warblers: au

au prompt: after a messy divorce, suzanne bittle and 16-year-old eric move in with the elderly Phelps aunts in cambridge, mass. there he meets the knights, bradley and sandra, who seem to be on the brink of a divorce themselves, and their son, who calls himself Shitty. angry and bitter about their fathers and the divorces, eric and shitty find themselves spending the whole summer together, until shitty leaves in september for samwell university… 


Jikook Disney AU: Magic Kingdom

Jimin plays Peter Pan at Disney World. He has friends, a job he loves, and a free trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth every day. He thinks love will never happen for him, but accepts it because he refuses to acknowledge a single negative thought. Then a new Aladdin, named Jungkook, is hired. Why is Jungkook so quiet and grumpy all the time? Is his true calling a Dwarf? Or is there a reason for his disposition?

Where is Kookie? What will happen to Jimin?


Tom: I guess that is true… (am I really smiling that much??)

Tord: and didn’t know you noticed that~ (I didn’t think anyone would notice that..)

Tom: Ya, it is funny and cut- I MEAN UM- haven’t seen many people do that.. (WOW WAIT TO GO TOM YOU ARE AN F***ING IDOIT)

Tord: aw thanks~ I try to be original~ *flips hair as a joke*

Tom: WOW, we got a pop star over here

Tom and Tord: *both start laughing*

Hell’s Wardrobe

I like to think instead of Hell having a serious problem with picking out clothes, he just wears this whole flock of clothes ontop of each other. I kinda got the idea from a friend of mine who sent me a cool character sheet of how much clothing they’re character wears. so i thought i could do the same for hell and i tried it out and this is the result.

1st, His turtle neck

2nd, His Red Jacket (Also known as Classic Hell)

3rd, His Rouge Assassin Outfit. or more known as the “Lost Boy suite”

Art by sasaoka304 

Hell and UnderHell belong to me

anonymous asked:

if you're still doing the fic title game: Color Theory (because i'm trash and i'm writing a fic by that name and am super curious to see what other people would make of it just from the title)

MMM I really dislike doing titles that people already have a strong concept for (good luck with your fic!) but I guess I can give it a shot.

Castiel is wants more than anything to be a pilot, to fly planes for a living, but there’s a huge problem: he’s colorblind, and has been for his whole life.

Dean, who hates flying and everything to do with it, is Castiel’s bartender. While the whole aviation business does make him super nervous, he hates seeing Castiel so down after learning that he’ll most likely fail his medical exam in flight school. So Dean takes it upon himself to try and teach Cas how to beat the color blindness test by teaching him how to distinguish between colors that he can’t really even see. 

Castiel isn’t convinced that this will work, but hanging around the charismatic (and kind of pushy) guy is better than moping at home in front of his television.

This learning process includes lots of field trips around town to stare at things very closely: they annoy Dean’s friend Benny at his job at the fire station, standing in front of the fire trucks together so that Castiel learns what “red” looks like. They also go to the park often, so that Dean and Castiel can lay in the grass together, stare up at the trees, and learn “green.”

Castiel is too embarrassed to confess that he already sort of knows what green should look like; he’s been staring into Dean’s eyes for so long that even though he can’t really tell what it’s supposed to be, green has become his favorite color.

By the end of this journey that in the end doesn’t really work - just as Castiel suspected it wouldn’t - Castiel gives up on his dream of being a pilot. It just wasn’t meant to be. But it’s not as hard to let go as he thought; he has learned to find fulfillment in other things having seen more of the world with Dean than he ever did before, like the quiet courage of Benny Lafitte and his coworkers or the pure grins on the faces of happy children that come up to him at the park. Maybe being high above the world isn’t really what he wanted, he realizes. What he really wanted all along was just to see more of it.

So together, Dean and Castiel pack up their things and travel across the country, in Dean’s car, on the ground, and Castiel learns a spectrum of color that he only ever dreamed of.

(He also learns that Dean is a very, very good boyfriend.)

Send me a fic title!


Fake Social Media Imagine {75} - Jughead x reader (pt 2 to imagine 53)

Heyy! This is for the request “Can you please please please do a part two to the jelous Archie and Jughead x reader social media thing? Like where the reader and Archie text about the tweet and so do him and Jughead? (Or whatever you think) cause he first part was soooo good 💕😍😃❤️”. Hope you like it! Masterlist in bio!! Won’t be posting tmrw but hope y’all have a good thanksgiving!

pt 2 to this imagine

Soulmate AU Klance

(I am actually taking the basic idea for this from a picture I re-blogged on my page. I couldn’t figure out how to actually integrate the picture, seeing as it was about shirts, so this is how I did it practically.)

Keith glares down at the red tattoo on the inside of his wrist. It symbolizes everything he hates. It represents a shackle, takes away his control over his life. It’s shaped like one half of the yin and yang symbol, the image itself composed of licking flames of red and orange, gold and yellow, with a single white dot in the center of the widest part of the comma shape.

He hates it with a passion.

Shiro tells him often enough that it isn’t as bad as Keith is making it out to be, but Keith always chooses to ignore him. Shiro is all about stuff like soul marks anyway.

Keith stands up from his table at the cafe, tugging his glove back up over the mark, then his jacket sleeve down over that. Double protection from anyone seeing it. He glances up at the sound of an annoying voice.

“Would you mind grabbing my arm?” a brunette boy with tanned skin asks the girl behind the cash register.

She hesitates, confusion sweeping across her features. “Sure.”

Once her hand rests on his forearm, she asks, “Why?”

Keith can only see one side of the boy’s face, but he assumes that he winks as he says, “So I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel.”

The girl blushes and titters, looking away as the boy smirks at her. Keith rolls his eyes. This guy is exactly the kind of person he could never hang out with without punching at least once. At least there is one person he knows for certain isn’t his soul mate. Unless the universe hates him. He tunes out, because if this guy is gonna start flirting again, Keith doesn’t want to hear it.

He slings his bag up onto his shoulder and begins to make his way over to the trash can to throw out his paper cup. The trash bag crinkles as his cup drops in.

Keith turns and finds himself practically chest to chest with the guy from the counter. Keith’s gaze flicks up and their eyes lock. The guy doesn’t look more than a year older than Keith, but he could be, since he looks really young, if only because he has no visible scars or blemishes on his narrow face. Keith is even more annoyed by him because the guy is actually attractive, with his tan skin, wide mouth and long nose with it’s little upturn at the end. The part that really bothers Keith is his blue eyes. Ocean blue that glittered and danced even as he looks at Keith.

Then Keith’s wrist begins to tingle.


The guy must feel the same thing, because he wonderingly lifts his arm and pulls down the sleeve of his green jacket. Keith refuses to look at his own soul mark, but that doesn’t stop him from looking at the other guy’s. It’s shaped like a comma, but it’s made of foaming waves with a single black dot in the center of the widest part. Keith watches in growing horror as the soul mark expands, the lines shifting to complete a circle. The blank comma begins to fill in with red and orange, gold and yellow. A white dot.

Keith meets eyes with the guy, who grins dazzlingly at Keith. “The name’s Lance. I was wondering if you had an extra heart. Mine was just stolen.”

Yeah, the universe definitely hates Keith.