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Thought I’d post my Klaine Book Project contribution too. :) Thanks to the mindblowingly talented writing by Ann (slightestwind), I give you Blaine blabbering around Kurt after Blackbird, struggling to fulfil the best friendly duty of comforting him when he’s just realized he has feelings for him…feelings more than friendship… LOVE FEELINGS. ^^

As The Years Go By (3/5)

Blaine moves into the house behind Kurt’s, they grow up together as best friends and then more.

part one / part two /  on AO3

Kurt starts high school, and it’s better, if only by increments, but it’s something. Now he understands proper skin care and his dad has given him a very generous clothing allowance that he’s learned to stretch as far and fantastically as possible. He and Blaine had a long summer together, floating in the above ground pool in Blaine’s yard, going to movies at the artsy theater downtown, lazy afternoons in the air conditioned basement watching TV shows, choreographing dance numbers and singing duets.

Blaine decides to go out for the glee club at Dalton, so Kurt says he will, too, at McKinley. 

Glee club ends up being so much more than a fun distraction, it’s acceptance and expression and Kurt can feel his world start to stretch beyond just Blaine. But Blaine still sits at the center, the axis and Kurt’s tethering point of gravity, so making new friends seems safe, and the shifting going on between them feels more comfortable. Usually.

A few months into the school year, Blaine gets a crush on a boy that he constantly texts Kurt about, the older brother of one of his suite mates. Jeremiah is so tall and blond. Jeremiah sat next to him at the coffee shop OMG. Jeremiah is so mature and smart. Jeremiah has the best, most magical hair in the whole wide world and Blaine wants to have ten of his babies and move to Martha’s Vineyard with him and marry him for his Gap discount.

Kurt has never met Jeremiah. He hates him so much.

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