warble hard

even if the intent of something i make could be categorized as horror, i always put comedy droplets or a somewhat whimsical tone into it because i err on the side of caution : that what i’m making isn’t going to actually be that scary. thus, being 100% serious about it will only hurt the attempt.

it’s not so much lack of confidence, this is basically because i haven’t seen a horror movie, played a horror game, or seen horror art that successfully frightened me in about 5 billion years. since almost nothing is actually creepy to me, i cannot for the life of me determine what is actually creepy to other people either, so i bank on things with people like me in mind - if it’s not scary, it needs to at least be interesting in its other aspects. this is why i pine for a comeback of creature features/monster based horror movies. they’re rarely that scary (to me) but at least i get to look at something freaky and creative!