likely to succeed than going it alone. You have multiple objectives to manage in a match of For Honor, it’s only as a team that you can achieve them all and take control of the battle.
So communication and coordination is key if you want to get the upper hand against the other team of Heroes you’re facing. Winning in For Honor is not only a question of brutal force and skill, it is as a team that you can best claim victory on the battlefield.

5. Who are the playable characters in For Honor?

In For Honor players take the role of Heroes who are either part of the Legions (Knights), the Chosen (Samurai) or the Warborn (Vikings). Those Heroes are not random footmen, you could consider them as medieval Spec-Ops: they are the most skilled and powerful warriors on the battlefield and each of them can really make the difference in the battle. They all have their unique weapon set and playstyle but whatever the one players pick, they will always have this possibility to turn the tides of the battle.

6. Are there classes in For Honor?

Each Hero has a unique fighting style that is linked to their weapon, their armor, and their physical attributes. For example, the Warden (Knight) or the Raider (Viking) are good Jackof-all-trades Heroes, very balanced and able to adapt to any situation. The Oni (Samurai), in contrast, is a more duel-oriented character, faster, deadlier but also more fragile. You will still be able to defend a point or support an ally when playing as an Oni, but that kind of thing will be more challenging with that Hero than as a Warden.
What was important to us was to be sure that players would be able to pick the style of Hero they prefer in each and every match they play. You’re never obliged to choose a defined Hero when entering the battle.

7. How many characters will be playable in For Honor?

We will have multiple Heroes in each faction at launch, each one with their own set of weapons and playstyle. In fact, it’s as if each of our Heroes was the main character of a game: they are all very distinct, with their specific fight mechanics and animations.

8. Could you tell us more about the factions in For Honor?

In For Honor, each Hero belongs to one of three factions: the Legions (Knights), the Chosen (Samurai) or the Warborn (Vikings). The way that all three factions are depicted in For Honor is based on facts and popular legends, they are inspired by history but clearly history never saw a war between Samurai and Vikings.
Apart from their differences in appearance and weaponry, each of the 3 factions brings its own representations of what is a warrior: Warrior of passion and fire for the Warborn; Warrior of skill and focus for the Chosen; Warrior of knowledge, people and gear for the Legions.

9. Could you please tell us more about the Warden?

The playable Hero in our E3 hands-on demo is the Warden, a Knight, part of the Legions faction, who can be of either gender. The Warden’s weapon is a two-handed longsword and he is clad in armor that is a mix of plates and chainmail. The Warden is a kind of Jack-of-all-trades, good in all key aspects such as survivability, damage and blocking.
The Warden’s fighting style is directly inspired by an actual historical style called German longsword. It’s a straight-forward and efficient style that was very popular amongst European warriors of the 14th and 15th centuries and has recently seen a renaissance in modern interest. The two-handed longsword is used for blocking and attacking with simple and direct moves.

10. How will progression work in For Honor?

There will be progression in our game, more information to come on that later.

11. Could you please tell us more about the different multiplayer modes?

The multiplayer mode that is playable here at E3 is Dominion. Dominion is a tense 4v4 objective-based multiplayer battle with NPCs, fostering teamwork, strategy and duel skills. To win the match, both teams share the same objective: kill enemies and control specific zones so they reach 1,000 points, Break the enemy team then wipe out all enemy players – when Broken, players can’t respawn. Killing NPCs and enemy players rewards hard points, while controlling each of the three zones rewards soft points – if a team loses control over the area, it loses the points it previously earned. Those scoring mechanics potentially
generate many turnovers in a match, building tension until the climatic Breaking phase. We will of course have other multiplayer modes in Hero, which we will unveil later.

12. Does For Honor include a campaign?
Yes, there will be a single-player campaign in For Honor and the complete details about that dimension of the experience will come at a later date. It will also be possible to play with and against AI in all our multiplayer modes.

13. What’s the story of the game?

What we can tell you now is that the action takes place in a time period that reminds about Middle-Age. It’s a kind of alternate reality where the Dark Age, an even darker version of the one that actually happened in Europe, would have lasted for a very long time.
This is a time of permanent conflicts, a time of endless war between the three factions. A time where the most powerful and important people are the ones players are embodying: the elite warriors, the true Heroes of the battlefield, capable of influencing the issue of battles and conflicts with their skill in battle and their science of combat.

14. When will the first live period take place?

It’s very important for us to get feedbacks from real players on our core experience as soon as possible, so expect to hear more details from us very soon.

15. Whom is this game for?

For Honor is for anyone who is excited by the idea of feeling the true emotions of a skilled melee warrior on a believable battlefield, for anyone who has a sword fighting fantasy. And given today’s popularity of games and shows related to those matters, we believe that represents quite a big number of people!

16. When will the game be released and on what platforms?

For Honor is in development for the Sony PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC. Stay tuned for more information on the release date.

song lyrics for the dead

Once I saw a beard-scraggled old man
who tripped on others’ shoelaces, and
signed the cross at street lamps.
I heard him singing a wordless hymn:
the rage of love, the rage of love,
and you are awake and blinding.

Once I was the universe inside of her;
I set her hips aflame. Now you are mine,
demon-child, warborn child, you tear me
apart. And I hear her singing quietly,
the rage of love, the rage of love,
and you are awake and blinding.

Once I was the tomorrow of today,
and you held me close by nightfall.
You trimmed strings with your teeth,
you snapped bones with your eyes, and sung;
the rage of love, the rage of love,
and you are awake and blinding.