Children of the Gods: Enyo, Greek goddess of war

Blood drips from their clenched fists, scars worn in victory decorate their body, reminders of battles won. The children of Enyo are beings of war; bringers of destruction, the brawlers, fighters, defenders. Beside Strife, Fear, and Dread, they send terror into their enemies, crack their knuckles with a wild grin as they race into the midst of battle. 


1) Spread of Uhduman archetypes from different clans, with different specialties. Show here from left to right: a Thornhog ranger, know by the blue dye patterns on their armor; a Bristlepine Spider-rider, armed with a jagged spear and rock-sling; a Warblood heavy warrior, wielding a massive Godendag spiked maul.

2) A Wood Troll. The Direwood is flooded with Troops of trolls, each headed by an alpha male and his harem of females. Young males often rove in bands, searching for females. They consume and digest so much organic matter that during the day, when they sleep, their bodies heat up with the physical effort of digestion—producing steam in the air around them as they roost in the trees. This has given rise to the popular suspicion of Trolls abounding when fog is uncharacteristically present in the forest, as trolls have also been known to use this evolutionary advantage to hunt from the massive trees.

3) The loose confederacy of the Direwood is ruled over by a single figure who acts as a judge for clan-based quarrels and discourse. This ruler, incorrectly nicknamed “King of the Wood Elves” by outsiders, is called the Highfather. The current Highfather is Bark Knuckle Fogmoss of the Fogmoss clan. The Fogmoss surname/family roughly translates back to Uhduman as “Troll-born”, feeding into the Troll-mist suspicion.